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  1. Why isn't there a way to block people on this site? I'm sick of scaremongering and would rather not see it.

    1. Chrisb428


      I agree there should be. Mine is not so much about the scaring but ive noticed one member in particular that no matter how sincere and upset someone seems to be, they just can't help but be sarcastic. I am famous for sarcasm, but there is an appropriate time and place. It doesnt belong when someone is pouring their heart out publicly because they need an understanding outlet.

    2. sideeye


      There is - you can "ignore" users on the non-mobile version of the site.

    3. istytehcrawk


      AH! Thank you! I hadn't seen that option because I rarely hover over someone's username. They need to make that option available on the person's profile page or directly on the posts they make, but at least it exists!

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