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  1. Just do it! If you read, you will hear a lot of people say they wish they did surgery sooner. Very few people regret it. I knew my surgeon from work, didn't make it weird.
  2. Sleeved36

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    I was sleeved 5/9. I'm down 50 pounds. I have been working out a lot harder. Not much lost on the scale the last month, but my body is TOTALLY rearranging. All my clothes are loose again and my skin has tightened some in places it was saggy. I am not good about measuring, but there is less of me in lots of places even though I only lost 3 pounds in the last month. It has been a wild ride!
  3. Sleeved36


    All good suggestions. Are you seeing a trend? Most of these snack suggestions are high fiber. Fiber is your friend. Helps you feel full and keeps you regular. High fiber along with high protein was a game changer for me! Do it your way and pick what sounds good to you. Oh, and metamucil is a snack. 😉
  4. Sleeved36


    Oooh! Please elaborate on toaster edamame. Do you take frozen and season/toast it for a snack? If so please share your recipe!
  5. Sleeved36

    Non Plain Water Drink Choices

    Why is that? I am the same way, pre-op I only drank water, and tea (and a little wine😉). Now I want to drink ANYTHING besides water. Is it bc we are eating so much less that having flavor any way is helpful? Having an infused water pitcher in the fridge has helped me a lot, way cheaper than buying lots of potions and drinks. Only problem is that my kiddos want to drink all of mommy's "juice water". 😜
  6. Sleeved36

    Non Scale Victories

    ^^^^Yes! ^^^^^ THIS is what I can't wait for!🤗🤩 No more having outfits and backup plans picked out so I can figure out how to hide the fat rolls no matter what the weather. It is more mentally exhausting than I want to admit. 😪
  7. Sleeved36

    What did you tell people at work?

    We will see . . . .. . I may eventually regret it. I wasn't planning on telling everyone yet or maybe at all. I lost 50 lbs in 5 months before starting the job. Now that my weight loss has slowed some, it would have been really easy to never tell anyone.
  8. Sleeved36

    What did you tell people at work?

    Just outed myself at a newer job. 😮 Had surgey 5 months ago and hadn't told anyone at my new job yet. I don't know them and don't want to spend my life talking about it. Already got sh#t for saying this but, I am more than just a WLS patient. THEN . . . . someone I work with is having surgery in 2 weeks and is so scared she is thinking about canceling. Poor thing is terrified and alone . . . .. Really felt like it was my duty to tell her I had it too and she will be alright. Guess I have another surgery buddy. Not sure how others at work will react. I don't care that it is personal, just don't want it to define me too much, especially to a bunch of strangers.
  9. Sleeved36

    Non-food rewards

    Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! Besides necessity, there are a few reasons it is fun: 1. I am no longer limited to plus sizes. Exploring stores and having more options is amazing, whole new world of possibilities. 🤩 2. My body has a better shape so it is actually possible to look good in clothes. I don't feel like a blob anymore 😊 3. If done right, shopping is decent exercise. Lots of walking. Bring a water bottle and get to work! 😉 Side note: I do love pedicures, but have actually gone less since losing weight bc it is also kinda exciting how easily I can reach my toes! No more huffing and puffing!
  10. Sleeved36

    K I S S

    Did I miss something? I thought this thread was about how to achieve balance in the maintenance phase? And how we order our lives. I am allowed to speak about how I want to order my life. Calm down. I thought the main person who liked to start arguments left this site.
  11. Sleeved36

    K I S S

    Oh, no! Please don't hear me wrong. I was not criticizing you. I LOVE my workouts and they are totally essential for both losing and maintaining. I am NOT criticizing gym goers. We all know people who go a little extreme with both diet and exercise and I don't want that to be me. We all have a friend or coworker that doesn't stop talking about every meal or thier gym routine. I don't want that to be me. Worrying about every calorie and obsessing about every workout isn't really healthy in the long run.
  12. Sleeved36

    K I S S

    I am still in the losing phase. Haven't dealt with maintenance yet, but it sounds nice since that means you have met goal! Great post. I am definitely interested in how everyone gets to thier own version of balance. I do not want to track obsessively for the rest of my life. Sometimes when people describe the things they do it starts to sound like disordered eating, not new healthy habits. I totally relate to the last thing the Summerset said. In social settings, I do not want to be known as "formerly fat". My identity is much more than that. What I can and can not eat should not dominate the conversation everytime I am out with friends. Eventually I won't have any. I do not want to miss events or fun things in life bc I can't mess up my gym routine. But none of that means I do not want to have a reasonable, healthy life of moderation.
  13. What kind do you take? Just wondering if some brands go down better . . . .. I get nauseous too. I take opurity. It really helped when I switched from the chewable to the capsule. Still happens sometimes though.
  14. Sleeved36


    I went through the same thing! The magic addition for me was fiber. Filling in with a few more vegetables really helped and some metamucil occasionally too. You will find a new normal, everyone is different and you will find what works for you.
  15. I had food funerals too. Don't panic, after your belly heals you can eat your favorite foods again, just much much less of them. Before everyone freaks out and questions everything about my lifestyle, diet, and dedication to the process; please keep reading. I follow my post op diet and exercise. I am steadily losing weight. That doesn't mean that I don't occasionally have a few bites of something or wine, just to stay sane. I think that if I really thought through the fact that I am changing my life, but not giving up everything forever; I wouldn't have had so many food funerals.

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