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  1. Thank you for the kind words—you have no idea how much I needed them right now. You gave me a boost after a few very dark days. Thank you. Moving forward, slowly but surely. ❤️
  2. This morning I went into surgery for lapband removal /revision to RnY. When I woke up I learned that, due to the severity of the scar tissue and the time and efforts required to remove it, my surgeon decided it was not safe to complete. I’m receiving amazing care from my nursing team and, while I’m in a bit of shock over the fact that my vision of life ahead is derailed, I am incredibly grateful to have the band out of my body. My hope is that the years of pain and complications I’ve experienced are now over. Whether I can/will proceed with RnY at a later date is yet to be determined. For now, pain meds, clear liquids, and sleep are absolute gifts.
  3. ValJean

    Day before surgery

    Provider restrictions vary, of course--but my diet the day before surgery is to be clear liquids, which includes sugar-free popsicles and jello. The important point from my team was there should be NO RED DYE. (I believe this is for contrast and cameras during surgery.) I recommend asking your surgical team.
  4. ValJean


    This is such a thoughtful, thorough response. Thank you for sharing.
  5. ValJean

    Protein Problems

    Apologies for two errors in my previous post. First, the name of the product is Syntax (not Syntex); and second, it has 23-24 grams of protein per serving (my food logging app was registering 1/4 packet for some reason!).
  6. ValJean

    Protein Problems

    Hi MissLindsey, I really enjoy the plant based pea protein from Arbonne, both the chocolate and vanilla. They also have unflavored which can be mixed into other liquids...I particularly like adding it to broth. It is maybe a little more expensive than other products, but it's the best tasting protein powder I've ever had. http://www.arbonne.com/Pws/homeoffice/store/AMUS/catalog/Nutrition,272.aspx?itemsperpage=24 Also, I only just ordered the sample variety pack of single-serving Syntex Nectar protein powder and I was amazed at how good the "non-creamy" fruit flavors are. It mixes easily and achieves the consistency of water or crystal lite. Only six grams of protein per serving, but could at least be a boost to what you're already taking in. Of course, everyone's different and tastes change. I got the lapband in 2009 and anything from Isopure made me gag. I'm revising to RNY next week and have been testing out a variety of protein shakes/powders/mixes in advance so I don't end up with a cupboard full of stuff I can't stomach!
  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so moved by it and inspired by you! If you were telling it in person, I'd ask permission to give you a hug of support and gratitude. Sending one virtually instead.
  8. ValJean

    July Gastric Bypass?

    July 26, revision from band to RNY.
  9. ValJean


    I recently discovered the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast and have been catching up on older episodes. The host recently talked briefly about this issue and mentioned a pill called Devrom. It's OTC and when I searched for it online I learned that it is a Bariatric Pal branded product. https://store.bariatricpal.com/products/devrom-flatulence-deodorizer-and-internal-deodorant I've not tried it myself, but found it very interesting, as I had no idea there was such a thing as a "flatulence deodorizer and internal deodorant." Best of luck!
  10. Happy 34th Birthday ValJean!

  11. Banded Jan 2009 Lost 100 pounds Have regained 20 Been nearly two years since a visit to my band doctor Making an appointment TODAY!
  12. Happy 33rd Birthday ValJean!

  13. ValJean

    Mental Notes...

    Congratulations on being banded, and thanks for your post! 1 1/2 years out from surgery, 100 lbs down--I STILL find myself forgetting or "slacking" on the positive mental dialog sometimes. So thank you for the reminder!!
  14. I found that having Protein shakes on hand is a big help (I was on a pre-op liquid diet, so my choices were limited). Also, are you a caffeine-drinker? That might be contributing too, if you're taking in the same amt of caffeine but have reduced food/calorie intake.
  15. I'm right with you, ladies! Banded in January '09, by October '09 I'd lost 100 lbs...since then, I've put 10 back on (over holidays and the generally sluggish winter when I was doing more hibernating that exercising)...but have been at that plateau (200lbs) ever since. So frustrating!! I, too, stopped counting calories--but that was last summer and I continued to do well, so I'm not sure if I need to go back to it or not. I'm back exercising more regularly now that the weather has improved, eager to see if I make some progress over the summer. Still, so grateful for how far I've come--as we all should be! Great work to you all!! I just have to remember to come back here regularly for support and motivation. Val