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    toodlerue reacted to Creekimp13 in Fans of Dr. Now....Can you identify this man?   
    This was taken in a questions and answers podcast a couple of months ago. Do you recognize this guy? (hint...I was shocked)

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    toodlerue got a reaction from RussT in From 470 to 235 (with photos)   
    You are an inspiration!

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    toodlerue got a reaction from Rainbow_Warrior in The Emotional First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery   
    If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. I gives you a lot to think about, tells you how important exercise is, gives you great info & encouragement regarding WLS.
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    toodlerue reacted to pollymatin in Rapid changes in bra sizes!   
    Mine are much smaller, still droopy though. Finally after all these years of backache, I’m happy with smaller boobs!
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    toodlerue reacted to chancyprowell in Rapid changes in bra sizes!   
    Yup HW was 360 CW is 220 went from a size 42FF to a 36C
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    toodlerue reacted to browneyez42 in April 25, 2018   
    I'm so excited! I received my approval today and completed my pre-admissions. My surgery is scheduled for April 25 at 8:00 am. I'm on day four of my liquid diet and so far, I've had no headaches, hunger pains nor have I been "hangry"!!!

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    toodlerue reacted to MACPOWER in Tomorrow Is The Big Day!   
    I go in at 5:30am and surgery is at 7:30am! Just gotta get through this whole day of my clear liquids!
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    toodlerue reacted to FluffyChix in From 470 to 235 (with photos)   
    Dang!!!! You look amazing!!!! Congrats and thanks for the thinspiration! In your old clothes, it looks like someone took a tire pump and let all the air out of you!!!
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    toodlerue reacted to RussT in From 470 to 235 (with photos)   
    As of this morning I'm literally 50% of my starting weight. From 470 in November 2016 to 235 lbs this morning and I'm still losing!
    Woooo hooooo!!!

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    toodlerue reacted to Mattymatt in Craving a soft pretzel right now   
    It's after 7:00PM here and I've set 7:00PM as the cut off for food intake. I had a pre-surgery bad habit of eating late. I am leaving that one in the dust.
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    toodlerue reacted to debbie89 in Before picture at my heaviest   
    I totally understand. I was doing everything I could not to be in my friend's birthday picture last night. Then my sister reminded me that it could be my last "big girl" before surgery, so I braved it.
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    toodlerue got a reaction from 4EVRLITE in Surgery in May?   
    I’m May 16th! Getting excited!

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    toodlerue reacted to Biddy zz 🏳️🌈 in NSV- wearing color   
    Looking at my wardrobe, as I pull out the bags with stored clothes in 10lb weight ranges (I store when I grow, knowing I will get thin again. I throw out or give away when I shrink, knowing I will never get fat again. Expensive!) I notice that my clothes are pretty much all black or grey. Fat girls don’t show off, right?
    So, yesterday I bought this, and today I am wearing it... SO many comments.

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    toodlerue reacted to LiciKitty in CPAP after surgery   
    I still have mine and it feels pretty much the same. The biggest issue I have now is that I have to keep adjusting my headgear since my face is no longer as full as it once was.