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    I had one injection in my IV directly after surgery. Then I took pills in the hospital for the 12 hours I was there. I was sent home with no pills. Took Tylenol for about 2-3 days and then didn’t need anything. There was basically no pain for me other than gas pain which meds do nothing for.
  2. I know it might be weird to be this excited about this, but FINALLY, 39 days after VSG I am going to hit my 70-90g protein goal (72g), my fluid intake of at least 64oz (probably going to be around 85-105oz), my calories goal of 800-1000 (912) and keep my carbs under 100g (75 carbs, 70 net carbs)!!!! I’m so so so happy!!! After all the horrible stuff I went through post surgery (I’m talking like 4 and 1/2 weeks of misery) I’m FINALLY feeling like I’m getting there! Up until now I’ve been soooo tired from being sick, but I’m determined to get outside tonight when it cools down for an hour power walk with one of the doggos. That will burn 309 calories right there. I AM cleared to go to the gym, but I’m think about waiting until I can keep this level of protein going. I know I’ve lost lean muscle since I wasn’t able to keep anything down, so I think walking at a good clip will be a decent start. I’m planning on checking out gyms in two weeks. On the subject of gyms, I’ve never been to one. Hey, I was fat ok? 😂 So how do you start? All I know is that’s a treadmill and those are free weights. I have no idea what any of the other stuff is. Do you get a trainer? I’m very intimidated by this whole thing. And just in case you’re interested, I’m still stalled out. I’m hoping now that I’m getting protein and fluid in and have the energy to at least walk I’ll be able to start losing again. I wasn’t discouraged at first, but now I am. I know it’s a tool, but 25lbs in 39 days seems so small compared to what others are posting. I know I’m losing inches, and I know I’ve lost 85lbs in a year (since I started my NUT visits) but it’s kind of like, is this working? Should I have done this? Should I have just kept following the NUT plans and rules? I know everyone stalls while their bodies go into reboot mode, but is there anything that helps kick start the losing? More water? More protein? Less protein? One last thing, my NUT didn’t give me any carb instructing , so I’ve been following with people on here who say 100. Is that everyone? Hope you guys are all doing well! I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions! Am also sending pics of my journey so far!
  3. moondoggie1983

    I know this may seem dumb....

    Thank you guys! It’s an up and down process for me apparently. Now I can’t keep down meats. Ugh! One step forward and 2 steps back! So I’m going back to soft foods. Just bought a business, so I’m waiting on the gym. Probably going two weeks from now. I’d like to be getting more protein and calories before I go. I was doing so well and then back to trouble. Not depressed about it, but it’s definitely frickin frustrating.
  4. I’m 6 days out of surgery today and I haven’t been able to keep anything down. Prior to today I’ve had no issues. I was actually getting about 500 calories and 45-50g of protein a day. Today, no go. Every little sip of everything feels like it gets stuck in my chest, I start to slime, and then about 30-45 minutes later, I barf up whatever little sip I had. It’s strange because it’s not that my stomach contracts when I throw up the sip, it’s like I finally burp and it just slides right back up from where it got stuck in my chest. Should I wait it out a little or should I contact my surgeon? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. HW: 311 SW: 255 VSG CW: 246.6 First goal weight: 209 Second goal weight: 191 lbs Third goal weight: 159 lbs Final Goal weight: 142 lbs 5’6” 34 yo female in NC
  5. moondoggie1983

    Any MAY sleevers???

    No problem! I stalled for 10 days and was really down/frustrated about it. Now I’m 5 down in a week. Nuts! I’m between my 800-1000 calories a day now and I’m getting my protein from food as a whole. My program doesn’t want us using very much protein powder or shakes long term. I still put a shake in my diet once in a while, but I’m hardly using my powder. The best thing I’ve found so far are these turkey burgers that have 35g of protein in each one! One lasts about a meal and then a snack. Or 2 meals depending on how I’m eating that day. Add 2 pieces of cheese and there’s another 10 more grams of protein. Good stuff! I never get anywhere near the 90g but I usually get about 70-75. Most days I get at least 50 oz of fluids, but I too still struggle there. I think it’s because I was diabetic and always thirsty before, but now I’m not. I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself to take a drink. As for celebrating, I’m right there with you! I mean I was 311 lbs 14 months ago! I can’t believe I’m in the 220’s and so close to being a full 100 lbs lighter!!! Insane! I know I’m going to totally lose my sh*t when I hit 211. 😂 I can hardly believe we’re doing so great!! Keep me posted on how you’re doing! I really look forward to seeing your successes and celebrating with you!
  6. moondoggie1983

    Any MAY sleevers???

    Hey! Other than the fluids, you’re doing ok. 3 weeks is early to be able to get that many calories in, but according to my plan, I’m supposed to get 700-900 calories a day, at least 64 oz of fluid a day (which is HARD and has only happened to me a couple times) and 70-90 grams of protein with under 100g of carbs. My NUT would probably tell you to work on fluid before food though. And just from personal experience, the days I drink more fluid, the greater my weight loss is later in the week. Could just be coincidence, but I’m just throwing it out there. :) Is just say get to sipping and make sure you don’t go over 900 calories and you should be ok. I should mention I had the sleeve so if you had bypass or switch your plan could be way different. VSG 5/10/18 HW:311 SW:256 CW:224
  7. So I’m 19 days post VSG, and I am soooo tired of vomiting! I’m supposed to be in the soft food stage, but pretty much everything that goes in comes right back. So far I’ve been able to keep down 2-3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes, applesauce and one time refried beans. It’s to the point where even when I’m hungry I don’t want to eat because I dread throwing it up AGAIN. I get my fluids in but protein is an issue. And I can’t take my Bariatric chewies because they come right back up too. Basically I’m living on 64oz of wasted, 200 calories and on a good day 13-14g of protein if I can get a shake to stay down. I’m constantly tired and could probably sleep all day if that was an option. I’m on protonix in the morning, carafate every 6 hours and nexium and Prilosec at night along with my regular medications. I’m just so angry and depressed at this point. I wish I had never done this. It’s like I worked so hard and jumped through so many hoops for 18 months just to wish I’d die. Let me clarify that I’m not suicidal, but if something happened tomorrow and I didn’t wake up, I honestly don’t feel like I’d care. I get no pleasure from life. It’s not missing food. It’s that I literally don’t care about anything at this point. Everyone says I worked really hard for this and it will get better and blah blah blah. But I don’t see it. I’m sorry this is depressing. But I had to let it out somewhere and since everyone just keeps saying you’re fine you’re doing great whatever when I’m NOT, I thought I’d post it here. This has been a terrible experience since day 6 post op. I’m just hating I had this done. Am I alone in feeling like this? Everyone else just seems so damn happy.
  8. moondoggie1983

    Any MAY sleevers???

    I was told to aim for 800-1000 calories a day and 75-90g of protein plus 64oz of water. I’m a month out from VSG and I’m not close to hitting any of this lol. I DID hit my fluid intake today so that’s something. I saw my surgeon today and he said to just listen to your body. Some people can get those goals in quickly, and others (like myself) take more time. I’m not stressing about it. I do what I can, but if it takes me longer, so be it. I still can’t do very much soft food, let alone solids. As long as I stay hydrated, I consider it a win. I tried pushing myself too hard earlier and ended up not being able to keep anything down. Not even water. After 3 bags of IV fluids in the hospital, I learned my lesson. I’m just taking my time getting there.
  9. moondoggie1983

    Hey May sleevers! You hit the stall yet?

    My stall is over! *knock on wood* Went to my third follow up and down 3 lbs since yesterday! I am almost 100lbs down since I started this process!!!
  10. moondoggie1983


    Nicotine free vape all the way. It’s all about the gesture for me. My team said it’s fine. A month out of surgery I’m still using it.
  11. moondoggie1983

    Victim of Office Politics

    You can always ask a manager or supervisor if she actually has been approved for all those days off. Sounds like a lot of time to me unless she’s been there for a looooong time. But also, I wouldn’t really care. I’d take the first date available and that’s that. I’m not sure you’ll get far with HR since you volunteered the information with her. But I sure as sh*t wouldn’t even talk to her anymore unless it’s related to work. I’d completely cut her off. Some places do consider this an elective surgery, but a lot of places don’t. Surgery for your health is often considered just that. Kind of like the same idea as needing a hip replacement. This isn’t getting new boobs, this is for a longer life. As a business owner, I know that if one of my employees came to me asking for a vacation to the Bahamas and another came asking for WLS, I’d approve the WLS and the islands would just have to wait.
  12. moondoggie1983

    Perspectives on Losing Fast & Slow

    I too had unrealistic thoughts because of some of the posts about losing 100 lbs in 3-4 months. But I realized those aren’t the norm. Especially for me. Bypass patients seem to lose a lot more weight much more quickly than sleeve patients. And I had the sleeve. It was what I decided was the better option for me in the long term. So, I’ve lost 26.4 lbs since surgery on 5/10 and I’ve gone through a 1 week stall already. It IS still frustrating at times, but I’m still thankful for what I have lost. I’ve lost 3 clothing sizes, I’ve lost the issue of struggling to fasten my seatbelt, I’ve lost a lot of my back pain, I’ve lost all the knee pain from my osteoarthritis and I’ve lost all my diabetes medications! That’s a lot of losses! I’ve gained more energy, I have a neck now, I can run around work in high heels and heeled boots. I’ve gained the ability to no longer be scared of breaking a chair if I sit in it. I’ve gained enough joy that I’m off one of my bipolar meds. And I’ve gained all the love and support and wows from my employees and others that I told. I fit in theater seats comfortably. So my losses aren’t all about weight, and the gains are amazing already. When I stall or get down about losing slower than others, I try to use the perspective of TRUE gains and losses. Not what the scale says, but how my health and life are better.
  13. moondoggie1983

    Hey May sleevers! You hit the stall yet?

    This. This is what my brain does too! I’m still struggling with the liquid. And the protein as well. Since I spent so long on only clear liquids, when I moved into soft foods, I’m having a real issue with liquid. 90 minutes of not drinking anything 3-5 times a day is rough. If I hit 40-50oz, I’m happy. I’m still way under the 800-1000 calories too. If I somehow get to 400, I’m pleased as punch. I think this is just going to be a slower process for me than for others. I know my surgeon used the camera instead of a bougie (which is about the size of a 32 French) and that he does VSG stomachs quite a bit smaller than the majority of surgeons, so I figure if I can get anything in, I’m doing ok. I looked at a pen the size of a 32F and could not believe how effing small it is! I was shook! I have a follow up appointment with him tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. I did lose a pound and a half between yesterday and today, so hopefully my stall is over. I’m hoping I’ll get clearance to start going to a gym tomorrow as well. Even with the stall, it’s hard to believe that since I started my pre-reqs with my NUT a year before surgery I’ve lost a total of 81.4 lbs! I find strangely that I keep thinking I’m bigger than I am. I’ll be walking around thinking, I can’t get through that gap, when in actuality I don’t even have to squeeze through sideways. Or that I’m looking at clothes that are 2-3 sizes too big. It’s weird! I’ve got to do all my measurements tonight to be prepared for my appointment tomorrow. I’m down 26.4 pounds since surgery on 5/20, which isn’t spectacular, but also isn’t terrible. One thing, I’m sick to death of the Optifast shakes!!! I have GOT to find a recipe for a protein shake that I’m actually going to like!
  14. moondoggie1983

    Wrinkled bag stomach

    Same. I’m 34 and I started my journey at 311 lbs. I had surgery 5/10 combined I’ve already lost 81 lbs. my tummy and inner thighs are already crumpled bag skin. My arms look pretty crazy too. But I can hide them with sleeves so I’m not worried about that. But there is definitely a tummy tuck and boob job in my future. I mean I still have over 100 lbs to lose!
  15. moondoggie1983

    Is anyone doing the Optifast program?

    I did 100% Optifast only for 13 days prior to surgery. 3 shakes a day and 2 other items (either bars, soups, or more shakes.) First three days SUCKED. Day 4 on, totally fine. I actually got to a point where I wasn’t hungry and didn’t even want all the items in a day. I also got at least 96 oz of water a day. Day three was a terrible headache, but like I said, after that I was fine. I still drink the shakes. The only items that were intolerable for me were the tomato soup and strawberry shake.
  16. moondoggie1983

    Hey May sleevers! You hit the stall yet?

    Oh shoot! I thought I saw you had gone to the gym already! I’m sorry! But thank you for the response. Looks like I’m pretty on track. Makes me feel way better. You are doing AWESOME!!! 👏 👏 👏
  17. moondoggie1983

    Pre-Op Diet!!!

    It’s not fun. For me, day 3 was the worst. No idea why. After that, the next 11 days were easy. I actually wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to eat all my Optifast products each day.
  18. I lost like 8-10 pounds preop on the Optifast diet. 30 days post op I’m down about 30 lbs
  19. moondoggie1983

    Hey May sleevers! You hit the stall yet?

    Did you do anything special to break it? I can’t even go to the gym yet. 😭 And if you don’t mind me asking, what have you lost so far? I’m asking because I had that really rocky patch where I couldn’t keep anything down so I want to make sure I’m still at least a little on track. Not too much, not too little.
  20. Just bought a bunch of isopure. Tried the orange. Blech! Just wondering if those of you who have tried it have favorite flavors. I’m think grape frost for tomorrow... HW: 311 SW: 255 VSG 5/10/18 CW: 236 First goal weight: 209 Second goal weight: 191 lbs Third goal weight: 159 lbs Final Goal weight: 142 lbs 5’6” 34 yo female in NC
  21. moondoggie1983

    Isopure: flavor recommendations

    You guys were right. I tried EVERY FLAVOR and they were all disgusting. What a waste of money! But you live and learn right?
  22. moondoggie1983

    I miss straws!

    I checked with my team, and at 4 weeks out they said straws are ok. 🤷‍♀️ I’m trying it for the first time today, and it’s going ok. I was also really nauseous today, so I’ve been allowed some watered down diet ginger ale. It’s crazy how different each program can be.
  23. I have bipolar and I’m on trazadone, lunesta, trileptal, klonopin and seroquel. Seroquel is known to increase appetite and cause weight gain. No problems here! VSG on 5/10, don 25 lbs
  24. moondoggie1983

    Chronic Nausea--No Medical Reason

    Hi there! I had problems similar to yours. I had all those tests too, and everything came back normal. I actually had to go to the ER for IV fluids because NOTHING would stay down. Nothing. Water, soup, jello, nope! I was also sliming just like you. And I had foamies more than a couple times as well. I went on the carafate and I just vomited it right back up. I had my VSG on 5/10 and people on here can tell you I felt just as bad as you. I was way past the buyers remorse period and pretty much in the I wish I’d just die sector. I stopped the carafate, and I started protonix in the morning, 1 Prilosec and 1 nexium each night. I also went back on clear fluid only for 10 days when I started this regime. Is your stomach making noises? Do you actually vomit (when your stomach clenches) or just regurgitate (pops right back out with no stomach muscles involved)?
  25. moondoggie1983

    Practicing for the sleeve?

    That’s exactly what I do! :)