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  1. Kim58

    How youuuu poopin’?

    My doctor suggested milk of magnesia but it tastes so badly. Not sure it helps.
  2. Kim58

    How youuuu poopin’?

    Less than two months out. Not easy being regular. When did u have surgery and how much have u lost?
  3. Kim58

    January 30! Surgery Buddy!?

    Sorry you are in pain. Is it from the gas or is your surgical area painful? I experienced no pain but have had other surgeries like gall bladder etc
  4. Kim58

    Constipation - TMI?

    Do u get the tea at the grocery store or health food store?
  5. When was ur surgery kandy. Triscuits and laughing cow sounds great!!
  6. Kim58

    How youuuu poopin’?

    Yes more the constipation issue. I have always had issues so this iron doesn’t help 😂
  7. I’m glad your two weeks preop went well. I had surgery on Dec 26 and the liquid diet hZ been the hardest. Surgery was fine for me... no problems. Some gas After but like everyone says. Walk walk. Praying for your surgery. 🙏🏼
  8. I just started soft food. Must say although i eat a small amount and chew chew i hope it gets better. I get full real quickly and feel awful!
  9. Kim58

    Insurance timeframe

    I also have Aetna. My last weigh in was the 10th of November and my doctor submitted my paperwork. I was approved about 12 days later by Aetna and had my surgery Dec 26. I am a teacher and that date was best for me!! Good luck!
  10. Kim58

    Constipation - TMI?

    My doctor said milk of magnesia but it is nasty. A friend told me she takes 2 glycerin suppositories a week. I was also told not to expect it to happen more than 1-2 a week. I had issues before and after. Taking vitamins with iron doesn’t help.
  11. Kim58

    Post-op and miserable

    THanks. I am at that 4 week mark. I have followed the food plan but it scares me the way i seem hungry and can eat so little and i feel so gross. I appreciate knowing that it gets better. What do u do for constipation problems besides water
  12. I was sleeved December 26, 2017 with no complications. I must say this first month has been tough with the post op liquid diet!
  13. Kim58

    Rny tomorrow morning

    Good luck!
  14. I injured my knee a year ago and I have slept on my back since. I have slept on my back since coming home from the hospital with no problem. I was slow getting up for a few days but started walking two hours after surgery and been fine. Why did u have to have drains? Just curious. I didn’t have them in surgery or coming home. I have seen that others have had them too
  15. I have been to every weightloss doctor and plan. I was constantly up and down. I wanted bypass surgery years ago but didn’t then decided i would go through this process. I was approved by insurance in November and had surgery December 26. I had no problems with surgery... have had a tough time with post op liquid diet. I never took any pain meds and started walking the first day out. I had some chest and gas pain at first but don’t have that much anymore. I am hungry at times. I am having constipation issues.. i think I’m glad I’ve done it. Ask me in another couple months. At least i am trying to get healthy. No sodas.... no sugar!!