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  1. I am a little over 3.5 months out from surgery and thw amount I can eat at each meal varies considerable. For example almost every morning I make myself 2 eggs with cheese and salsa, and 3 small sausage links. Some days I can eat it all, other days maybe only half. The most I can eat is about a cup of food. I asked my NP and she said at my stage a cup is okay to eat if I can. If I am eating foods with very dense protiens like chicken or beef, I can only eat about 3 oz and then maybe an oz or 2 of the vegetable I made. Some days like today I have absolutely no appetite so in the entire day I have had 3 bites of food. (I just had kidney surgery so this scenario is not common) I tend to eat between 800-1200 calories a day. Under 60 carbs Around 60 to 80 g of protein ( I have been getting horribly kidney stones so I have to stay on the lower end of protien) And I drink 50 to 80oz of liquids. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    Thank you! Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    I will try. I just saw them last week. They didn't seem concerned about the stones, just that it comes with the territory. 🙁 I'll also be out of the state next week so it'll have to be in 2 weeks. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    My urology appointment is the end of April and my 6 month appointment with my NP at the Bariatric center is in June so I'm hoping to work with them both to determine the best actions. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    It's not all surgery related though for me. I also have the genetic disposition for them. I appreciate the link but I already do almost all of those things and I'm still suffering. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    Edited my response. I know my vitamin d is low. It has been my whole life. I'm already taking the necessary steps to improve it. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    I won't know for 6 weeks at my follow up appointment. I take my calcium as directed and my blood levels are perfect other than my vitamin D. I am deficient in that have been my whole life. I take 5000 iud a day and then a 25,000 iud pill 2x a week. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  8. porcelainxdoll1716

    Kidney Stones

    Has anyone else had problems with Kidney stones since having surgery? I had RYN on 11/21/17. In January I got my first kidney stone. It was so bad I ended up with a horrible infection after it passed and was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. I had my 2nd in February and this one I'm not sure passed I had bad pain, but I also had another UTI and a yeast infection from the first round of antibiotics. Well now it is March and guess what... Another kidney issue. This time I was cramping like menstrual cramps for 2 days, then I had 2 days of intense pain in just my left lower back. I didn't think these were kidney related, because I am on my period. The back pain was so severe I couldn't get it to ease no matter what pain reliver I took, so I went to the ER. My pain level was way over a 10. I was vomiting the pain was so bad. The ER doctor gave me 2 doses of Morphine, didn't even touch the pain. Of course the nurses didn't believe me until I practically started screaming and vomiting again even with zophran. They then wanted to give me Tordol. I told them I couldn't have NSAIDS, and if morphine didn't work what makes them think that will. About 2 hours later they gave me fentanyl and finally some relief. I was actually admitted to the hospital this time and was told because my pain is so severe they are going to do surgery on my Kidney to lazer some of the stones. So I had my surgery at 8am this morning, they let ne go home with tramodol... Well needless to say the cramps are back and the tramodol hasn't done crap. 🙁🙁🙁 Anyone else going through anything similar? I have an appointment in 6 weeks to follow up and try to find ways to prevent further stones. Not sure how that will work considering all the protien I eat, and for me they are genetic. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. porcelainxdoll1716

    Young RNY Patients

    I'm not super young. I'm 27. I couldn't be happier with my bypass. I am 3 months out and 70lbs down. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. porcelainxdoll1716

    Airline Seatbelt Extenders

    I fly quite often usually once a month and I completely understand. I cannot wait for the day I do not need an extender. I do finally fit nicely in the seats where I don't need the arm rests up so I know it is just a matter of time. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. porcelainxdoll1716

    Drinking with straw

    I have never had a problem with gas from drinking with a straw. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  12. porcelainxdoll1716

    Drinking with straw

    I drink everything with a straw. I drink much slower with one. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  13. porcelainxdoll1716

    Real Good Pizza Co

    I love these pizzas. They have enchiladas too. Every pay check I treat myself to 2 pizzas and 2 enchiladas. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  14. My husband and I are planning on trying for baby number 3 in 3 years. (First 2 kids are twins. I really want to try for a single baby) I'll be 3 years out from surgery and should be at my goal and maintaining. I'll also be 30 years old at that time. We decided to wait for my skin removal and any other plastics until after the baby. Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. porcelainxdoll1716

    Short and Lower 200's

    This makes me feel better. I'm 3 months out and down 60. I thought I was losing too slowly. I started at 370. I'm 310 now. Surgery was 11/21 Sent from my Z981 using BariatricPal mobile app