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  1. AEdoesRnY

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Thanks! I tried again and will look at the ticker on my computer later today!
  2. AEdoesRnY

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    Lol did that seconds after posting!!! Yay!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  3. AEdoesRnY

    Six months post-op+ : The Sophomores Thread

    It finally happened! I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, tracking everything I eat on MFP and being more conscious of how much I’m eating, and I’ve been moving/walking/jogging more. I’m so excited to see the scale moving in general after two months of stagnation, but even more excited to be UNDER 200 LBS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! 198.8!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!
  4. Hi everyone! There are several cool places to wall climb (I guess it’s called bouldering?!?!) and I’m trying to decide whether it’s something I’m physically ready for. I’m curious if it’s something anyone else on here tried and where you were weight/fitness-wise when you started. I’ve lost 80lbs but have been plateauing for a while, and trying to focus on doing interesting and new active things to both build good habits/fun active ways to spend my time AND maybe start toning up some things a bit. I’m just worried that at 200lbs maybe I’m not ready for the wall climbing type thing, and I don’t want to go try it and totally embarrass myself, you know? Anyone have experiences they can share? Thanks!!
  5. AEdoesRnY

    Single DUE to surgery

    Hope you are doing well and that whatever decision you made regarding fiancé is feeling good and right!
  6. AEdoesRnY

    Single DUE to surgery

    I hope your recovery and first few months post-op are going well! Sending you positive thoughts as you’re working through this frustrating and messy situation. I’m so in awe of your bravery in getting out when you did, I can’t imagine the complex emotions (and logistics) of disentangling yourself from such a situation.
  7. AEdoesRnY

    Single DUE to surgery

    I don’t see my divorce as a result of my surgery. I see my surgery and, eight months out, my divorce as part of the same thing. I’d been doing a lot of reflection and self-exploration which led to the decision to have the surgery and to live my life the way I wanted without my weight holding me back. That same sense of self-exploration and wanting to live life for me on my terms is what led me to the really challenging decision to tell my husband I wanted a divorce. We are great friends, but not great partners. That was true both before and after the surgery.
  8. AEdoesRnY

    Food Before and After Photos

    Decided to make myself a colorful plate to make me feel like spring even though it’s chilly outside! I did end up adding a tablespoon of hummus for some of the veggies :) At first I wasn’t going to post this because I was thinking “that’s so embarrassing/bad that I ate ALL of that! It’s so much!l” and then I realized how ridiculous that sentiment was/how different my perspective on serving size is these days!
  9. AEdoesRnY

    Any regrets with RNY?

    I’m so sorry for your loss, what a challenging thing to deal with - I hope you are holding up okay and giving yourself some care and love right now. I completely understand why you turned to food, and I applaud your decision to try to take a different route. I’m going through a divorce right now and I definitely turned to food more than I should have lately, but have been turning in around the last few weeks. I just started intermittent fasting which I’ve been loving, but I think it would be really hard presurgery...do you have an amount you have to lose to qualify for surgery? Do you like the person who did your evaluation? I ended up continuing to see the person who did mine for the last year and it’s been a wonderful support/growth/reflection tool! Sending you thoughts and hugs!
  10. Congratulations! You look great - I definitely see a difference! It’s always harder to give ourselves the credit/see it for ourselves, but wow - you’ve been working super hard and it shows!
  11. Congratulations and best of luck! I have nothing to add but wanted to say congrats and best wishes! (And as others have said, ignore the rude jerk...of course a dude wants to weigh in on taking contraception bc he knows SO much about it...lol)
  12. Thank you for all the veggie suggestions! I love asparagus and green beans but don’t make them enough, and when I do make them and other veggies I don’t put much effort/thought into how I prep them which probably contributes to me not being excited by them! Looking forward to messing around in the kitchen a bit!
  13. AEdoesRnY

    Any regrets with RNY?

    @AnnieD78 how are you doing? I’m curious what your thoughts are sleeve vs bypass and whether additional questions/concerns/anxieties have come up. I know the waiting period before surgery was FILLED with millions of questions and worries every day, so I wanted to see how you are doing and if we could help support you as you’re in the waiting game!
  14. Maybe I will also see if I can finally get into broccoli/cauliflower - they’ve never been my jam but I feel like with the right seasoning/sauce/preparation maybe I’ll like them! I have baby carrots and bell pepper as snacks right now which I love, but it’s time for me to start branching out more with veggies!
  15. Thank you so much for that reassurance! I did buy eggs the other day but haven’t hard-boiled them yet, I’m going to make sure to do that today so I have them on hand! I did get lots of veggies and I have chicken I’ll cook up too. I like the idea of trying to start with a denser meal (vs yogurt) and seeing how that impacts my hunger and snacking levels! Thanks!!

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