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  1. Thinking about you are you doing any better
  2. Best wishes on your surgery. Keep us posted.
  3. Lora67

    September bypass buddies??

    Just got my date today. Was hoping for end of September but ended up with October 2nd. Close enough for me. Excited and nervous at the same time.
  4. Lora67

    Hey guys I’m new here

    Hi all. Getting excited. Had my psych evaluation. Met with the nutritionist 4 times already just have one more to go. Had my blood work, EKG, upper gi, and chest X-ray. Feeling like I’m making progress.
  5. Lora67


    I was on the time line. I’ll stay away from rants. I’m sure being able to vent is a good thing too.
  6. Lora67


    Rather disappointed in this string of posts. Maybe it’s because I’m new. It just seems to me we all need to be patient and remember what it was like to experience some of these fears. I personally don’t even know what I would want to search for at times so a repeated question or situation that shows up is new for me and I learn from it. Were I wouldn’t even have thought to search the subject.
  7. Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone. All the stories and questions and frustrations as well as successes have helped me get my head in the right place and not feel so alone. I’m in the pre op stage. Don’t have a surgery date yet. But have been meeting with the NUT. Going to have all the medical tests done next week. Already had the psyc evaluation. Didn’t realize until afterwards how afraid I was of being told I didn’t qualify. So thankful for having a place to go for support.
  8. Lora67

    Sleep Apnea *FML*

    I also sleep with mine every night. Can’t sleep without it. Don’t particularly like traveling through airports with it, but that’s my biggest complaint. I never forget that it helps keep me alive.
  9. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. Thanks so much for starting this thread. I’m in the same boat you are. I don’t have a surgery date yet. Just taking things one step at a time as insurance approves things. I sit a lot at work and made a decision to get rid of my printer at my desk. So when I print I have to get up and walk to the copy machine. I was but got out of the habit and now that I’m thinking on it will start again is taking the long way to the printer. Or washroom. When I do get up.
  11. Lora67

    Hey guys I’m new here

    I’m right there with you. Just starting this journey. So many emotions all at once. Glad I found others to share with.