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  1. Honestly never. I tried too long to do it on my own.
  2. Kahkeetsee

    weight Regain after gastric sleeve

    I've lost 100 pounds but recently stopped and actually gained 5 lbs. It is totally diet. My carbs picked way up and it shows. Definitely continue to eat your protein first. I still find that proteins fill me up quickly as I approach the 11 month post surgery mark; but got lazy and began eating more carbs. Now back on track, and as hard as that is, it's the only way.
  3. I had the sleeve last August and my only real problem is continued pain management for my severe arthritis. Between the sleeve no longer allowing me to take NSAIDs and my warfarin also limiting things, I am aching all over. The steroid injections no longer help in my knees, my primary recommended Tylenol arthritis but it did nothing and a UK doctor prescribed Co-Codamol which is basically Tylenol with codeine. None of it helps. I do the stretching and exercises daily, use muscle runs, supplements that supposedly help joints and.frankly none work as well.as my old Naproxen (Aleve) used to, other than hydrocodone, which I discovered when prescribed post-OP and which isn't really suitable for long term use. The pain is definitely wearing on me. Anyone have suggestions?
  4. Kahkeetsee

    6 month post-op weight loss

    I had my surgery 8/2 and had lost 20 pounds before surgery, and weighed 355. I weigh 307 now but am disappointed with how short the "no appetite" phase lasted. I had hoped to be 60 pounds lower than I am by now. Despite losing almost 70 pounds and at my lowest weight in 30 years, no one seems to see a difference. Its depressing.
  5. Kahkeetsee

    Where are all the single cat ladies?

    I am a single cat woman who also does house and cat sitting. So headed to the UK after Christmas to do that a few months, as I have done the last 3 years.
  6. Kahkeetsee

    SIngle in San Diego

    Nope, stuck in freaking Kansas for now.
  7. Kahkeetsee


    Online is scary for me personally, and most singles meets seem to be either 30s abd under or 70s and up. Im in the "no man's land" of 50s. Also, is it weird to not want to date people if you live in an area you wouldnt want to settle down?
  8. Kahkeetsee

    How long did you wait before dating again?

    I haven't dated at all since my 2008 divorce. Is it age? Im 56.
  9. Kahkeetsee

    Long time single

    I was divorced 2008 after separating 2005 from a husband who decided he didnt want to support me through medical school after all, so took the kids back to the US, and enrolled in a post grad degree. Then he decided he liked boys better, so... divorced and no dating at all. To be fair, I chose to quit med school to raise my kids rather than leave them with their dad, but fast forward to now, and I am 3 months post op from a VGS and headed to the UK for a few months. My life is in flux. Kids have all flown the nest, a job injury left me on the pittance called social security disability and not really sure HOW I could date again at 56.
  10. Kahkeetsee

    Any August Sleevers out there?

    Hi, Had my sleeve Aug 2. Lost 42 pounds pre-op and 39 so far post-op, also less than the "average" 30% of my excess weight. I am going through the hair loss right now, though it doesn't look it on my head, just loads in my brush. I have not been exercising like I should, frankly, so likely that is why. On another note, if anyone can help: I have always had a hanging abdomen since I had kids, and moatly dealt with it by wearing tunics. But in the last five years, I have developed a hanging mons pubis (the fat pad above the vagina). I have worn shorts under my leggings as regular underwear's narrow crotch just allows it to fall out through the leg opening, which is not only painful, as it binds across the skin, but is visible as a big lump in my pants. It is also embarrassing as my daughter noticed that it can hang out of the leg of my shorts...like having one huge ********. Due to that, I had a consult with plastics, but of course, he said lose more and get to a stable weight first, and suggested a custom support garment; though not WHERE I could get one. Any ideas?
  11. Kahkeetsee

    After 4 month Surgery

    It may just be a normal plateau, but believe me, I know how frustrating they can be. I was 355.5 on my surgery date, and only lost 10 pounds in several weeks, but thankfully, have noticed that the pounds are starting to come off again, which I hope continues, as I am VERY eager to get under 300! I also don't exercise as much, having severe arthritis in my knees, and degenerative changes in my hips and back, but find the pool helps a lot. Once it closes in 2 weeks however, I will only have the treadmill left, so I would just say if your diet is going well, just continue your walking and you should start losing again. Also, talk to your nutritionist for pointers.
  12. Kahkeetsee

    August Sleevers-How are you doing??

    I was sleeved 8/2, though it feels like its been months. I had early nausea with water, and SF drinks were hard, but I got through it without getting dehydrated. My surgery was complicated by the fact that the surgeon found a GIST tumor on my stomach. She removed it, and the oncologist said it was unlikely to return, so I guess I was very lucky in that sense. Food has been hard. Soft foods have been pretty dull, and I still do not get in all of my protein daily. It has been a month now, and I have only lost 20 pounds, so feeling disappointed, quite frankly. I was very tired the first couple of weeks, but more back to normal now. Another complication were very tender spots all over my pannus area where I was self-injecting Lovenox for 2 weeks (as I am on Warfarin normally). The areas got very hard, tender, and red, but the surgeon said they weren't infected, and so now no longer tender, but still hard, and the skin is discolored. I had a few incidents of eating over my 1/4 cup and felt it immediately. It was NOT a fun feeling. Lately I have not even wanted to eat because it is so boring and tasteless, and there isn't a lot of actual hunger, just head hunger, mainly for pizza and Coke, lol, but I am being good. Over all, I wish things were moving faster. I guess I expected to lose, like 10 pounds a week.
  13. I lost 11.5 pounds the first week and a half and have been stuck at 344 now for almost 2 weeks. So frustrated.
  14. I am now at 3 weeks post-op with a gastric sleeve. My pre-op weight was 355.5 and I now weigh 344. I thought the highest loss was at the beginning, but I have been at 344 for almost 2 weeks. I am at soft foods now: scrambled eggs, refried beans, bean soup, milk, soft veg like squash, cooked onions, tomatoes, etc. Also Greek yogurt. I am now hitting about 600 calories average; a bit more or less some days but definitely can feel the new stomach restriction and try to avoid feeling it. My only problem right now, is because I needed 2 weeks of Lovenox injections, the whole of my pannus is purple and red, and has been very tender. I see the surgeon for a second follow up and know she will let me know if the bruising is a problem, but the lack of weight loss has me so down. Any insights? I keep up with my diet and exercise on myfitnesspal, so cannot figure out what I am doing wring. 😔

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