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  1. ARCarnes

    November Bypassers!!

    Sounds great - thank you so much!!!
  2. ARCarnes

    November Bypassers!!

    Hello All - I’ve been trying to keep up with all of the posts; so forgive me if I have missed this topic already! I had my surgery on 11/5 and am in the final week of the purée portion. I am so sick of broth and liquids and am so ready to eat real food again. I have been eating some mashed potatoes and soft scrambled eggs (which is allowed). I have done well with them, but have also grown tired of them. Does anyone have suggestions, hints, etc. on how to get through the next week? Thanks ahead of time!!
  3. I just kept doing what I was supposed to and after a week, it just broke....
  4. I’ve finally come out of the stall and started back down..! I’ve been cleared for cardio as well and hope that’ll help keep it going!! Good luck @ScorpioC_RnY
  5. Good way of looking at it, Matt! Thanks!!
  6. Hello All - I had a RnY performed on 11/05. The first week home I lost 10 pounds - however; the last two days I’ve actually gained about 3 pounds. I’m still on liquids - and am shocked at the gain. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!
  7. ARCarnes

    November Bypassers!!

    It did @gettinskinnywithit !
  8. ARCarnes

    November Bypassers!!

    Great idea @gettinskinnywithit! Thanks!! Good luck with your surgery!!
  9. ARCarnes

    November Bypassers!!

    Hi All - my surgery is Monday, November 5th. I have been so hyped About this since starting - but the closer to surgery date I get, the more nervous I get! The 3 week pre-op diet has been ok - not to bad, so I’m hoping the rest will go ok! Good luck to all the November bypassers!! Anyone recently post-op that wants to share how it went!
  10. So, surgery is scheduled for Nov. 5th and I am super excited. I’ve been nowhere near as nervous as I thought I would be - however, I’ve had a rough first day of the Pre-Op Diet. I’ve eaten and drunk exactly what I was supposed to, but have felt hungry all day. At first, I thought it was mostly mental, but as the day has gone on - my stomach has been pretty noisy. Does this get any better. I hope it does. Can anyone who is or has been on the diet share your experience? Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the info. iattcom! I am hoping that I can handle the decaf coffee once all is said and done!
  12. Thanks jldoublee and Auroragirl4489...! Much appreciated!