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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Wow I I didnt know there was a pill form my doctor even gave me perscription for a liquid pain killer because he stated stomach will not tolerate any pills at this time.
  2. Hello I will be out patient next wed. Did you have to do the blood thinner injections for 14 days ..I will have to not keen on injecting myself my neighbor will do it for me everyday
  3. Brownk10

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    Wow! I have not checked my weight ..do you have to do the injections fir 14 days that is a blood thinner?
  4. Brownk10

    2 Week Pre Op Liquid Diet

    Hello I started my preop liquid diet on the 11th also an we both have the same sugery date. I am with you!! Long journey until surgery .my nutritionist gave me protein /liquid diet I can have tuna in water deli turkey protien shakes sugar free pudding an sugar free pop cicles water an 4oz of skinless chicken breast all day I try an keep busy as I am retired but I keep a headache.
  5. Brownk10

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    I have purchased the protien powder from my weight loss center. Which I wll start tomarrow
  6. Brownk10

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    Congrats!! To everyone I just got my surgery date today April 25th out patient.. so excited!!
  7. Thank you ! I will stay in touch with you I am in Arizona all so
  8. was it hard to transition to the liquid diet for two weeks ?
  9. wow ! thanks for the photos congrats on your new journey I will be having surgery soon have not got the date my last visit with nutritionist in on 4/10 can not wait . I was informed that I would have my surgery out patient discussed with doctor
  10. Brownk10

    April/May 2018 Sleevers!!?

    Hello I am new here I have my last nutritionist appointment the 20th of march.my insurance required 6 months..I have had sugery before spinal medications have caused my weight to escalate an I am now diabetic I will wait for insurance approval for my date should be April..My sister is getting gastric bypass in april even though we are 2000 miles apart we communicate every day an share our thoughts about up coming surgery ..I cannt wait ready to be healthy again