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  1. Help! I had VSG in Feb and have been losing weight steadily, wasn’t always meeting my protein/water goals but getting close, lost about 60 lb. That all changed 2 mo ago when I found out I was pregnant! Definitely wasn’t planned so soon after surgery, but here I am. At first I was so worried that I had gone through so much to lose weight with VSG and now would ruin my weight loss... but for the past 2 mo I’ve barely been able to eat. I’m not nauseous or vomiting, but after a few bites I can’t eat anything, I feel queasy or very full. Before I could eat 2-4 oz of chicken, now I can barely have 1.5 oz. I thought this would go away by now by everyday I feel weak, I’m getting in so little Protein everyday. I’m losing weight at the same rate, maybe a little faster. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? Any advice? This baby wasn’t planned but is very much wanted and I’m scared if I can’t find a way to eat more the baby won’t get the nutrition it needs. Any and all help is appreciated!
  2. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the tips. I’m just extra nervous considering the situation. Don’t want to mess up. For the record @creekimp13 I was “following medical advice” I was on birth control. It failed. I’ve already talked to my doctors and my surgeons and the nutritionist. They haven’t been very helpful so thanks but no thanks for the lack of advice and support. Everyone on my medical team has said this happens sometimes, it’s known this surgery can increase your fertility. And btw I work in medicine so I’m aware of the risks, hence the birth control.
  3. Face and my boobs. RIP DDs [emoji24]
  4. CatMama210

    February 2018 Success Stories

    Sleeved 2/10 and wanted to echo what everyone else has been saying. Some days are better than others. I’m really struggling to get enough water and REALLY struggling to get in enough protein. I force myself to drink one protein shake a day but even then some days I’m only getting to 30g. I’m on soft foods but I just don’t feel hungry and feel sick if I eat too much. Blah! I started going to the gym and that feels really good! What’s making you feel good?
  5. CatMama210

    February 2018 Success Stories

    Hey everyone! So happy to have found this thread to share the journey. I had gastric sleeve 2/10, 1 mo out and lost 26 lb so far. I had lost a lot in the first week or so and then stalled for over a week. I also had a complication and was admitted for a blood clot. That sucked, but now feeling pretty good. My sleeve seems pretty tough so I have to have good willpower to stick to the proper diet and get in enough protein. HW: 260 SW: 256 CW: 230
  6. CatMama210

    February Surgery Buddies!

    How is everyone doing so far? I'm almost 4 weeks out and so far so good. Still struggling to meet my protein goals but man it was nice to finally eat some solid food after 3 weeks of liquid/puree.
  7. CatMama210

    Hey y’all I need help

    First, congrats on all thew eight you've lost. What was your goal weight loss for your surgery? How far off are you? People I've talked to that are farther out have found success with doing LCHF (low carb high fat) diets and IF (intermittent fasting) to get the weight loss going again. There's also weight watchers. It all really depends on where you feel the problem is and where you can improve. Gd luck!
  8. CatMama210

    February Surgery Buddies!

    Is it too late to join the Feb surgery club? Had gastric sleeve 2/10, currently on a purée diet. Just returning to work and feeling great, although I am having some head hunger that can be annoying. Best of luck to everyone this month!