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  1. I took the Metro and then an Uber and I Ubered home. I had people who would have taken me. I think they all assumed someone else was taking me. I actually thought about it a lot. It felt like a meditation. My weight has always been a journey that I was alone in. It felt sad but appropriate that I should do this alone.
  2. kgbhalloween

    3 week slump

    Omg! After a week and a half stall I lost 7 pounds since yesterday! Nuts! Sw:215 Cw: 185.5 Sleeve 4/26 30 lbs in one month...
  3. kgbhalloween

    Slight Gain Week 3

    Stalls are crazy! I was stuck for a week and a half and overnight lost 7 lbs!!!!
  4. I know, I know... but somebody tell me a story to cheer me up? How long does this last? How’d you break it? Sleeve 4/26 Hw: 215 Sw: 215 Cw: 192 Gw: 145
  5. kgbhalloween


    Yes it happened to me and I’m post menopausal. It only lasted two days. Walk. Get out of your house. Get away from the television. Get some fresh air. I see walking as my meditation. It helps.
  6. No advertisement, just a recommendation. Bariatric Mindset Success 6 month accountability workbook. This workbook I found on amazon is helping a ton. Keeps everything in one place. I’m feeling more in control and less stressed. It’s not just about food. It’s about your mental health. Also listen to the Weight Loss Surgery podcast by Reeger Cornell.. huge support Sleeve 4/26 Hw:215 Sw: 215 Cw: 191 Gw: 145
  7. kgbhalloween

    Early after cw: 192

    3 week out
  8. kgbhalloween


    Before and aspire
  9. kgbhalloween


    I’m 51 and take estrogen and had sex this weekend (surgery 4/26). clearly my hormones were off. So from a surgery standpoint no issue but clearly stuff is not 100%.
  10. Ugh! Here I am again! Why did I think this would be different?!? The minute your try to restrict my food I figure out how to take it to the edge as far as I can. Sleeve 4/26/18 Hw:215 Sw:215 Cw: 192 Gw: 145 Yesterday I ate a 1000 calories in the form of small things of cottage cheese and yogurt. Everything tasted so good. Last week i binged on 8 saltines. This feels like I’m on a diet. And that’s the one thing I immediately rebel against. Does anyone else have this going on?
  11. kgbhalloween


    I had sleeve on 4/25/2018. Sw: 215 cw: 192 gw: 145. I’ve been struggling with depression and binging on the soft foods for about a week. Here’s what I’ve come up with: walking is my meditation. Bariatric is my hobby for the foreseeable future. Like an alcoholic I NEED support. Having low energy and being inside too much really brought me down. Also my hormones are whacked right now. Estrogen is off. Sex is off. So I’m sure our hormones and serotonin are off so walk. If you want to connect directly I’m kgbhalloween@gmail.com
  12. Say here, tummy. It stung.
  13. I had the sleeve on 4/26. At the hospital I was exposed to CDIF, a super bug. I have so many side effects from this infection!!! Blotted and gassy constantly. Did anyone have this happen?

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