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  1. LELH

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    [emoji1376][emoji1376][emoji1376] this is perfection! Thank you so much for every word you said!
  2. LELH

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    I'm definitely going to ask what my NUT thinks when I go in for my post op appt next week.
  3. LELH

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Good job everyone! I'm 5 days postop and feel exponentially better today! No pain getting out of bed anymore! 🙌🏼 It was my mom's birthday this week so I just got back from lunch at Texas Roadhouse. My favorite 😩 I expected to leave in tears after watching everyone eat ribs and steak but you know, I was just fine! I was able to enjoy time with my family and not feel deprived. I felt victorious!
  4. LELH

    Halitosis (Bad Breath)

    Oh man. That (literally) stinks! Great trade in though right?! I am 5 days post op and EVERYONE around me has the. Worst. Breath. Ever!!!!!!! 🤢
  5. LELH

    Little pain...

    Yes less cleaning for sure! Try not to overdo it.
  6. LELH

    Little pain...

    How far out are you? I think less cleaning is in order
  7. LELH

    Is belching normal?

    Don't trust the other end. 😜
  8. LELH

    Strange New Pain?

    Someone in my FB group said that her surgeon did an internal stitch to help avoid a hernia and a pop could be felt when it breaks. It's supposed to break. Could be that!
  9. LELH

    Is belching normal?

    My BFF is 8 months out and when I asked her about the burping she said "yes! Welcome to your new normal!" I'm only 4 days out so burping is my greatest joy right now. My guess is that there isn't room in the sleeve for food and air, thus the burps!
  10. LELH

    Had my Surgery Today in the Morning...

    Wow that's so great!
  11. LELH

    Surgery in 30 minutes

    That wait is the worst! Hope all goes well for you!!!
  12. LELH

    Please, read and give me you opinion

    I think what it is going to come down to is how your surgeon and your primary care physician write about your weight loss attempts in their notes. That was my experience anyway. But to answer your question, it doesn't make it sound like it needs to be consecutive.
  13. LELH

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Prayers! You got this!
  14. Is your tummy super stiff? I was great yesterday but this morning? Wow! So stiff. Burping and walking will help get the gas out. Hope we both feel better soon.
  15. I'm 2 days out and am having the same feeling. Try warm liquids...teas and broths. And try to get burps out.
  16. LELH

    Any January 2018 Sleevers?

    Lots of us going in tomorrow!!!! Good luck to everyone. I'm beyond excited to get this started! Prayers to everyone getting sleeved this week!
  17. LELH

    Only 3 Day-liquid diet??

    Thank so much!!!! I'm so excited!
  18. LELH

    Only 3 Day-liquid diet??

    Try not to worry! I'm super excited for you and we will both be in recovery 12 hours from now and on our way to good health
  19. LELH

    Only 3 Day-liquid diet??

    I have a 2 day clear liquid diet and surgery on Monday. TOMORROW!!!!!!! As said previously, all surgeons are different. I asked mine why his was shorter and he said in lower BMI patients he doesn't see a difference in a long vs short liquid phase so the shorter is adequate to shrink the liver.
  20. I have nothing useful, I'm sorry but just wanted to send hugs and prayers. I hope things improve soon. I am a stay at home mom of 4 and couldn't imagine trying to juggle that and work with so much pain, discomfort and low energy.
  21. LELH

    Dates that don't revolve around food

    What about joining some running/fitness groups? I'm 17 years out of the dating game but it seems like a great way to meet people. If no romantic interests, at least some great friends.
  22. I love Hint water. Just enough fruit flavor to make it interesting without using artificial sweetener. The blackberry and the watermelon are particularly tasty but they are all good.
  23. Thank you so much! I hope things are picking up for you!