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  1. nicoleea

    Worst post-op food experiences?

    I had tuna today. I'm on soft food and tinned tuna with mayo was on my approved foods list. 2 teaspoons and it felt stuck in my chest and I felt sick for nearly an hour later.
  2. I had such severe abdominal/chest pain that turned out to be a gallstone blockage. But I had it for 5 months on and off. At it's worst, I did not sleep for 4 days straight. I went to 3 different GPs and was told chest pains are common in people of my weight and will go away with better diet and exercise. Finally had an ultrasound on doctor number 4.
  3. nicoleea

    March-April Rny-ers

    Might just be an Aussie brand?
  4. I hope it does get better for you. I totally understand the "It should have been me" voice in your head. Just stick in there and hopefully things will start to look up and you can update your wardrobe but in a smaller size.
  5. I went with Michael Talbot. You don't get much face-time with him, but his staff are all really good. Especially his nurse Patricia. Progress is going alright. Mine was a revision from lapband so my weightloss is probably going to be slower. But so far I'm really pleased. Start a new job this Friday and they were able to get me in for surgery with enough time to recover so I'm very happy.
  6. I live in NSW, pretty close to Windsor actually. Do you have a surgeon you're thinking about going with? My whole family is pretty much varying degrees of overweight. When I was younger, all my siblings were like twigs and I was the big one. Now everyone's metabolism has caught up to them.
  7. My mum keeps telling me to buy new clothes or try on some of my older clothes on. Even though I've lost 16kg already, I worry that it hasn't made a difference. I haven't noticed one. And I don't want to be disappointed.
  8. I didn't have any other health problems either. And that's why I had the surgery now. With a BMI of 42, eventually I was going to get health problems or joint problems or a myriad of other problems. As it is, I was getting close to not being able to play netball anymore because I get too puffed out. And as much as I tried, I couldn't lose the weight all on my own. I decided to be proactive and try to get to a healthy weight before I did have problems.
  9. Hey everyone. I started around 310 (possibly, I always get the conversion of kg to lb mixed up) and I have lost around 35-40 lb already. Nearly 3 weeks post op. Most people in my life have been totally supportive. Then there are the others lol... My best friend's first comment when I told her I was having the surgery was "God, now I'm going to be the fat one".
  10. nicoleea

    March-April Rny-ers

    I always think of the dog food brand.
  11. nicoleea

    Belly binder post-op????

    I think if you are just having keyhole surgery it's not necessary. Just carry a cushion around for the first few days in case you need to sneeze or cough. That was the only time I felt like I needed any support.
  12. nicoleea

    I want to eat so bad

    I understand that feeling Frustr8. It took nearly a year for me to finally get the surgery done. So many hoops to jump through. And when you're exhausted and think you're done with it all, the Surgeon tells you there's more
  13. nicoleea

    I want to eat so bad

    I've read 11 books in 14 days lol. And I've walked on my treadmill for a very long time.
  14. nicoleea

    Anybody else is still numb after surgery

    I'm 13 days post op and I still find this to be an issue as well. And the problem is I wasn't given much advice or any diet plans for the first two weeks post op other than drink at least 1.5L of water and take the vitamins. If you've been given a meal plan, I would follow that as closely as possibly, but my dietician did say not to force myself too much. Right now I'm getting through one shake a day and a bit of yoghurt.
  15. nicoleea

    March-April Rny-ers

    If you do end up getting here, aim for Spring. October and November have almost perfect weather. Atm its so cold, windy and rainy.