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  1. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to RHCD in Non Scale Victories   
    I’m actually tucking in my shirts into my pants/skirts. I haven’t done this in years. I’m so used to leaving them out and maybe having a belt/waist cincher. I’ve actually bought a few more to help make shirts more wearable a little longer.

    Last night I went on an hour walk and covered like 4 miles. Old me couldn’t have done that.

    This stall is kicking my butt and these NSV’s are super helpful.
  2. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to FancyChristine15 in Non Scale Victories   
    Similar to @abefroman329's story; my friend and I went to a play on Friday. We sat next to each other, and our arms weren't touching at all. Usually, I'm all up in the person's space that is sitting next to me. Not anymore!
  3. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to abefroman329 in Non Scale Victories   
    Here’s the thing about airplane seatbelts: They start out really long and, whenever there’s a problem with the strap, they just chop off the problematic section. So needing an extender isn’t really a gauge of anything.
    That being said, not needing an extender, AND needing to tighten quite a bit of the strap, AND not spilling over into my neighbor’s territory, AND being able to lower the tray table without my belly getting in the way....it’s all petty awesome.
  4. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to She_whirls in Non-food rewards   
    I’ve been doing tattoos. Ever since i was 4 years old I’ve loved tattoos. I had a few done before surgery but never felt like I was pretty enough or worth the time and money to get beautiful art done on such a hideous body. Now post op, I’ve been going and having pieces done a that I’ve wanted for years.
  5. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Neversaynever in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Just thought I would check in with my surgery pals!

    How we all doing?
    My life has changed so much with this surgery, the non scale victories are too many to mention but life is great!
    Currently losing around 7 to 8lbs a month and very happy with that. No stalls so far except a slight one at week three but only for a few days, fingers crossed it continues
  6. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Dubbs in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I started my journey in January at 347(I’m still embarrassed I let myself get here). Surgery weight on May 9 was about 310. I’m currently 223 and feel great. My goal weight is 210 and my Dr had my goal at 225. I’m still losing but definitely at a slower pace. Keeping up the grind! I’m going to spend extra time in the gym over the holidays to keep me on track.
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    Sleeved36 got a reaction from Neversaynever in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I was sleeved 5/9. I'm down 50 pounds.
    I have been working out a lot harder. Not much lost on the scale the last month, but my body is TOTALLY rearranging. All my clothes are loose again and my skin has tightened some in places it was saggy. I am not good about measuring, but there is less of me in lots of places even though I only lost 3 pounds in the last month.
    It has been a wild ride!
  8. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Screwballski in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I posted in July that I was 3 pounds from goal.
    It’s October now. I moved my goal from 150lbs to 135lbs because I hit 150 in no time. Then I hit 140...and I’ve been sitting at 139-140 forever. CANNOT BREAK THIS STALL. 😁🤷🏼‍♀️
    Not really all that worried. I feel great. If I hit 135, I’d likely just shoot for 130, anyway, right?1 😄
    I wish everyone the happiness and health this tool has brought me.
    I’m sleeping well. My diabetes is managed with out insulin. I don’t feel deprived, cravings or insatiable hunger.
    Life is wonderful.
  9. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Darci kendall in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    IIm 56 pounds down 14 Lbs away from my 145 Goal . Have difficulty with Hamburg and lettuce . Best decision I made off of all my meds , went from a 16 w to size 10 loving me
  10. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to It's about Me in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I had my sleeve done on May 16th, 2018 my pre surgery weight was 231, my surgery weight was 205 and my current weight is 162. My surgeon says that 160 is a good weight for me, and my Primary Dr. wants we at 145. I'm in slow motion as of lately, only a pound now and then. But overall quite happy with my choices

  11. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to LeaLea70 in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    My surgery was on 5/22. I had a band to sleeve revision. I have lost 52lbs. 14lbs to go. I feel much better. I haven’t been this weight in 27 years! I need to work on my Water and exercise.
  12. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to SueperGal in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I am doing fabulous! I just came back from vacation. 10 hours on a plane each way with plenty of seat belt slack!! I have lost 75lbs since starting my 2 week preop. Surgery was 5/29. I am doing great with my food intake. Water is always a struggle (it gives me acid reflux for some reason. My Surgeon is working on this with me).
    I certainly do not feel like I am in any way qualified to provide anyone else with medical advice. I can share my goals however :-). I work out 4 days a week, 2 of them with a personal trainer. My goal from my team is no more than 900 calories a day. Shooting for 90 grams of Protein and less than 60 grams of carbs. My nutritionist is usually able to provide me with more details on the diet than my surgeon when I ask her :-).
  13. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to QueenEB in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Hi everyone! I was sleeved on 5/23...Down 64 lbs...very happy with the results. Still losing, but at a much slower rate. I have been going to the post-op support group which is great. Highly recommend it. Walking 2 miles everyday and trying to get in my 10,000 steps!
  14. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to JerseySleeved22 in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I was sleeved on 5/22. I am down 77lbs (sw 265 - cw 188). Everything has been going good with the exception of a possible hernia. I need to work in the exercise tho.. especially hittin the weights. I've been going to support group meetings too which help.
  15. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to ashsleeved21 in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Wow @Azmassage ! You look incredible!! My surgery was on 5/22 and I'm down 75 pounds, (sw=238, cw=163)... Still a ways from my goal of 120 (43) but very happy with how my results are going! Hoping to hit my goal by end of January but that is very ambitious! Can't wait to see how others are doing!
  16. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Azmassage in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Doing good I am only 15 pounds away from where doctors want me to be done losing. I have had a set back these last 8 weeks with foot surgery. I am starting back to gym now but have to be careful since I am very unbalanced. I started my journey at 250 and went into surgery at 221 I am 158 now and docs want me at 145. I just need to tone my body now. I was sleeved on 5/29

  17. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Kay07 in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Hey fellow May surgery folks! I wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing?

    I am down 67lbs from my surgery on May 14! Doing incredible and feeling great. Hope everyone is happy and healthy!
  18. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to josephsmom in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I am down 46 pounds since May 15, and feeling good. Tolerating exercise a lot better than before, able to walk around a lot more. My sleep quality is better, so I am getting by on less, and not needing to nap on weekends. Lots of improvements; hope they will continue.
  19. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Azmassage in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    I was sleeved on May 29 my I am 5’9 highest weight was 300 but started this journey at 250 my surgery weight is 221 current weight 175 goal weight is 150. I have not been able to work out yet do to foot injury which I just had surgery to fix it

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    Sleeved36 reacted to AllyJonesVSG in How are the May sleevers doing?   
    Oh, and I'm officially in the 2-teens today, which I have not seen in more than a decade. SO EXCITING. I will have a serious party when I hit the ONE hundreds, which has been more than 15 years ago, I think.
  21. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to Rainbow_Warrior in Non Scale Victories   
    Yeah ... nice to have to tighten the band or to put more holes in a belt.
    I also like that my business shirts are "swimming" on me ... very loose ... and the necks are so loose ... 5cm (two inches) or more too large now.
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    Sleeved36 reacted to tmrtyty2018 in Non Scale Victories   
    I think so. I always worry about that on planes. So looking forward to traveling without worrying about someone having a heart attack when they see me sitting in their row. And not needing a seatbelt extension. That was the worst!
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    Sleeved36 reacted to abefroman329 in Non Scale Victories   
    Yesterday my wife and I went to a play and I was sitting next to her and someone else and I just...sat in the chair. Didn’t have to worry about spilling over into the stranger’s chair. Is that how it is for most of the population?
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    Sleeved36 reacted to GreenTealael in Non Scale Victories   
    I recently sat in a club/lounge chair with someone, side by side... never in my life !
  25. Congrats!
    Sleeved36 reacted to tmrtyty2018 in Non Scale Victories   
    I love everyone’s victories. I’m fitting clothes I haven’t worn in years. My watch is loose. I look about 10 years younger. And my neck isn’t as thick as it was. My necklace is laying as it should. I can cross my legs now...both directions. I’m waiting for my feet to shrink to get my shoe obsession going again. My poor husband. 🤣

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