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  1. I am considering adding a green tea powder (most likely matcha) to my morning green smoothie. Does anyone here use matcha? If so, how much and what brand? Is there anything I should be aware of?
  2. Hi there. Today is my first day. I did a little research and figured I’d try the plan where I eat for 8 hours and fast for 16. Hoping to learn from you guys.
  3. Brassapple

    4 months post op--disney??

    At 2 weeks post op I hated my life and thought I’d made the biggest mistake of my life. At 3 months post op I’m running 3 miles every other day loving every bit of my life. While every person is unique, I think if you follow the program you’ll be fine.
  4. Brassapple

    I guess I’m regretting a little...

    You need more time. I posted the same thing two weeks post op. Now at 3 and a half months post op I’m losing weight and doing great.
  5. I did not have to lose weight prior to surgery. I have Cigna insurance. There is also no requirement for me to see any doctor post op. I see all my doctors on my own accord but it’s not mandatory. Guessing insurances differ.
  6. Brassapple

    Secret sleevers?

    I’m right there with you. Just a handful know.
  7. Brassapple

    40 something sleevers?

    Hope your surgery went well.
  8. I am 3 months post op and I too was upset that I could no longer eat my fave foods. I went through a period about 6 -9 weeks post op where I ate a lot of sugar, ice cream, chocolate, cake, cookies etc. and then gradually I settled down. I no longer crave the sugar and what used to be my fave foods. I now have new fave foods and I’m developing healthy eating habits. Your taste buds change but I think it’s more a mental thing rather than a physiological thing. I don’t know what the science is behind it. Hang in there. You’ll find a happy place soon.
  9. Brassapple

    40 something sleevers?

    48 and sleeved on June 1st. Weight is slow to come off but I’ll take the 30lb weight loss anytime. Best decision I’ve ever made. The hardest part for me is trying to kick the sugar habit.
  10. Brassapple

    Letter of medical necessity?

    Change your doctor.
  11. They’re a**holes and while the right thing to do is to let it go, it won’t work because people like them will do it again and again. I suggest you go straight to the surgeon and ask for them to be in the room and give them a long lesson in body shaming.
  12. Brassapple

    Three Month Post Op Check-In

    Congratulations!!!! Fantastic job!!
  13. Brassapple

    Why so slow???

    I’m a slow loser. With pre surgery and post surgery weight loss factored in I’ve lost 27 pounds. My surgery was June 1st. It is trending downward though so I just focus on getting fit and healthy. My nut said to just count protein and that’s what I do. I don’t count calories or carbs. I eat primarily protein and produce. I cave into sugar every now and then.
  14. Brassapple

    Need advice and encouragement not ripped apart

    LisaLou I’m sorry for what you have gone through. I too am struggling with my weight loss. I keep wondering if I should have had the bypass instead of the sleeve. I keep at it the best I can. Good luck with your journey.
  15. 8) Learn to fly an airplane. Macadamia - you should check out Civil Air Patrol. It's easy to check this off your bucket list.