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  1. UnderTheCaliSun

    Water pill??

    Has anyone found a safe diuretic to take after surgery? I get awful bloat during my period and it is more noticeable since I've lost all my weight. It's actually uncomfortable. Perhaps, it was just as uncomfortable when I was much heavier but I didn't notice it. My fingers hurt and I can't wear my wedding ring. I'm nervous to try a water pill because I don't know how my body and stomach will react to it. Has anyone found a positive solution that works but is safe for people who have had WLS??
  2. UnderTheCaliSun

    I’ve been drinking while eating :(

    I've always done that to some extent. I have had reflux for decades so drinking while I eat was a necessity to help move things down. I try not to but I usually have a few sips because it makes me feel like things don't get stuck. I wait only 15 minutes after a meal to drink. I've hit my goal and am doing great so it didn't seem to have any problems. I would talk to your doctor about it.
  3. UnderTheCaliSun

    When could you tolerate salad?!

    4 months out! Salad is one of my favorite things. I counted the days until I could have one. It was about 4 months out and I chewed really, really well. I have had no problems. In fact. a huge salad is one of the few things I can eat in volume. It freaks me out how much salad or veggies I can eat in a sitting but I pretty much chew to the point of liquifying it so I get to really enjoy a lot of bites. I eat my salad first before my protein because it takes up no space. Now I use feta cheese, greek olives, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and chickpeas on a nice bed of lettuce for a daily salad. I add chicken, shrimp or tri-tip for protein. I change up dressings to change the flavors but salad is one of my favorite meals now and one where I can enjoy quite a bit of it.
  4. UnderTheCaliSun

    Not feeling understood by partner

    I didn't have sleeve surgery, I had MGB and I can eat anything now. BUT there is no way I could eat most of the stuff I can have now at 2.5 months out. It took me a good 6 months to work up to it. At 2.5 months, I was still on soft foods and slowly introducing more solids but it had to be solids that I could basically liquify with my chewing. I didn't tolerate a lot that wasn't liquid for awhile. It takes time. It is really important that you give your pouch time to heal. I think you will prevent it from being so sensitive later down the road if you give it time to heal properly and not try to eat things it isn't ready for. Listen to your body, and take it slow. Everyone has a different journey but your body will tell you when it is ready for something new.
  5. UnderTheCaliSun


    I had severe acid reflux before I had my mini. I had a hiatal hernia too. That was fixed and my mini was done last year. I have since lost 120 lbs. I don't have any acid reflux, none at all. I may have had one small episode of bile reflux last fall but I'm not sure. It didn't last but 10 minutes and went away with a few swigs of mylanta. I don't take any medication for reflux but I'm prepared to take Nexium if need be. They sell it pretty cheap at Costco and I have a friend who gets bile reflux after she had her gallbladder out. She said Nexium works very well. As for eating, I can eat anything. I don't dump, I don't crush pills. I just eat very small amounts of food 5 or 6 times a day and stay on my healthy diet. I had a small piece of cake at a wedding and a cadbury egg at Easter but I have lost my sweet tooth so I don't crave that stuff anymore. It was really satisfying to allow myself a treat and find that I didn't want to finish it all. I just was not interested. I really love meat, veggies and fruit. I drink a protein shake every morning. I use a straw daily. I take my chewable vitamins and so far I have no complains. This was the best decision I ever made. My philosophy is that nothing is perfect. I can either deal with the health issues that come with being obese along with how uncomfortable I was and that I hated my appearance OR I can deal with the very few health issues that might come with WLS. So far, it is one episode of something (maybe bile reflux) and a lot of extra skin. I"m good with that trade off. I hope that helps!
  6. UnderTheCaliSun


    My doctor said it is ok to use a straw. He said there is zero scientific evidence that it has any ill effect. It won't stretch your pouch and there is no evidence that we take in more air than we should. He said zero, it is old, out-dated information. I've been drinking from a straw all day every day since 2 weeks post-op. I have sensitive teeth and won't drink without one except for warm drinks. I'm down over 100 lbs. The straw has not hurt me and in fact, I get far more fluid in each day when I use one. I struggle to get fluid in on days that I don't.
  7. UnderTheCaliSun


    I have coffee daily. In fact, I only stayed with decaf the first week. I drink 16 oz of coffee every morning. I mix in unflavored protein collagen and a tablespoon of creamer. I drink it 30 minutes after my Premier Protein drink in the morning. My doctor has no issues with it and my body is happier.
  8. UnderTheCaliSun


    It's pretty normal to not feel much restriction right after surgery. I freaked myself out with how much and how fast I could drink my fluids including protein drinks, soups etc... at first. I didn't get much help during the pureed stage other than I went longer in between meals. However, once I moved toward solids, the restriction was evident. Hang in there, you will find that particularly with meats, you will get full fast. At about 5 or 6 months when all the internal swelling has gone down, you will find a new level for restriction and be able to eat a little more in one setting but not a lot more. Now that I'm farther away from post op, I don't eat as often during the day. I have 3 meals and one snack plus my liquids. If I get hungry, I eat a spoon of peanut butter and I'm good for a few more hours. With weight loss, I lost a lot the first week and stalled for several weeks after surgery. Everyone is different but I tend to lose for 2 or 3 weeks and stall for a week or two and repeat. I'm down almost 100 lbs so the surgery did work. You'll find your own losing pattern and it will become predictable for you, just stick with the program.
  9. UnderTheCaliSun

    Why don't more people get the MGB? I love mine!

    So far, I'm still having great results. It was my understanding that it is a cure for acid reflux as it does bypass the stomach. The only difference is that you can develop bile reflux. I haven't yet and definitely keep an eye on it and so far so good. It is one of my worries but I felt it was worth the risk because there were too many risks with a full bypass. Does Omeprazole help with bile reflux? Should I ever develop it, I'd rather just take that than have a revision. I thought one of the ways you could tell the difference between acid reflux and bile reflux is that bile reflux does not respond to PPI's or antacids like acid reflux does. Do you know if there is any truth to that?
  10. UnderTheCaliSun

    Mini vs RNY

    @MarinaGirl That's a bummer. I hope your revision to full bypass helps you. Did you have the same surgeon do both or a different one and who did you use for the MGB?
  11. UnderTheCaliSun

    Mini vs RNY

    @MarinaGirl Did you get the anti-reflux stitch done to prevent the bile reflux? To my knowledge, only a few surgeons do it. I know that bile reflux is a known risk of MGB but the new stitch procedure is supposed to prevent that. This was one of my concerns when I had the surgery. I had the stitch done. I wasn't going to have the MGB without it. So far, it works but there's no guarantee it works long term. I would love to know if you also had the stitch done and how long after your MGB did you develop the bile reflux?
  12. UnderTheCaliSun

    Mini vs RNY

    Not at all but I agree that it's hard to compare unless you have had both. However, I've been completely pleased with my MGB and surprised at how quickly I recovered.
  13. UnderTheCaliSun


    I start my day with a Premier Protein drink. If I don't, I struggle to get all my protein in. I just can't eat enough to do it. I follow that up mid-morning with a boiled egg or greek yogurt, sometimes hummus and cucumber slices. I have coffee 30 minutes after breakfast. My pouch is like iron. I seem to tolerate everything so my choices are limitless but I definitely feel restriction so my portions are small. I don't want to stretch my pouch out so I tend to eat 5 or 6 very small meals a day. I always eat protein first, always. If I don't, then I can eat more food which is not good. Protein fills me up to the point that I often can't eat anything I paired with it. If I get scared that I might have stretched my pouch out then I do a liquid only day the next day and that seems to reset it and help me feel the restriction. I've only over eaten twice and felt miserable both times. Tight chest, painful stomach and felt like the food was overflowing in my stomach back up my esophagus. It was awful.
  14. UnderTheCaliSun


    That's still quite a large breakfast. I had surgery 4/27/2018 and the most I can eat for breakfast would be 1 boiled egg and a taste of avocado. I might be able to eat 1.5 boiled eggs but I think I would feel sick at this point. I'm surprised that you can eat 2 eggs AND avocado on a toast cracker especially only being 12 weeks out from surgery. For me, it would be either the eggs or avocado cracker but not both. However, I don't eat bread/crackers/cereal because they are slider foods. I don't have any problem eating them but there isn't any nutritional value to them so I avoid plus I tend to want to drink after a starch to wash it down and that just defeats the purpose of my surgery. I would probably still eliminate the cracker part since it's basically bread which is still a slider. You mentioned you have a mug of coffee? Do you take that with your breakfast? If you are drinking with meals, even just a little bit, that could be a big reason that you aren't feeling restriction and are able to eat more.
  15. UnderTheCaliSun

    Why don't more people get the MGB? I love mine!

    I agree N0VA, if you get where you want to be, it doesn't matter. I just find it interesting that so many doctors don't recommend it or perform it. It just seems like such a viable option. Lots of sleeves get converted so I don't understand why they don't just recommend it in the first place. Personally, I don't know many people that have had it. I have met a lot of full bypass patients and sleeve patients. I rarely meet an MGB person.