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  1. I had the sleeve on June 4th and have not dropped a single pound since Monday. I’m struggling with my vitamins and have yet to start exercising because of my living conditions. I live, literally, in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a gym close by. I HATE exercising in front of my husband and he hovers around me every where I go. I just bought a used wii and got Zumba and dance party and I think that will help. I’m also trying to learn to eat 4-5 small meals a day and I’m doing about 3 meals. Im well under 500 calories a day...I know that for sure. Im super depressed because this has turned out to be harder than I thought and feel like I’m a huge mess. Any advice or words of encouragement would be wonderful.
  2. Hello! I’m 13 days post op and am wondering what I could/should do about exercise. I live in the country in Texas, the nearest gym is 30 miles away and it’s HOT out side. Any ideas about what I can be doing to exercise? Protein! I’m definitely not getting enough protein. I can finish 1 30 gram shake and drink protein water. I eat Greek yogurt but am not hitting 60 grams of protein. I think the main reason is I’m so bored of the sweet drinks and I can’t wait until I can hit the puréed food stage. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Fear...I have an obsessive fear that my stomach is going to stretch. I dream it, I cry over it. The main reason is because I can now drink two big gulps of water without my stomach hurting. Granted, I get full, but it doesn’t hurt. I’m terrified because I have yet to figure out what is normal and what isn’t. I read about some people having pain when they eat for months after. I’m not sure if me being able to drink two gulps is a bad thing or if this is what is supposed to happen...gradually getting in more fluids. I know this is a lot but I’d appreciate any answers.
  3. deardraya

    Are you happy with your sleeve

    I just had surgery on June 4th and I have zero regrets. The downsides I’ve experienced are temporary such as when I first woke up, I had a terrible time taking a deep breath in and had a hard time for 6 days. The gas pains were bad but only in my left shoulder and was easily fixed with a heating pad. I’m having a hard time now with getting enough water in, constantly feeling full when I do drink and THE PAST TWO DAYS,so over all the sweet stuff. Monday, I get to start puréed foods and can’t wait. I started at 260.0 and 12 days later, I weigh 247. I losing about a pound a day.
  4. Thank you, Matt. That’s exactly what happened.
  5. Thank you ladies. I can’t believe one dose caused all this ruckus! Lol
  6. I lost 9 pounds but I’m 6 days post op and I’m losing about a pound a day. I don’t know if that’s considered significant because I’m more focused on trying to get my drinks and protein in.
  7. deardraya

    Pre-Op Diet!!!

    That Nectar unflavored protein is the best unflavored because it mixes great. When putting it in the chick broth, add it slowly.
  8. deardraya

    Pre-Op Diet!!!

    I’m not going to lie...it’s hard. I had severe headaches after day two and had no idea how I would make it. I finally figured out how: for my fluids, I did Propel Sugar Free, experimented with various recipes for my shakes and discovered that the best shakes came from Walmart (Premiere Protein...kept me full longer & tasted better.). I bought unflavored Nectar protein powder and added it to chick broth powder that cost $1.88. The chicken soup combined with the premier protein shakes and the propel were my saving graces. It took a while to adjust to to it but trust me...if I can do it, anyone can.
  9. Hello and so sorry if this is TMI. I haven’t gone to the bathroom since two days before my surgery. Today, I woke up, took milk of magnesia, went “normal” once and now have massive diarrhea. Should I be concerned? I’m already having a hard time with taking in my protein and water and now diarrhea? Any advice would be fabulous and again, sorry for the TMI! 😞
  10. deardraya

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    STICK TO YOUR DIET! The first thing my surgeon said when i woke up was “you did an EXCELLENT job of shrinking your liver.”
  11. deardraya

    June sleevers

    I’m June 4th, too. No diarrhea, nausea has gotten better but still, no poop since Saturday. If I don’t poop by tomorrow, I have to start taking benefiber. It still hurts to breathe deeply and still hurt if I drink too fast. It’s a learning curve and I’m a learning!
  12. deardraya

    June sleevers

    I just had my sleeve June 4th. Doing better than anyone thought I might. However, I am struggling with getting enough protein and water in despite me sipping all the time.
  13. deardraya

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I am 2 days post op and I can’t believe how good I feel! I’m very medicated & sleepy but I’m up walking around, sitting up in bed or my recliner. Yes, I’m still sore but I walk, walk, walk. I think this helps tremendously. All in all, for 2 days out, I am happily surprised at how well I feel. My husband was so emotional when I went in and when I came out, he started crying. I found this weird because I’ve never seen him cry, in all these years. I guess it just means I’m super loved & supported! Love you all and I wish you the best of luck.
  14. deardraya

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    @Frustr8 your words made me choke up a bit. What a great post to read as I drive in to my surgery, running “late” because the hospital called me at 8:15 to tell me to come in at 10-10:30 instead of 11:45. I live 1.75 hours away. Ahhhh!!!
  15. deardraya

    June 4th surgery twins?

    Good luck to each one of my surgery twins. I’m incredibly nervous and scared and worried and excited. May you all be blessed today as you make one of the most important changes of your life.

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