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  1. markuspak

    1 day post op

    Congratulations !!!! I'm in the same boat 3rd day post op. J cant wait for the pain to go away. Had my hernia fixed at the same time And I think that's were most of the pain is from . They had problems fixing it . Hope all goes well for you. And I was scared also just before surgery. The Doc seen how nervous I was and asked if I wanted to get dressed and go home . LOL . But I'm looking at the long term affects .
  2. Well at least I know I’ll get some rest when I go home. Drowsy for days...lol
  3. markuspak

    Home !!!

    Thank You have you had yours yet
  4. Glad to here that !!!! I'm in the same boat just got home .
  5. markuspak

    Home !!!

    everything went WELL. HOME NOW . Better than I thought, They had hard time with the hernia . But its not that BAD. BUT THEY STILL have me doped up . cant pee a lot . . Might have to go back if that doesn't get better . For those getting close you will do fine. I'm on liquids belly is sore,`. Good luck to the rest of you getting close . A what was cool the gave my pictures of the cutting out My stomach
  6. OK wish me luck . Very scared and nervous. Haven't had very good luck in my past hospital stays . Now that I'm 60 I know I'm no spring chicken . Right now just chicken !!
  7. markuspak

    Excited and scared

    Last day of pre op diet. 9:30 Tomorrow morning is the big day . Nervous and scared . Its just now starting to feel real . Liquid diet went well for the most part . Only cheated twice . And not that much food . I shocked as I'm not that hungry . And it goes fast if you keep busy .
  8. markuspak

    August bypassers/sleevers

    I'm the same day . Your lucky you get meat I get carrots / celery . But its ok getting down to the wire . Good luck to you hope all goes well . Me I'm nervous . And to top it off threw my back out yesterday and the cant do anything because of my surgery on Monday . Hope my luck changes !!!
  9. Well here we go headed to to doctors to start liquid diet then off to hospital to finish tests Aug 13th is getting closer
  10. markuspak

    August bypassers/sleevers

    Mine is the same day Good luck
  11. markuspak

    liquid diet

    Wow 4 weeks . I'm worried about 2 weeks . Good for you .I hope all goes well for you . But I have my mind set on doing this so I will make it !!!! All of you are a great help , Makes me feel that I'm not alone going through this . I have my wife but I don't think she gets how hard this has been . .The stop smoking is the hardest for me . But doing good so far . What makes it worse ids she smokes . Cant wait until this is over .
  12. markuspak

    liquid diet

    Thanks !!!!
  13. markuspak

    liquid diet

    Its pre op . Thanks for the reply . Start mine on the 30th . Surgery on the 13th . For me this might be the hard part . But with the forums help I just might get through it .Have stocked up on the protein shakes . Can we drink all we want or is there a limit ??
  14. markuspak

    liquid diet

    Thanks .