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  1. Yes, you will likely lose a little slower than someone with a higher BMI.
  2. LELH

    Suntan & Pool

    Sunscreen your scars (if hey have been healed at least 2 weeks) or they will darken up significantly.
  3. LELH

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    Hi everyone! I am 5 days post op from my sleeve and have been thinking about Dr. Weiner's long term nutrition goals that he gives his patients. I know I am a long way out but I would love some opinions from those of you who are WLS veterans. I know that my practice, as well as many/most others really stress the importance of high high protein diets and protein first. If you have watched Dr Weiner's videos or read his book, you know that he is more of a believer in lots of veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts and legumes and lean proteins-poultry and fish-he's not a beef fan. His recommended protein levels aren't as high as what my practice instructs, or what I have seen on this forum. His way of eating feels more natural to me, maybe even healthier. I totally understand the role of protein in our systems, and I also understand the importance of veggies and the other things he encourages. Now, I know that it's important to follow the diets given by our nutritionist, but I can't help but feel that eating protein first leaves very little room for veggies and other whole foods. Therefore robbing our bodies of vital nutrients that vitamins can't provide. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. An average human leg and a dozen Kristy Kremes! [emoji23]
  5. I tried four different vitamins and the ones I settled on were the bariatric advantage chews. They are a little spendy but they don't give me any trouble if I eat them when there is food in my stomach. I mixed the three flavors and put them in a pretty glass jar next to my sink… It somehow makes me want to take them a little better![emoji23]
  6. How are you feeling?
  7. LELH

    Kinda shy

    Good morning! I am near Boulder so not very close unfortunately I had the sleeve on January 15 so we are pretty close together! It is definitely very hard when your tastes have changed so much! But wonderful too! At six week (in my practice) we are permitted to try any foods we want, but eat dense protein first. Chili is a great protein source. Do you have an unflavored protein that you can add to your foods that you already like? Canned chicken and tuna are great-have you tried those? What about eggs? I survived on deviled eggs for quite a while! I have eaten a lot of lunchneat wrapped around string cheese. My recent (and favorite) and favorite addition has been rotesserie chicken leg (half of it) and roasted veggies. I hope any of this helps! Did you diet wean you onto solids? Is your sleeve not handling food well or is your new palate just not liking anything? message me if you want to chat more in with! hugs!
  8. LELH

    Kinda shy

    Where in Colorado? I am here too. Are you going to your follow up appointments? Your practice should have support groups and a nutritionist to help you. Did you have a diet plan you followed for the first 6 weeks?
  9. LELH


    Oh wow that is very cautious. Blend soups! That will keep you sane.
  10. LELH


    Are you supposed to be on liquids for another week? Week 2 I could do yogurt, cottage cheese, refried beans, very thin soup, jello, sf pudding, sf popsicles.
  11. LELH

    Have you seen the new Shakes?

    Oh yum!!!!! Come on Costco! Get em.
  12. I had all the same thought/feelings that you are. I had a really difficult time with the anesthesia but at Day 5 I felt great. DAY FIVE!!!! What is five days of discomfort and hardship compared to a life of the pains that come with obesity and its affects?! Big big hugs! You got this!!!
  13. LELH

    Questions About Catheter

    Didn't have the catheter. Did have the drain (that removal was a trip!!!). Know several who have had neither. Just ask your surgeon. I promise you, the things that matter to you wide awake and sober won't hold the same weight after surgery. Good luck and don't stress!
  14. LELH

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    Feeling really great! Thanks for asking. 4 weeks out and 26 lbs down.
  15. I'm taking Nexium and it's working great. No trouble at all. My doc said to try it for one month and then wean off. If heartburn is still there, he would write me a script.
  16. LELH


    Mine started around three weeks postop. I'm taking over-the-counter Nexium and it seems to be helping a ton!
  17. LELH

    Bad taste in mouth?

    Is your tongue white? Those were the symptoms I had when I had thrush.
  18. I had one before surgery and one after. Both in the hospital. The needle didn't hurt but the medicine burned and I bruised.
  19. LELH

    Dr. Matthew Weiner

    I love all of this thank you so much!!!!
  20. I'll be 3 weeks out from the sleeve on Monday. My glue has all fallen off and my incisions look good. All I want is a dang bath! Is this permissible? I don't want to wait until Monday to call my office and ask.
  21. LELH


    You got this! A week from now you will wake up feeling great and so happy to have it all behind you. Big hugs!
  22. LELH


    I feel like on Day 5 I woke up feeling human again and things got better every days after that.
  23. LELH


    Check up on Wednesday. The discharge nurse said about 6 weeks or until wounds are healed. I felt like 6 weeks was superfluous and my wounds look great! I guess I shall wait although I feel like it's safe. I won't die from wanting a bath in the next couple days I suppose!
  24. Hi there! I had surgery on 1/15. Feeling pretty good after having had the flu for several days. I was doing great in my water before then....struggling now. Plain water is so gross. I'm HATING artificial sweeteners. So just plugging along. The heartburn has started with adding more foods. Not fun. Down 22lb from surgery day.

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