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  1. shelly420

    Hard time getting to solid diet

    So where is your medical degree? Please post a pic of it. I am entitled to post my opinions & experience, just as you are.
  2. shelly420

    Anyone else freaking out?

    The first few months were really hard, but I've gotten used to not being able to gorge myself. I still have my days where I want to overeat, but mostly those are gone. You get to a point where it's not worth throwing up over, and you find other outlets.
  3. I never noticed any difference when I had my gallbladder removed (years before my bypass), except the horrible pain I was having prior to it was now gone. Hopefully you'll experience the same.
  4. shelly420

    Hard time getting to solid diet

    I couldn't each much of anything until month 4, without throwing up. Take advantage of the time when you can't, you lose weight much faster. Now that I can eat more, my weight loss has slowed way down. Those months when I couldn't eat really helped me to mentally get used to eating way less.
  5. shelly420

    Ticker/Goal Stats

    Click on your user name (upper right of screen, two to the left of the shopping cart), then click on "my ticker", then "create ticker".
  6. shelly420

    I’m not sure what surgery to do?

    People having the sleeve are having to convert to the bypass (or so my surgeon told me). The sleeve was intended to be a temporary solution with the bypass being the final step. That being said, lots of people have a lot of success with the sleeve. With 150+, if it were me, I'd do the bypass & not waste my time with a band or sleeve, but I think it's something you'd have to discuss with your surgeon to determine which will work best for you. I have never had much will-power, so the bypass was the recommended surgery in my case. I had a band previously, and that was a total waste of time & money in my case.
  7. shelly420

    January bypass buddies??

    That's freakin' AWESOME!!! Congrats on your success. Just imagine where you'll be at the one year mark. Woot!!
  8. I experienced the same thing. I think my body went into shock post op. I had a good 6 week stall which was horrible, and felt like I totally wasted my money on this, but then....... the weight started falling off like crazy. Just stick with it, your body will catch up when its ready.
  9. shelly420

    I’m officially six months post op!

    You're looking fantastic, keep up the great work!!
  10. I had lap band to bypass, and had no complications or pain at all, other than when I pressed on my abdomen. I filled my post op pain meds, maybe took 4 of them, and the rest are sitting in my cupboard, I just didn't need them. I was really worried about hair loss because while my hair looks thick, if you get it wet, it deflates to pretty much nothing. My thyroid has always reeked havoc on my hair as well, with it continually getting thick, then then, then thick.... I am 4.5month post op now, and still have not had any hair loss, except the normal amount I have always had in the shower. I did take biotin, but haven't taken that in awhile & still no hair loss. I also have not experienced dumping syndrome, and I have eaten my fair share of sugar post op. The worst thing I get is feeling uncomfortable enough where I have to lie down for 30 minutes, after eating something I shouldn't. Perhaps I've just been lucky, but from the start I kept telling myself I wouldn't experience all those issues, and my body followed suit. The mind is a powerful thing, if you tell it something is going to happen, it will happen. AT least that has always worked for me.
  11. shelly420

    Pre surgery waxing....

    I hate to brag (yeah right), but I've never had to shave my legs or armpits in my life. My hair just doesn't grow in those two (four?) locations, so it wasn't a concern for me. lol
  12. shelly420

    Weight gain over night

    Oh NO!!!!! haha I know that feeling, but I was just worried about the 20ft walk to the restroom, not on an insterstate, OMG!
  13. Just remember, if you can get through the first two days, the rest gets easy. It's just those first two that are the hardest. You can do it!!
  14. shelly420

    I'm scheduled!

    It's exciting, isn't it? Congrats!!!
  15. WE have both where I live, but I haven't been in years. I'll definitely check them out. Thank you.