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  1. LELH

    Embarrassing question

    White tongue? Thrush? I'm struggling too. I think it's pretty normal because your body is in ketosis. I got a script for Thrush and it's getting better. Everyone around me seems to have the worst breath [emoji30]
  2. Totally normal. I vowed not to weigh for a full week because I knew it was common to retail lots of fluid. Try not to stress, and stay away from the scale until Friday. Please!
  3. LELH


    I had a rash too. I think from the betodine wash...let us know what the doc says!
  4. LELH

    TMI....but I wanna ask..

    Any foods/drinks with beet juice?
  5. I just went in for my 1 week postop and was given Diflucan for Thrush.
  6. LELH

    Tomorrow is the day!!!

    Good luck!!!!!! [emoji173]️
  7. LELH

    Not feeling good

    Drink something with electrolytes. g2, Powerade zero, coconut water.
  8. LELH

    Scariest part of my surgery

    That's a scare! I'm jealous that you were awake after surgery! I could not wake up. Except to dry heave!
  9. Could back pain be from having to adjust your sleep position. Try to take it easy!
  10. LELH

    New here in Colorado

    Thank you so much! I would LOVE to hear any advice you have for getting started! Send me a message!
  11. LELH

    New here in Colorado

    I know this post is old but hi! I'm in Broomfield and 8 days out from my sleeve with Dr. Snyder.
  12. LELH

    Is this flavor good?

    I second the banana being best. I like strawberry the least.
  13. I got sick of Dawson's Creek and makeup tutorials in my daily 10 hours of recovery You Tube so I started searching out food to help me down the road. I implore you, check out Fit Men Cook. He. Is. Legit!!!! And because I'm oddly emotional I cry through all the videos. You won't be disappointed!
  14. You're welcome!!!!! He's so great! Lmk if you try anything great and I'll add it to my list.
  15. Thank you thank you thank you! I LOVE this guy!
  16. Totally smooth at five days postop. Yay or nay?
  17. I'm totally going to get it! Thank you. Are they all delicious?
  18. LELH

    Recommendations for low-fat creamy soups

    I'd like to know too! Congrats on 5 days! I'm 5 days too and this morning was the first time I got out of bed with no ab pain! 🙌🏼
  19. I know this is super old but just wanted to say I think you look great. I also think you could get a reduction to be more proportional if you choose and still have big juicy boobies! Congrats!
  20. LELH

    Panni Surgery Denied

    I'm so sorry. Did you see you PCP for any of your issues due to extra skin? That should be fuel enough. Some insurances require the pannis to extend past the pubic bone. I would call and ask specifically why you were denied and what the requirements are, then get a new surgeon and dispute the ruling. Sorry I don't have any recommendations for your area. Hugs.
  21. LELH

    Tomato soup?

    Thanks friends!