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    I live in beautiful downtown. Humble Tx and play a harp.
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    I sing and play musical instruments, crochet and cross stitch. My home is vintage and my roomies are French Papillons. I’m an old dog but haven’t met a trick I could not learn.
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  1. My journey has been easy. I woke up from surgery pain free and have remained that way. In addition to no surgery pain, my slight incontinance is gone, I’m off most meds, including all pain pills, and have lost 35 pounds. My neuropathy is slowly lessening. I still need both knees replaced, but am currently almost arthritis pain free. I resolved my nausea with bariatric vitamins with a Tespo machine. I know everyone doesn’t have the same experience, but I think that with mental and emotional preparedness, that everyone can. Life is what you make of it and sometimes, you have to just take comfort in half a glass, fluff out your tutu and dance on. Good luck everyone
  2. Please don’t take this as a negative response, but it sounds like your choice to not willingly eat carbs or sugar, even in healthy options, might benefit from maybe a couple of counseling sessions. I’d start with a nutritionist.
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    Matt, thank you for your informed reply. I started vitamins this am and gagged through them. Do you know if the pods cover all the bariatric minimums? Many thanks Linda
  4. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    I’m two days post surgery and am thankful for my blessings. I had no pain and very manageable gas. Have not been on opioid painmeds since the early am the day after. I had some nausea but manageable. I’ve not thrown up. Getting more water in day by day. Had a shake, a jello, 8 oz and am working on a 24oz protein water. Do not like giving myself shots. I’m home today as smell of food nauseates me. Going to my sons house when the start broadcasting their YouTube show. My daughter is The Art Sherpa on Facebook and YouTube and I love watching the broadcasts. Happy thanksgiving all
  5. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    Surgery day today. He was running almost two hours late but got me in and out and to room within about 3.5 hours. “Hello, darkness, my old friend”. Morphine was my drug of choice and I slept comfortably for 3 hours. Assuring everyone I did not die on messages after a 15 minute walk. Tender but NO PAIN. Am sure when the gas rolls in, I’ll be sweating bullets, but that too will pass. Let’s do this.
  6. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    My family not supportive either but you have to do what you need to do. They don’t walk in your shoes. I’m waiting for surgery now, just saw the doctor, who is running 2 hours late but said he watch the procedure on YouTube last night, so guess we are good. My son dropped me off 6 hours ago but is heading back to be here while I’m in surgery. I’m 67, have had 14 major surgeries, and need both knees replaced. I’m doing this so that that surgery goes well and to keep the burden off the knees and back. You’ve got this
  7. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    In surgery prep room trying to convince them I know my veins better than they do. My surgery twin in surgery. Only nervous about this stupid iv. 3 large hematoma from the iv last week. Good luck all. Linda
  8. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    What he said. ^. 🦊
  9. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    Glad to hear it Sealeafi - heading to hospital on an hour. Have chapstick, will travel.
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    Just being me
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    Before pre-op diet. 11-18-18
  14. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    Was doing research on what to take to the hospital and one article said that you will have extreme gas and it will smell bad and if you will have lots of guests, to take a room deodorizer. Brilliant. Good use for that poo-poo spray someone gave me in the white elephant exchange last year.
  15. Linda Cooney

    November 2018 Sleevers!?!?

    Surgery scheduled at noon tomorrow. My dr only uses a 4 day diet prep, have lost about 5 lbs so far. Suppose everyone goes through second thoughts about what they are giving up. For me, it is my only choice so I’m plowing on. Let’s do this.