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  1. It's been a year since my heaviest weight of 456. I've lost 120 lbs since then and I feel amazing :)

    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Congratulations. You should be so proud of yourself!

    2. ProudGrammy


      great accomplishment!!! keep up the good job while your weight continues to go DOWN, DOWN and DOWN kathy congrats

    3. GreenTealael



  2. Started transitioning into vegetarianism. First day has gone good so far!

    1. Creekimp13


      I love vegetarian stuff, and incorporate a LOT of vegetarian recipes into my forever diet. I still do eat animal protein, but much less than many of my bariatric peers. I try hard to get at least half of my protein each day from plant sources.

      If you run into any recipes you just love...please share:)

    2. JanineVSG


      I will totally let you know! I just realized that I haven't really enjoyed the way meat tastes lately... so I wanted to make this change. I've decided to do pescatarianism though instead of straight vegetarianism just to make sure I can get that protein in!

    3. Creekimp13


      Fish are good food! I dig it:)

  3. Sorry I've been missing for a while! I've been swamped with work and other responsibilities. Just know I love all the supportive messages and comments <3 You guys are the best! I recently found out I was accepted to a film preservation school this fall so I've been getting ready to move to Rochester, NY!

    1. Creekimp13


      That is way cool! Go girl, go!

    2. KimTriesRNY


      Sounds exciting!

    3. GreenTealael


      Congrats! Warm welcome to the Empire State!

  4. Hit 90 lbs down today... so close to my first 100 lbs down!

    1. FluffyChix


      Congrats Janine! That's so exciting!!! WTG!

    2. Creekimp13


      Nice work, ma'am:)

    3. KimTriesRNY


      That’s great news!

  5. Anyone else just eat the powder from the crystal light packets? I had a craving for something sour so I just had a little bit of a sample packet of the sugar free kind my doctor gave me. Now I keep it on my desk with a clip on it so I can just have a little bit of the powder when I crave it. WLS makes you do weird things, man! :D

    1. Creekimp13


      I used to love to suck hard candies while working. Someone on here posted a recipe for sugar free gummy bears.

      1/3 cup water

      3 packs of unflavored geletin

      whatever koolaid flavor you want, half a pouch

      no calorie sweetener to taste

      (or just use sugar free jello in a flavor you like!)

      You boil it, then drip it in little molds or small ice cube trays...whatever you want

      then you let it cure for 2-3 days in the fridge.

      They really do taste quite a bit like gummy bears....and you get protein in the gelatin win-win:)

    2. Creekimp13


      PS...avoid the commercial sugar free gummy bears. They make you poop explosively.

  6. JanineVSG

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    I may have been a little premature in that statement. I'm definitely feeling those squats now, lol! But we are definitely getting better every day Yes, you should definitely take photos! It's so nice to be able to compare. You won't notice any changes for a while, and then once you look back at an old photo... it'll be such an amazing experience.
  7. JanineVSG

    Calculating total weight loss

    I track all my weight on this Epic Weightloss Spreadsheet from Reddit. It requires a little bit of an understanding of Google Documents in order to use it correctly, but I am very visually oriented and I like seeing the graph. I also like that it has a space to put notes on your day (I use it to track my pants sizes as they go down, lol) As for numbers, I calculate total lost from my absolute highest weight recorded at a doctor's office (I'm sure I weighed more at one point) and also calculate how much lost since surgery.
  8. JanineVSG

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    28 lbs! That's fantastic! Great job I take pictures all the time. I'm kind of addicted to progress photos, lol. Plus... I'm finally able to wear some of the cuter clothes that have been hiding in my closet! It probably is. Cold water definitely makes me feel sick. Room temp is the way I go post-VSG. I don't mind it, but dang do I miss a refreshing glass of ice water after a hard workout... Speaking of workouts, last night I was at the gym for like, an hour and a half, but I'm hardly sore at all today. I need to start upping my weights. At least I know I'm making progress!
  9. It's funny; I was really worried the past few days about how easy it's been to reach 1,000 calories, and today I was barely able to reach 850 despite having eaten some good meals and worked out. I just need to be more conscious of what food choices I make. I'm learning more about what makes me feel satiated every day! Definitely tuna and chicken, for sure. Dangerous foods for me include roasted chickpeas, cheese, and nuts... They just don't fill me up much. 

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    2. Creekimp13


      I also do a lot of dry meat in the oven.

      Just marinate a lean meat in anything you like...I like hot pepper juice, soy, garlic..

      Then hang it on the racks with a drip pan underneath. Set the oven for 180 and let it go half the day....

      Like jerky....but lots better for you!

    3. FluffyChix


      Dang! Thanks girl!!! I'ma do them!!!! You just hide and watch!!!

    4. JanineVSG


      Hey! That dried meat in the oven sounds a lot like my favorite jerky ever... biltong! It's a South African jerky (my mom is from South Africa) that's made like that. You slice it kind of thick and it makes for an AWESOME snack. I'm definitely going to have to make some in a few months when I can tolerate red meat better!

  10. JanineVSG

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Hi Marty, how far out are you? Are you getting nausea at certain times (like after eating something in particular)? I don't deal with a lot of nausea anymore, but I realized early on that I can't drink cold water in the morning or I'll dry heave. A lot of us have to quickly learn how to identify foods that upset our new tummy.
  11. Mine's more of a "before and during." 2 months post op, 35 lbs down (~75 overall) And here's a face comparison (my friend overlaid two selfies from January to March):
  12. I love your sense of style! You look great!
  13. JanineVSG

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Have you ever tried Couch to 5k? http://www.c25k.com/ A lot of people swear by it! Another fun app to get into running is "Zombies Run". It makes your jogs/runs into audio dramas about the zombie apocalypse!! Just remember to take it slow so you don't get shin splints or anything like that :)
  14. JanineVSG

    Feeling Really Down

    I am not sure I have any worthwhile advice, but I just wanted to let you know that I hear your struggle and I hope things get better for you. Stay the course; 2 weeks will fly by in no time at all. If you feel like you're not getting enough support from your spouse (which it sounds like you aren't), just know you can always find support on this forum.
  15. JanineVSG

    Wls body shamers smh

    That's so crazy. Not wanting people to publish their Before and Afters?? That's insanity! We all have to work hard, no matter where we started. Some of us have to work a little longer, still, but the journey is still hard... there's just no pleasing some people!
  16. JanineVSG

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Hey sleevers, how y'all doing? Here's a 2 month update from me. (btw, I watermark all my images so no one can steal them. I recommend everyone does this for their wls photos!!)
  17. JanineVSG

    Onederland FINALLY! Progress Pics

    You look awesome!!! Congratulations on all your hard work!!! [emoji322]
  18. JanineVSG

    Help with dehydration

    Hey OP, are you taking a B vitamin? It will make your pee neon yellow. It's pretty freaky! But your tongue does indicate dehydration. One way to test for dehydration is to pinch your skin on your hand. Google "dehydration pinch test". If the skin seems to stick together, you might be dehydrated. If it moves back into place, you're ok.
  19. With the gastric sleeve, you can expect to lose 75% of your excess body weight. Your profile says you are 5'7", so your ideal weight is 115-155. You have an excess of 289-155, so about 134. So 75% of that is about 100 lbs, which means you could expect to get down to at least 180! That's totally possible There's other way to calculate ideal body weight, too... here's one from Moose and Doc: http://halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm
  20. JanineVSG

    So tired but unable to fall asleep

    Do you use a CPAP or anything? I find that I can't get to sleep unless I put my mask on. Otherwise, I get too restless... One key thing to consider when you're having issues sleeping is electronics use. Some people recommend not using any electronic devices like your computer or phone in bed, because you need to associate your bed only with sleeping. So, don't sit and read in bed, don't study in bed... just use your bed for when you're tired.
  21. JanineVSG

    Disgust about starting weight

    This is just a little rant about my number one pet peeve.... People mentioning their starting weight and talking about how disgusting it is really bugs me. Like, when people are saying they started at 250 lbs and putting a shocked or vomiting emoji (😱🤢) or whatever. I get that it was a lot of weight to you. But a lot of us have starting weights of 400+ lbs. It would be a DREAM for me to weigh 250 lbs!! I haven't weighed that much since I was probably 17! I know that this has like absolutely no real effect on our journeys, but it was bugging me. And what's a rant and raves forum for if not posts like this one? Be nice to yourselves!! You had feelings at your SW too! Don't put yourselves down! Let's keep working hard!
  22. Like a lot of others have said, I retain water during my cycle! I got the IUD before surgery as recommended by my doctor. Even though I'm on the IUD, I think I still have a cycle of sorts, and I notice I get more hormonal/my body feels differently each month, even though I'm not menstruating. That being said - I think the most important thing to remember is that a pound is 3500 calories. If you weigh in and you've suddenly gained weight, it's most likely water weight. Why? Well... it's really freaking hard to not only eat back what you burn each day, let alone another 3500 on top of that, when we have such teeny tummies. That's what helps me get through the wild ride that is weighing in! Haha
  23. JanineVSG

    Disgust about starting weight

    I didn't think I'd be crying this morning, but here we are. It's been a really tough journey, you guys. Every day I struggle with "defensive obesity," a condition my psychiatrist says results from my childhood sexual abuse. I have to be kind to myself. I have to love myself, because if I don't, how can I continue to work hard? Let's all do better. Please respect my wishes and don't reply to this thread again. Let's let it die.
  24. JanineVSG

    Disgust about starting weight

    Holy cow, man. "Maybe a bit of self hatred would have done you some good" but then, also, "Well too allow your body to get to 400 you can't love loved yourself that much" You're right. I didn't love myself. When I was 3 years old, I was raped. I was raped as an infant, as well. I grew up hating myself and everything about me. I wanted to protect myself, so I ate and ate and ate, finding comfort in food. I wanted to shield myself. I wanted to be disgusting so I couldn't get hurt again. I hope you are proud of yourself. That was a very hurtful thing to say. Thank you for reminding me how far I have come in how I feel about myself, though. I had value at 456 lbs. I'll have value at my goal weight, too. We all need to be nicer to ourselves, because if we are more understanding of what we're going through and why we eat the way we do, we'll be able to take better care of ourselves. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. I will not let that control my life any longer. I have come a long way. I'll go even further once I block you. Have a blessed day.
  25. JanineVSG

    I hate eating out now!

    That's an awesome idea... I'm always looking for ways to cut waste out of my life, so bringing my own containers would be great for that. Thanks for the tip!!!

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