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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. The three week stall like others have said is very real and very common don’t beat yourself up just continue to stick with the nutrition guidelines and exercise and the weight loss will pick back up again. Wishing you all the best!
  2. Asianfly


    Have you contacted your insurance company or looked in your benefits guide? I have ChampVA and in my benefits guide there is information on revisional surgery that indicates if you are not within 10% of your goal weight.... however I am sure it is more to it than that lol. I remember reading a while ago that someone asked their doctor to perform an endoscopy or something to see the size of the stomach because the restriction was not existent after surgery. Are you feeling restriction and just not losing or no restriction and not losing? If doctor isn’t willing to help I would seek a second opinion as well.
  3. Asianfly


    I had my sleeve in 2015 and lost 92 pounds. I got pregnant literally 18 months afterwards and gained about 50 pounds during my pregnancy. After I delivered I was able to lose 40 of those pounds, but now I am struggling and I don't feel much restriction at all. As a matter of fact I can eat almost a whole plate of food. I have also tried phentermine and would lose a little then gain it right back. I am now looking into being resleeved as well. Xi_honey were you approved and if so how did your resleeve go?
  4. Thank you soooo much and I’ve got your back as well! We are all in this together and whatever help we can provide to one another makes the journey a little easier when you have support. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we didn’t become overweight, obese, etc overnight so the weight losss is not going to happen overnight. The sleeve is a tool and we have to make it work for us, but we can do it! Best wishes to you in your journey and I’m glad to help in whatever way I can 😉.
  5. Hello, i got pregnant post vsg 17 months out and while it was a surprise we were very excited. I delivered my son by c section on feb 5, 2018 and I have already lost 18 pounds of the 44 that I gained during pregnancy. I can tell you that during the first 5-6 months I really stuck to eating fairly low carbs but the weight still came on then the last couple of months I craved things so badly I just ate. I did notice that my restriction seemed to disappear with some foods and it was disappointing. However, my saving grace was that all of my weight was literally in my stomach and from the back you couldn’t tell I was pregnant lol. Since delivery I am not hungry as much but when I do eat I honestly don’t feel restriction like I once did. Everyone is different so I cannot say the same will happen to you and you may continue to feel your restriction which would be amazing. I am going to get back to the sleeve guidelines when I first started and I have been drinking my protein shakes again. I was 130 when I found out I was pregnant and weighed in at 174 the Friday right before I delivered. I am now 156 exactly two weeks after delivery so I happy about the 18 pound weight loss. My baby weighed 8 lbs at birth. I will lose the rest of the weight 😁 it’s just going to take harder work then before but it can be done.