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  1. michellemybelle

    Lap Band Reset

    The reset I tried when I had band unfilled and stood on liquids for 9 days and mushy for 5 . The food pouch had fixed its led up. I recently had band filled on the 7th to 2 cc but I felt I had no restriction and even tho I was on mushy mainly I hadn't lost any weight. On the 23 I filled my band .75 and I feel more full between meals and I haven't had any pain. But I plan on doing periodic band resets every 6-8weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Today I ate solid food w/o pain so I think the m back in business. And I lost about 4 lbs😀121 here I come.... Maybe even 118😉
  2. michellemybelle

    Finally a fill!!

    Thanks. I'm just so nervous now eating anything besides mushy and even then I'm like omg is anything getting caught in my band. Is food causing a pouch even the I have no old symptoms... I'm totally stressing
  3. michellemybelle

    Finally a fill!!

    I noticed after the fill to 2cc I wasn't losing any weight and was so hungry between my sad little one cup serving size of mushy refried beans which are delicious or mashed potatoes. I had to go back in for a fill. I hope I did the right thing. Today was day too liquids since my band was filled.75cc yesterday. I hope this restriction keeps me more satisfied between meals w/o the weird gurgling noises my stomach and throat made, food making a reappearance into my nose or throat while I sleep or food pouches forming again. I'm hoping that it's not going to be too tight and cause any trouble. After all these years with my band I'm worried that a food pouch can form without me having the symptoms I listed above so I won't know. Does anyone know if that's even possible. What if I feel a bit acidic in my throat one in a while but don't throw up or have any of the other symptoms listed above does it mean no food pouch. Maybe just the salsa on the refried beans is causing the acid feeling. I guess I'm just scared having dodged that surgery bullet that now I'm just scared. Like I said in all the years I had my band I never formed a food pouch so this was totally scary for me. Any advise fellow banders ?
  4. michellemybelle

    Finally a fill!!

    Now that have had my fill , and avoided a big problem like band revision I'm totally paranoid when eating. I have been on mushy food yesterday and today and I'm nervous if I'm chewing food good enough so it doesn't form another food pouch. I had a band for years and now I'm a nervous nelly with mushy food and am afraid to eat solid food. Is it even possible to form a food pouch with mushy foods like mashed potatoes or retried beans. Silly question but now I'm totally nervous to eat anything. I guess it's all in my head and I'll get over it over time
  5. michellemybelle

    Am I the only one who loves their band?

    Hi Irma, just like you I would let too much time pass between visits. I have had a big enough scare this time that I will make it a point to watch the way I chew, portions and not eating and drinking water with meals. I was lucky this time but I don't want any more surprises for being to lax in going to my dr. I know this last problem of mine could have been avoided. I'm just glad when I had the food pouch and with my band being open for a month I just need to lose about 11 pounds to be in my normal weight again. For years I stood in that weight range. It will take some time and effort but I think I can do it again by the way how does a port flip? What can cause it to flip.? Anyway good luck with you port revision recovery. I hope all goes smoothly for you
  6. michellemybelle

    Finally a fill!!

    Hey.... It's funny when I did the liquids only it wasn't so bad. Around day 10 the mushy foods came in and I was so hungry between meals. I was still drinking lots of water and I was eating orange icy for snacks. I was afraid I was gaining lots of weight but was afraid to get on the scale to see. I waited to get to the Drs office yesterday . In the 2 weeks of mushy foods and the 1 day I actually ate Thai food...yummy I only gained half a pound or so. I'm not sure why I felt so hungry I'm just so glad the band is now 2cc filled.something is better than nothing I guess. I will take it slow and try to relearn the chewing of food 20-30chews before swallowing. The liquids only helped a lot with the food pouch fixing up. I guess the longer you're on liquids the better the healing will be, unless it's already slipped and you then need surgery to correct it. I hope when you go for the check up all will be fine. I'm sure it will. But if you're worried about aging weight in the mean time, try liquid diet for a few days and then stay on mushy foods as long as you can. I was hungry but I limited the eating to 3 small portions of refried beans with salsa or mashed potatoes but it had to fit inside a small diner coffee cup. Maybe that's why I felt so hungry between meals. good luck and keep me posted
  7. michellemybelle

    Finally a fill!!

    Finally after a month of being without fluid in my band the dr has started refilling my band. We started off slowly 2cc for now , then i can adjust it as I go along. It was so scary first hoping my food pouch didn't cause permanent damage that could result in a surgery. Then finding out it had fixed itself but I had to wait 2 more weeks to get a fill. Then hoping I wasn't eating too much mushy foods and hoping not to gain too much weight. Luckily I didnt gain a lot of weight, just about 3 lbs or so. Now I just have to watch how I chew and not eat and watch tv at the same time..that's a no no. Have to focus on my chewing and food bite sizes . Now I remember how the band helped control my hunger pains. Hasn't been so bad today. I haven't felt these awful huger pains. Think it's gonna be ok now. Now let's see how it goes over the next week or so. Let's see if any weight comes off. 121 here i come!
  8. michellemybelle

    Deflated today

    I was in the same situation as you. No slip but my band was unfilled. Luckily the pouch went back into place but the month without fluid in my band was tough and scary. Afraid of eating and gaining weight. Luckily tomorrow the dr will start filling the band again and hopefully I can get back to my old weight. Just a few lbs to lose but it's hard to do.
  9. michellemybelle

    Esophagus stretches over band

    Hey Marquita ...I'm so happy too read the great news. I had a similar situation, but it was a food pouch forming over my band and I had to unfill my band. I heard many ppl say after an unfill the experience no restriction and I was scared. I go back tomorrow after a month without ant fluid in my band and they will start slowly filling it up again. I'm glad to hear you have restriction. And I love your slow but steady wins the race motto. I have to keep that in mind when I'm trying to loses the few pounds I gained. Thanks for the update...Michelle in NY
  10. michellemybelle

    Am I the only one who loves their band?

    Can wait until Monday. I'm finally going to get my band closed again, we'll begin closing it again 2cc first then I I'll wait and see. Now I have to remember to chew well and not watch tv as I eat. That way I can count each bite before I swallow my food. Hopefully I will feel less hungry after my fill
  11. michellemybelle

    Pouch dilation, now band unfilled

    I'm scheduled to go to my dr on the 7th of May to start filling my band again..slowly. Maybe 2cc. I did liquids for 9 days and it wasn't too bad not too much hunger will band empty. But what a difference mushy food did I'm so hungry often. I have a little over a week to go and I may go back to liquids until my band gets filled and then of course the two days after the fill. im afraid of putting on any weight
  12. michellemybelle

    Am I the only one who loves their band?

    I'm so glad too see another person who has had success with the band. I read about so many ppl who removed it and say it was a mistake. Even with the problems I have had , I can't see myself ever wanting to remove it.
  13. michellemybelle

    Pouch dilation, now band unfilled

    I'm sure you'll do great. I'm trying my best too. I'm here for any support or questions you may have. Or just if you need a friendly ear🙂
  14. I've been banded since 2007 and I only recently started visiting this site... Stupid on my part. I learned quite a few things here. I wish I had been on here when I first started out. While reading different posts to help me with my pouch dialation problems 2 weeks ago I noticed many people who have had their bands removed. In the past I had port infection due to a tummy tuck, esophogeal hernia( which they originally thought was a band erosion) it was only when I was under anethstisia did my doctor see the problem and when I woke up I was totally ecstatic because I thought I would be waking up to having my band removed.it wasn't and I was grateful. I read so many people saying how it was the worst mistake by getting banded, but I feel so lucky. It's worked so well and the problems I had were my likely self induced, you know not chewing properly, the dumb tummy tuck which wasn't necessary. Those problems could have been avoided. The thought of being without my band it frightening. This last problem of pouch dialation was a strong reality check. I have to remember how to eat and chew properly. Just because so many years have past I must not become complacent . I was lucky to find so much info on these post at bariatric pal. I grateful for the posts I read and for future knowledge I can obtain just by reading other people's stories. I just wish I read more stories of people who have had great success with their band. I know I did and I love my band and can't image myself without it.
  15. michellemybelle


    I love a great success story... Keep up the great work.