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  1. I found this group on Facebook for any August sleevers in this thread. It’s called VSG August 2018 Supporters, if anyone is on Facebook you should join! https://m.facebook.com/groups/922381094631685 Maybe this link will work...
  2. This is honestly the one thing I am the most terrified of (probably more than dying). I really hope this doesn’t happen to me but the permanence of this surgery freaks me out sometimes. Although, everyone I have ever met that had it loves it and says it was the best section of their life. I don’t know. Just hoping for the best at this point and trying to stay positive.
  3. Dumb question but what list? Also I don’t know if got added to it but my date is August 23rd for the sleeve. ☺️
  4. I had so many food funerals! Part of the reason I gained 10 pound rather than lost 10
  5. Same here Chris B! I am over this preop life already.
  6. Today is one of those days with no thoughts of possible regret of second guessing. I just wish I had my surgery done already!!! This emotional rollercoaster is killing me. My date isn’t until 8/23 😭
  7. Thank you so much!! That is exactly what I needed to hear today! I know second guessing is normal but it’s scary!
  8. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    Yay!! Yours is so soon!! Are you excited?!?
  9. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    That’s great that you are so motivated!! I’m supposed to lose 10 pounds before surgery, but so far I have gained 7 😭. I’m going to start drinking more shakes in place of meals in July. Maybe even start the preop early (I have to do 3 weeks). I’m so frustrated because my body sucks and the more I diet and watch what I eat the less weight I lose. I hadn’t gained anything in 6 months until a month ago. Now I’ve been tracking since June 1st and gained 5 pounds. 🤬
  10. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    I’m going on vacation July 12th! Part of reason I switched from the June surgery date. I’m glad that you’re feeling ready! That’s great!!!
  11. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    I’m feeling the same way!! Some days I wish the surgery was tomorrow. Some days I am second guessing it.
  12. Hi all. Im late to the party but my VSG surgery date is 8/23! It’s going to take me some time to read through all 58 pages of this thread but I wanted to say hi! I’m in the midst of some serious second guessing. Yesterday I felt hungry and was sad thinking about how I might never feel that again. Weird, I know.
  13. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    I still can’t find it. 😭I’m going to search on the site instead.
  14. BurpeeZombie

    Any August 2018 sleevers out there?!

    Sorry I just have missed that thread. This new app is driving me crazy!
  15. Hey all!! My surgery was originally scheduled for June 18th, but due to a variety of reasons I had to delay until August. My new date is .. August 23rd!!! Are there any surgery twins out there? Any other August sleevers? I would love a support system, because my real life support system is tiny, and I’m starting to freak out and second guess every decision I’ve made. Let’s form a support network!

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