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  1. You look Great! And I love the tank btw!! LOL
  2. Hi everyone: I’m 96lbs down from my HW of 354. I was sleeved last July and have my one year follow-up appt on the 10th. I’m still losing between 7-10 lbs a month and I’m not really exercising at all. I do plan to ramp that up this summer though. My goal weight is 175 so I still have a ways to go. Slow and steady... It truly has been a wonderful journey. My whole life changed with the first 30 lbs and it all been wonderful since then. Hope to be in Onederland by Christmas.
  3. I’ve had a similar issue with leftovers after I get full off something. I can go back for more later. The thought of it will turn my stomach. It makes meal prep super tricky. I can’t eat off the same stuff for a few days. I use to be able to do that no problem. Not post surgery.
  4. Been on a three week stall but I am happy to announce that I finally took a 40 minute walk with no back aches, no joint pain and no chub rub!!!! Woohoo! Also, I am happy to announce the official return of my ankles. I officially have transitioned from Cankleville. God is good and all victories are accepted here. 😊
  5. Thanks for sharing. I had been doing 45 minutes on the treadmill a month or so before surgery and I tried last week to get back into the swing of walking. I made it to 6 mins at 2 miles an hour and had to quit. I was wiped. I thought I was just out of shape. I think we do take for granted that once our small incisions heal that our bodies are done with the process.
  6. I had only lost 4 lbs during my first week. You have to remember that there is lots of swelling during those early days. I’m now losing about a pound a day. 3 weeks post op.
  7. Lioness815

    July Sleeve

    I wouldnt worry about it. I threw up everytime I stood up in the hospital. But just water and liquid. It goes away and I doubt it puts you at any risk. Its your body's natural response.
  8. I love this!! Going to order one for myself It's the best!
  9. This is the carry-all I got on Amazon. It carries portioned meals. Pills. Shakes, everything. And keeps them cool all day. I love it. http://a.co/8jDsGQU
  10. Hey. I’m doing great actually. Off pain meds and just getting use to eating post-op. Taking it slow when bending and getting up but otherwise I’m good. How are you doing, @J San?
  11. It gets easier once you can plan and have a finish line in mind. Although, it’s not the finish line at all. Just the beginning.
  12. Just got home from hospital after surgery on the 12th. Dr and nurses said I did really well for someone 1 and 2 days post op. No complications mild nausea from morphine. But that’s it. Glad to be home and starting the healing process. Let’s do this!

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