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  1. Marissa37

    Bad Breath

    Goes away in 2 months my breath was kicking Buy biotene mouth spray and mouth wash totally works
  2. Marissa37

    Sweet Drinks?

    I drink coffee with a vanilla muscle milk it’s delicious never thought I’d say those words
  3. Yep did 30 days on my thys I figured I’d leave my tummy alone it had enough
  4. Marissa37

    No weight loss, unable to eat more

    I’m 4 weeks post op and I’m only allowed to eat mush blended food. I can’t introduced solids till like July 20 in 2 weeks I’ll go to the doc and be allowed to eat soft foods for 2 months I’ve lost 1 pound a day so your already eating solids amazes me is that ok?
  5. Surgery check so far so good no side effects keeping up with my H20 and protein goals. Mentally I feel the same good, happy, cheerful, aggressive but that's just me. Physically since I had cancer last year I still have side effects from chemo and radiation but even that is getting better a lot faster. I have more energy walk 10,000 steps and the most unbelievable thing EVER i sleep 8-10 hours. Since I was 15 I've only slept 5 hours exactly like i had some internal alarm. Relationship with spouse same awesome supportive, sex 3-5 times a week. Socially ummmmm this is the sh*t that gets me I screamed my surgery from the rooftops because I didn't want my social groups family, friends etc there's too many to think I was dieing because I was all of a sudden getting thinner. Now every single time 9 out of 10 people see me its like so how many pounds you lost, how about now and NOW like a small child asking are we there yet annoying as f*ck. How can I tell them f* off without telling them to f* off I tried a reversal with my friend and ask her how much she weighs she shut up real quick lol I don't mind saying it not ashamed of it but its just annoying. So how do YOU guys feel (surgery, mentally, physically, relationships, socially) and what do you do when someone ask you that question?
  6. So far i'm losing a pound a day
  7. Ok but some fattys are going through things and may be vulnerable to people coming at them like that- bullying. I’m not one of them. Just gotta be careful you never know what the other person going through and my defense when I hear people talking bs is they HAVE to get laid so I can’t apologize for that. I like to create a safe environment where everyone can ask idiotic questions without judgement because I know a lot of people who are depressed or just going through life f*ed up I always try to help out as much as possible. I don’t want someone to read this topic and be like dang I can’t ask these people sh*t. Some are thinking about surgery, married to someone who had surgery, are in the process of getting to that surgery goal, post surgery, or maintenance. And through it all WE all have something in common that’s supposed to bond us.
  8. Ok so everyone has different thoughts of idiotic questions when I hear people talking about hair loss or saggy skin I think that’s idiotic but I stay hushed cause it’s like duh. You could a said hell no to the bullet proof coffee and said yeah to black coffee or give me options for hot drinks. I’ve see protein powder in coffee and stuff like that. Kfc on the way home from bariatric surgery equals Keto coffee. Riiiiiight.
  9. Yeah I’m not allowed to drink protein shakes anymore but I’m allowed tea Snapple all this crap with Splenda I stick to water and eat eggs, cottage cheese, and ricotta and blended soups only 2 a week I do drink a isopure a day.
  10. You should go back and read my question and then read your answer doc. Not u rick
  11. So ur a giver not a taker lol got it some people are like that.
  12. Someone needs to get laid. Does that sound like a smartass answer sorry it is. Im not offended. But it was disrespectful. Have a blessed day.
  13. Very true thanks for bringing me back to the light. Darn those liquid calories.