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  1. Does anyone regret having this surgery? Be honest, if so and why? Just want to know what others are going through before I commit.

    Yes but theyre small and i wouldnt have these regrets if i didnt start eating better (which i did because of surgery.)
    So not much of a regret as an "awww man!"
    For example. I recently tried asparagus for the first time. It was freaking amazing! Like wow i could eat this every week for a year lol. However i cant tolerate them at all.

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  2. Have you talked to your OB/GYN? Now that I can’t take birth control pills ( due to blood clots in my lungs ) my doctor is going to prescribe a non hormonal pill that will cut my flow and period time in half. I will have to get the name for you when I pick up my script.
    I dont have an obgyn assigned since pregnancy but yeah let me know! Never heard of non hormonal pill

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  3. I see, I didn't know that about the IUD. Also, I apologize, I misunderstood your first post, I thought your flow increased since surgery.
    I ended up going to see a blood specialist about my Iron levels, because my bariatric team wasn't equipped to help me level out my iron. That would be my next suggestion.

    Did you just ask for a blood specialist or were you referred? Sometimes requesting a specialist is a nightmare through my medical group ugh

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  4. I was a heavy bleeder for years (long before WLS). I would advise you if you are considering having children then DO NOT get an ablation. If you become pregnant after an ablation there could be fatal complications following. Have you spoken with your GYN and have you had an ultrasound for uterine fibroids? For me, my PCP wanted me to have a transfusion and I adamantly against it as we didn't know the cause of my excessive bleeding. It turned out my uterus was full of fibroids the first time 14, the largest size of a canteloupe. The second time I had 7, myself personally, I had decided I would not be having children so I went through with an ablation including permanent birth control Essure. It was the best decision of my life as my periods went from a HEAVY 8-days to a spotting max 3-days. The procedure was done in 2010 and I have zero regrets. But again, if you are planning to have children or more children, this should not be an option at all.
    I heard of some problems with Essure. My husband got a vasectomy instead but I'd get it if it meant I could be free from anemia

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  5. Compression clothing is SOOOOOOO helpful! You don't need to spend tons of money on them either. Yes UnderArmour is good, but overly expensive, ESP if you are still dropping weight. I've got a $55 compression shirt that's useless now because it's too big.

    Amazon has stuff cheap, you can get things from overseas as well, but word of caution on that, plan ahead and get a smaller than you currently need size. I made that mistake as well and ordered what I needed, but since it took a month to arrive, it was not as supportive as it could have been.
    How do they work? I mean be a shirt and compress the belly?

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  6. I wear compression capri leggings to keep my stomach from jiggling. Lane Bryant sells them. I am sure other stores also sell that kind of pant. It makes a HUGE difference when I am working out and then I just have to concentrate on not passing gas instead of my belly jiggle!
    I had jeggings but I guess I lost enough weight to make them just pants lol. Then again loose skin wasn't an issue when I bought them

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  7. So I finished C25K! I then...injured myself and was doing walking only for a bit so I could still lose weight. Now I've started C210K (not continuing since i took a month off) and it is painful to run. The belly jiggle was just embarrassing before but now legitimately hurts. Same with doing non running cardio (jumping jacks, burpees, etc.) Has anyone had this problem and tried compression clothing? Does it help?

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  8. Where I live you can't "sell" bodily tissue and that includes blood components. Therefore we cannot get cash. Make sure you are selling and that its legal where you live.

    I was deferred for plasma, platelets, and double red units because of asthma but I was a prominent whole blood donor before! Make sure you stay on top of everything because it will wear you out!

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