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  1. Tracy1978

    July Sleeve

    1000 mg Lysine daily is known to help with hair loss. You could give it a try and see if it works for you. Its a cheap solution if so.
  2. I know how you feel. I lose in weird increments. I try ask myself when the last time was I actually lost weight. Ten pounds doesn't sound like a lot but try carrying a ten pound bag of potatoes with you all day. Plus, your body is in shock - you have really been through an ordeal. Be good to yourself. I promise your body will catch up eventually. It just needs time to get settled after such a major procedure. You got this and everything will be great!!!!
  3. Tracy1978

    SOUP, 911

    I was forced to buy about 200 worth of food from my surgeon's office. I ended up throwing most of it away. Maybe its just me but I found the soups and shakes to be gritty and bland. Huge waste of money in my opinion. If I were you, I would buy a container of protein powder and add it to homemade soups.
  4. Tracy1978

    July Sleeve

    I know this sounds bad, but when I hit my 4 week plateau and nothing changed I decided to pick a day during the week to eat whatever I wanted (without feeling sick). After that week I dropped 5 pounds. Its like if your body gets too into a routine the scale refuses to move. lol
  5. Tracy1978

    July Sleeve

    Same here! July 20th and I too am down about 50 pounds.
  6. Tracy1978

    Depression and Anxiety Post-Op

    I too suffer from anxiety an depression; I have for at least 20 years. I've been on several medications since diagnosed, but the one I remain on consistently is Zoloft. I take 200 mgs a day, which, from what I understand is a pretty high dose. I also have Xanax and Valium to help control my panic attacks. I'd be lying if I didn't say I self medicated with alcohol as well pre-op. It was hard getting it under control but I did. Since surgery, 9 weeks ago today, I am still on my medication. However, I haven't needed the Xanax or Valium. I feel like the exercise I am getting is helping me cope with the stress to the point that I don't need those medicines anymore. Also, seeing weight come off has really helped boost my morale overall. I haven't tried to lessen my Zoloft dose, but as things progress I plan on trying. Over all I feel better both mentally and physically.
  7. Tracy1978

    July Sleeve

    Sounds yummy! I just might have to give that a try. Looks like it would be high in protein too from the yogurt. I could probably add some protein powder to it too....Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Tracy1978

    July Sleeve

    I'm about 8-9 weeks out right now. I can eat pretty much what I want just much smaller portions. I make much better decisions now too when it comes to meals. For example, Breakfast I have a triple zero oikos yogurt and coffee. Lunch is usually some sort of soup or Kroger brand omelette bites (4 count). When I get home from work around 3:30 I have a snack. Usually v8 with some hummus and crackers or cheese spread with crackers. Then we make dinner about 6-7pm. I make stuff for tacos but I usually make a small taco salad no shell with some ranch on the side. Or, a few pieriogies and chunky marinara. When I go out to eat I no longer order my own meal. I just eat off my husbands and daughter's plate. I refrain from eating any appetizers or free starters like some places have: bread, rolls, chips and salsa or peanuts. I don't buy a drink at restaurants because I cant drink while I eat anyway. So I am a cheap date these days! It's been so nice on my wallet.
  9. Tracy1978

    My Niece's wedding

    I totally understand what you mean. I felt like people would be looking at me in the wedding pics like, "Daaaannnnnng that chick is Huuuuuuge! and not at my beautiful niece on the best day of her life.
  10. My Niece and her fiance announced their engagement a year ago this month. At the time, I had only been to one diet visit with the clinic I went to for surgery and I was still debating if I wanted to have the procedure done. A month after their announcement, she asked me to be her maid of honor. But inside I was already dreading it. At that time, I had maybe 2 outfits that fit correctly and was always uncomfortable. I knew I was going to have a struggle trying to find a dress that fit and that I could afford. I was already thinking of how fat I was going to look in the pictures....I felt like I would ruin them. I never said it out loud, but I was certain she would regret asking me to do it due to my size. That is very mean and shallow thinking on my part. I know my niece loves me regardless of my size. But that is the way I thought of myself at the time. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated having my picture taken. I flat out didn't like looking at myself. Being part of the wedding didn't make the decision to have the surgery, as I had already been considering it. But it did help push me in the right direction. Here it is a year later, post op, and lost 40+ pounds. The best part? I went from a size 28 down to a 22 in 2 months. Not only was I able to buy a dress at a regular department store, but I ordered in ONLINE and it FIT!!! Something I have NEVER done!!!! First pic is of me and my niece the day she asked me to be the MOH. I know you can't see my body but that's as good as it gets. I had to approve the photo to be posted and I wouldn't have if my body was in it. lol The other is me in my dress!!!!! (Forgive the awful lighting and basement background, lol)
  11. You could have had so many more worse things than what you had. Look at it this way, you have to have some fat and dairy in your diet. Avocado is awesome for you. You literally probably ate 10 bites at the most. You would have loaded it up and ate the whole thing pre-op right? This is all about a life change. You're not going to be able to avoid going out to at all the time. This was a good test for you and I think you passed with flying colors. My first trip to Chipotle included rice in my bowl so already you are doing better than I did! LOL!!!!!
  12. Tracy1978

    Food Before and After Photos

    Well, EFF!!!!! I had no idea. Knowledge is power, thanks for sharing.
  13. Tracy1978

    Labor Day Recipes

    4 large chicken breasts and a whole bottle of sweet baby Ray's buffalo sauce in a crock pot on low for 4 hours then turn to high for two more. Shred with a fork and you got a versatile meal you can eat post op. Get Hawaiian buns and make sandwiches or use it in tacos, top as salad with it. Make nachos. It's low fat, low carb and low calorie but full of flavor. It's been one of our go to's.
  14. Tracy1978

    Food Before and After Photos

    Went to lunch with my mom today at Cracker Barrel. I got my favorite meal. Pre-op I would have gotten the dinner size with 3 sides and ate every single bite. Today I got the lunch portion with two sides. I don't order drinks at restaurants anymore either, just water. No reason to pay 2.50 for something I can only take a few sips of. Anyway, here is my before and after lunch plate. Ill have the rest for dinner.
  15. I drank beer and soda up until 3 days pre-op. I also got myself out of an event I didn't want to go to using the "I'm on the pre-op diet" excuse while I was sitting at home drinking beer. bahaha, sorry I had to laugh at myself for that one. Seven days post op I got my cycle. The cravings were worse than they had ever been. I took a plain Hershey bar and broke it up and put one piece in my mouth at a time and sucked on it until it was melted liquid. Pure heaven. I've tried to drink regular coke since surgery but it tastes funny...it almost has a black licorice taste to it, which I hate. I think the Universe knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from it so now it tastes tainted. lol!