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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Frmamomzeyez

    Clothing Rollercoaster

    I am currently a year out 110 pounds down and really thought I was done losing. So disappointed because all my clothes are hanging off again. Currently 172 pounds. I really don’t want to buy clothes again. Really didn’t want to keep losing either but I guess it’s what I signed up for. My goal weight has changed multiple times. Sounds like I’m complaining, and I guess I am a little. Didn’t expect to be skinny. Just a healthy weight for me.
  2. Had to get my love to dig in his phone for pictures b/c I don’t have any of myself. I don’t like taking them really. Anyway HW:282 SW:247 Cw:179. My goal weight was 180 but I changed that to 170. Most recent pic is from May at 185. My doctors are expecting 155-160. However I don’t think that will look good. I kind of got into it with his assistant who thinks I’m hindering myself from getting to that number. I could be 🤪haven’t been that weight since I was in my 20’s.
  3. Frmamomzeyez

    Eating & pain

    It is hard and exhausting. Doctors and other patients make it sound easy however it isn’t. You have to really want it but you can get there.
  4. Frmamomzeyez

    Eating & pain

    Sounds like your eating past full. I too have done this. Only took for it to happen once for me to understand that I was over doing it.
  5. Frmamomzeyez

    LADIES ONLY! Period after vsg

    I’m gonna say it’s that IUD. Had mines for 7months before I got rid of it. Longer and heavier periods along with major crap. But to be safe I would speak with your doctor.
  6. Frmamomzeyez

    Acid reflux & sleeve

    I have reflux issues big time. I’ve never had it before my sleeve. Boy does it suck!🥴
  7. Frmamomzeyez

    When does it stop!

    Everyone is different. I was back to myself after 2 weeks. But once I started eating normally I would have pain on my upper incision near my stomach again. It will get better. Take it Day by day, week by week you will feel the difference. And it will all be worth it in the end.
  8. Frmamomzeyez


    I see my surgeon in two weeks for a full work up. Hopefully they discover something that needs to fixed. I can’t live like this anymore. Completely annoyed with food.
  9. Frmamomzeyez


    Yes I am but the 2 a day isn’t working like it should.
  10. Frmamomzeyez


    Let me start by saying I am still so very happy I had the surgery. If I could go back I would still have the surgery. However this surgery has made me HATE FOOD. Everything I eat gives me acid. I never had acid reflux before. IT SUCKS!! I don’t want to eat because of it. If I could go through life without food I would at this point. Water doesn’t even taste the same to me anymore. Uggh. Thankful for my surgeon and his team because so far the surgery has made my body much more healthier. My new take on food though is... it would be nice if we could live without it. Surgery 9/13/18 HW 280 SW: 247 CW: 200 GW: 🤔 Not sure anymore
  11. Frmamomzeyez

    800 Calories Per Day

    I’m 4 months out and eating about 500-800 calories a day. I was told by my surgeon not to go over 800 a day. Currently 209 started at 282 surgery weight 247. Currently not exercising.
  12. Frmamomzeyez

    August bypassers/sleevers

    I had surgery on 8/13 also. Had a sleeve though. Feeling great minus the breakouts.
  13. Frmamomzeyez

    August bypassers/sleevers

    How long have you been doing the whey protein isolate?? I’ve been doing it since my liquid diet because I’m not a fan of milk and neither is my stomach. My face however isn’t a fan of whey protein isolate. I feel like I’m going through puberty. So many breakouts and pimples. I really want to cry.
  14. Frmamomzeyez

    Insomnia After Gastric Sleeve

    This must be a thing. I was sleeved on Aug 13 currently experiencing this. If I do get to fall asleep at night I wake up every hour on the hour. It sucks because I am sleepy I just can’t sleep. I have some serious bags under my eyes it’s horrible. Ugg going to cool my surgeons office today. This is so not cool.