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  1. hopeful333

    I buried my 15 year old grand-son

    So sorry for your loss Kathy😢
  2. hopeful333

    May Sleevers

    Hello Everyone, just wanted to touch base with my fellow May sleevers. I am curious about results thus far and calorie intake. I am receiving conflicting information from my doctor (who says I should consume 1000 calories a day) and my nutritionist (who says I should consume 700 calories a day). I have been struggling and frustrated with my progress. I know where I need to tighten things up but am looking for support and encouragement. I have lost 28 pounds since my surgery on May 2nd. 41 pounds down from my highest weight. HW: 219 Surgery Weight: 205 Current Weight: 177 48 yrs old, 5’4”
  3. Hello and welcome. I am an RN and had the sleeve done in May. I researched about the efficacy and a little about the procedure but tried to not read too much about it so that I wasn’t overwhelmed. I did fine and had no complications. You won’t regret it.
  4. hopeful333

    Feeling Defeated

    Thanks so much for the encouragement
  5. hopeful333

    Feeling Defeated

    Already on that, 😊
  6. hopeful333

    Feeling Defeated

    I saw my bariatrician yesterday for my 4 month post op. She said that I should have lost 40 lbs by now. I have lost 20 since my surgery on 5/2/18. I know I need to exercise more and tighten up my diet by decreasing carbs and increasing protein. I am going to try increasing my calorie intake to 1000 cal as she suggested and pray that my weight loss picks up. I have only been losing a 1/2 to 1 lb every other week. I have a follow up with her in two months and want to be 20 lbs down by then. Feeling so low today! Current weight 184 Surgery weight 205 Highest weight 222 Surgery: Gastric Sleeve 5/2/18 48 yrs old, 5’4”
  7. hopeful333

    No period since surgery (May)

    Thanks for the encouragement letsgetgoing❤️
  8. hopeful333

    No period since surgery (May)

    Thank you for your response. I have an appointment with my bariatrician this month. We do have a support group that meets twice a month, I haven’t been yet but maybe I will give that a try. I have lost inches for sure but continue to wrestle with food demons. I pick myself up when I fall and press on. I agree that my age is a factor. Thanks for the encouragement!
  9. I am struggling and so frustrated. I had my last period the day of my surgery 5/2/18. I have not had one since. I am 48 years old, wondering if the surgery triggered menopause. I have PMS symptoms every month which are getting worse. I feel sad, depressed, cry too easily and get angry so quickly. I am upset because my weight loss is so slow and am afraid that I won’t lose the weight I need to. I lose 1/2 lb to a 1 lb a week if I am lucky, seem to stall frequently. I know I need to increase my exercise but just feel so miserable that I can barely get through the day. I feel like a failure, I weighed 206 on the day of my surgery and weigh 184 now. 22 lbs in 3 months when the doctor says I should be losing 10 lbs a month! Today is rough, crying and trying to work is difficult. Thanks for letting me vent❤️
  10. I am slowly losing weight and had a stall for almost 4 Weeks which finally broke last week. The victory is found in being able to wear clothes that were too tight previously and that I would have never worn out in public before. Surgery Date 5/2/18 HW: 222 SW: 206 CW: 185
  11. hopeful333

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    Thank you for sharing that about the MM’s. It is so interesting that you experienced that because I had a similar experience with eating trail mix and a brownie in bite size pieces. Sugar is the devil!!! I will not fail at this. I am in a stall for almost 3 Weeks now but I had this surgery to make sure I succeed. Sure, candy and sweets taste good but the feeling I have about being a failure is not worth it.
  12. hopeful333

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    Your friend gave you wise advice. A support system is crucial. I would be in big trouble without my husband and kids supporting me. Thanks for sharing. I am so grateful for this site.
  13. hopeful333

    How are the May sleevers doing?

    SueperGal: Vent away!!! I can relate. I was sleeved on 5/2/18. My progress has been slow with a few stalls. I have been stuck for 17 days around the same weight (187). My surgery weight was 205, with my highest weight being 222. I am 5’4”. I am so scared that I won’t drop any lower than this weight because in the past, this is the lowest weight that I have been able to reach. When frustration kicks in I self sabotage and make bad food choices while beating myself up. I didn’t go through all of this and have the surgery to fail. I can’t quit on myself. This week has been rough. I have made some poor choices but I am aware and working on them. I am going to go to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting for the first time at noon today. I need support and help before I completely derail.
  14. hopeful333

    Rate your recovery

    A 1, thank God
  15. hopeful333


    I take Colace 2 tabs daily to help things stay moving

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