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  1. xx_Momo_xx

    Puréed diet???

    I was sleeved on 5/31 im on the purée diet but it’s killing me ; I’m so tired of yogurt and purée I would rather go back to the liquids my doctor says to gradually add real food but my sleeve isn’t working with me !! Be careful I felt fine as well then a few bite (even waiting in between bites) and it all comes back up I didn’t know that the sleeve also had some sort of dumping
  2. xx_Momo_xx

    2 weeks Post Op

    @Meggs11 Ahh I understand ; I use to have acid reflux pre op but now I don’t ; I have been cleared to dry soft food ; today I had a soft scrambled egg ( it took me about 30+ mins to eat it) but I do get the hunger sensations and it’s not head hunger. As to the weight loss I’ve set small goals for myself. I don’t weigh myself as frequently but I am starting to notice my cloths hangining off of me so it encourages me to work harder. I’m walking a lot more and doing 20-30 mins of the workouts you can find on YouTube . 3x a week I go to the gym with my husband where I just do light cardio. I’m hoping to get under at or under 200 by July. I hope 🤞. Good luck on your journey I know it can be hard look toward the future and what will happen! I hope I can hear from you again seeing as we are surgery twins ☺️
  3. xx_Momo_xx

    2 weeks Post Op

    Hi this is my first post here . I had a gastric Sleeve done on 5/31/18 I’m exactly two weeks out. I feel as if I’m not loosing weight fast enough and I’m always hungry . I was told that the hunger hormone would almost disappear; I guess this isn’t the case for me. The main reason for my WLS was my PCOS , could that be a reason for me not to be losing weight fast enough and always hungry. P.S I walk 2-3 Miles per day and have started a gym membership (no weights yet) where I do light cardio (until I’m fully healed) about 3 times per week
  4. xx_Momo_xx

    2 weeks Post Op

    @Matt Z Thanks a lot !!☺️ That encouragement is what I need right about now !
  5. @Oceanlove My sleeve was 5/31 the Gas-x chewables saves me daily I still have gas two weeks out ! Hubby couldn’t find the strips either but the chewables worked fine for me
  6. xx_Momo_xx

    June 27 surgery

    @holly7744 congrats on making it this far. The two week diet for me was a mixed bag of everything. Some days were great and other days your just pulling your hair out wanting to eat something. It makes it harder that I’m the cook of the family and I prepare all the meals!! It’s a total test , but if you can get through these two weeks it will make the surgery so much easier and smoother! I had to work extra hard because I had fatty liver and my DR required me to loose weight before surgery. Good Luck !! Just look past the two weeks at the goal.
  7. xx_Momo_xx

    2 weeks Post Op

    MattZ thank you I will admit that I don’t get the recommended 64 oz. of water in but I get close to that I would say about 40-50 oz. plus the shakes. I intake about less than 800 calories per day, I’m hoping today I can move on to mushy/soft food so maybe the calories will go up.