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  1. This place can be positive or negative depending on your outlook. I've noticed that when I remain active here by following the struggles or joys of others and, most important, leaving a comment, I'm helping myself probably more than the person for whom I'm leaving a comment. It takes courage initially to post your first question or topic. What if no one responds? What if I make a fool of myself because I put words together like a monkey with a keyboard? 

    I forgot what my intended message was here. I guess it's something like the penny jar one finds in a store. Take a penny for yourself when you need it, leave a penny for someone else in case they need it.

    Thank you to all the kind people out there who've left a penny for me. Here's my penny for someone else. Please take it if you need it. (This penny is a metaphor, ;) ).


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    2. Orchids&Dragons


      Nibble, I think we all feel that way. At least those of us who have been overweight a long time so we don't have strong memories of ourselves thinner. I had to accept that the old "me" was going away and a new one emerging. I was comfortable with the old me, had known her a long time. But really, this is something we accept as we age, too. One day you look in the mirror and wonder where the younger you went. Really, we're constantly in a state of change.

      Turns out, the new me is chock full of piss and vinegar. I've created a firestorm at work when I was passed over for a promotion for a man who is also 15-20 years younger. I was vastly more qualified and told them so to their faces. When they said that they had given my application full consideration, I basically called them liars to their faces. (I was only slightly more subtle than that.) Guess they got my Irish up! 😉

    3. Missouri-Lee's Summit

      Missouri-Lee's Summit

      What happened after you were all subtle and crap, @Orchids&Dragons ? You still work there, right? There has to be a lot of residual resentment, and perhaps even the hope that the "chosen" promotee falls on his less-qualified younger face.

    4. Orchids&Dragons


      It's still going on, had another meeting with HR Monday. But, I'm not stupid, I know their job is to protect the company, so I'm not expecting any help from that quarter. I know I've burned my bridges here, so I'm looking for another job. It's a shame, I really liked my boss and planned to work here until I retired (I'm 59.) But they transferred my boss to another department and put the new guy in as my immediate supervisor. My boss is even more pissed than I am. He considers it a demotion, just so that they could give the "favored son" a promotion and more visibility. Sucks being a peon!

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