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  1. moondoggie1983

    Optifast Diet

    Has anyone else had to do the 2 weeks of Optifast before surgery? Today is day one for me and I can already tell I’m going to be hangry. My PCP has kept me on my metformin, glipizide and Victoza. I’ve caught myself getting shaky three times today. If you did the Optifast diet, did your doctor keep you on all your diabetic meds? And please tell me it gets better and I won’t be hungry for the next 13 days [emoji23] HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  2. moondoggie1983

    2 week liquid preop diet

    I’m on day 1. Well, I just finished day one. I wasn’t nauseous today, but I was HUNGRY. It wasn’t mental hunger but physical hunger. My tummy was rumbly all day. Right now is the first time I haven’t been hungry. Thank you jello! [emoji23] Are you on the Optifast diet? If not, what diet are you following? I just wonder if there’s something specific that’s not agreeing with you. Hope you feel better tomorrow! HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  3. moondoggie1983

    Optifast Diet

    That’s awesome! I’m in Concord now. HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  4. moondoggie1983

    Surgery in May?

    Oh me too! I’ve got 12 days and I can hardly sleep! I’ve never had any surgeries before! Heck I’ve never even broken a bone! Honestly the scariest part for me is the anesthesia. But we’ll be great! Best wishes! Remember how hard we’ve worked and that we deserve to be happy and healthy. HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  5. moondoggie1983

    Just starting the process??

    Thank you! It’s been nuts! [emoji23]Maybe because it’s not through the state. When I called BCBSNC last year about it I was told that there were pretty much no requirements if you’re on a state employee plan. But for me, having purchased it through the marketplace, I got to have LOTS of fun with the process. But 12 days to go! I honestly hope no one else has to go through the process like I did! May everyone else have a much easier journey! HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  6. moondoggie1983

    Optifast Diet

    Good to know! I called my doctor after the second reading of Do you mind if I ask if you also lost weight on the Optifast as well as shrinking your liver? HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  7. moondoggie1983

    Just starting the process??

    I don’t know. It’s weird because the research I did online said I’d have to do all this stuff. But then I came on here and see that some people are just eating like normal until surgery day. I think that’s crazy. It seems safer to do the Optifast and shrink your liver before surgery so the cameras can see better. I’m glad I went the way I did. I just feel like it’s the safest way for me. HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  8. Lucky!!! Lol HW: 311 CW: 262 SW: We’ll see on May 10!
  9. moondoggie1983

    NC Anyone

    From Concord. Surgery date is May 10. Nice to meet all you guys!
  10. moondoggie1983

    NC-Charlotte and Surrounding areas

    Concord here. I’m set for May 10th. Dr. Heider. Anyone else have him for their surgeon?
  11. Mine is a little before yours 5/10, but I’d be glad to have a buddy on the journey. I’m getting the VSG.
  12. I’m in Charlotte, NC. I did a year of monthly nutritional visits. My surgery is on May 10. I’ve got to do the Optifast diet for 13 days. Three protein shakes a day and two bars or soups a day as well. I can have 1-2 cups of sugar free jello. My surgeon requires all patients do this and if your BMI is close to 50 you have to do 4 weeks. I don’t have fatty liver or anything, but since I’m trying to have it done with one incision near the belly button, I’m glad we’re shrinking that liver as small as we can! After surgery I have 2-4 weeks liquid only, 4 weeks soft food and blended meats (which I’m not doing because ick! I’ll stick to the soft vegetables!) then I can start testing out regular food to see what agrees with me.
  13. moondoggie1983

    Just starting the process??

    I’m not at the very beginning of the journey. My surgery is set for May 10 and I started the Optifast diet to shrink my liver today. I’ve been waiting for 18 months to get everything complete and approved by my bcbs. I had to do three visits with my surgeon after the consultation, initial lab tests, 12 months of monthly nutritional counseling, 4 visits with a special psychiatrist, a meeting at the office with other pre-op patients, a meeting for instructions on pre-op diet and after care, 2 weeks Optifast diet and a second set of lab work. I still have the endoscopy, meeting with the anesthesiologist, X-rays and labs right before surgery. It has been a LOOOONG journey. It seems like a lot of people had way less hoops to jump through, but I’m glad mine was incredibly thorough. I’m still nervous of course, but I feel super prepared at this point thanks to everything I’ve had (and still have to) do.
  14. moondoggie1983

    Surgery Twins??

    Mine is the 10!
  15. Oh thank you for posting this! I’m not excited to do the liquid diet, so I’m glad to see that you’re not totally hating it lol. Keep up the great work!
  16. moondoggie1983

    Why is it a secret?

    And if you’re talking about how excited I am? The answer is VERY. And I never said I told people who were unimportant to me. Quite the opposite. And everyone is happy and supportive so I have absolutely no regrets.
  17. moondoggie1983

    Why is it a secret?

    Be excited! This is a huge change that we’re all getting ready for, and we deserve to be excited about it! Tell whoever you want. Or don’t. Just you do you and don’t worry about anything anyone else has to say. [emoji6]
  18. moondoggie1983

    Why is it a secret?

    I mean wow. That’s harsh. This person asked a pretty innocent question and it really seems like you’re mocking them. If you don’t want to tell people, that’s cool. But if this person, or anybody else for that matter, wants to tell, that’s their business. I mean I’ve told my family and coworkers and my close friends. Like someone else said, they know I’m going to be out of work for a bit. And they’re all part of my support system. Am I broadcasting it on Facebook? No. But plenty of peace do know. It all comes down to personal preference. But I don’t see the need to be catty.
  19. moondoggie1983


    Hi Bridgette! I think you had the Verticle Banded Gastoplesty. Is that right? I know it used to be called stomach stapling. So going in for a revision surgery for that makes a whole lot more sense than going in for a lap band revision. That’s why you never had a port. I’m really sorry this happened to you. I hope you get your money back. Did you ever try to go back and see your original surgeon who did the VBG? From what I understand, if you start suffering from the symptoms you described you usually have a leak or fistula. I hope that was the case, because the diet for both of these surgeries are almost the same. I’m hoping you have better luck with the GB. And I hope you get a refund and an explanation!