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  1. Michelleintheoc1

    2 days post op

    Glad to hear you are not having gas pain! That is a big concern for me.
  2. Michelleintheoc1


    I'm so sorry to hear this. I haven't had my veg surgery yet, (July 30th), but I have done a lot of reading on this site & I believe what you are going through is extremely common. I have had 2 cosmetic surgeries (nose & breasts) and I can tell you, I regretted it & cried like a baby for several days afterwards. Could sleep or breathe for days with nose surgery & could barely walk or go to the bathroom myself after breast surgery. But after about 1 week, I felt that there was hope I would be normal again. It took about 1 month for me to feel ok after each surgery. I'm guessing the same thing with bariatric surgery. Search post op diet on this site and there are options for post op diet, such as strained soups, jello & sugar free pudding. Of course check with your Dr to make sure those things are ok. Hopefully you have someone at home helping you. But there is a lot of support here and on other message boards too. I'll pray for you & pls keep us updated.
  3. Michelleintheoc1

    1 week po... Dilation & IV fluids anyone?

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I haven't had surgery yet, but I really feel for you. Maybe you can ask your doctors office for a different note, not on bariatric letterhead? Maybe explain your situation to one of the office girls and they can help you? Keep us updated pls. Prayers....
  4. Michelleintheoc1


    I'm glad you posted this! I feel the same way! I'm fearful of complications, although it seems like most people are doing very well afterwards. I'm looking forward to replies. Thanks again for posting.

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