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  1. WOW thats pretty awesome congrats on losing it all!!! I am doing the same! gained 20 plus during covid.. and now I have been getting back on track the past 6 weeks.. called a meeting with my surgeon... cut out those darn carbs that brought me to this place... lost 7 pounds so far... i really want to lose 20-30 more period... I need to. The carbs really screwed me up with my weight loss... just like you I thought I could eat anything and the DS would keep working, and boy was I wrong.
  2. good luck I am sure you are excited! What doctor is doing your surgery?! I had Dr Bruce do my DS in April 2018 he was great! I jut got out of surgery yesterday though for a internal hernia related to my DS surgery and all the weight loss...but all is good now.. Dr. Sharpe operated on me yesterday.
  3. Looking to start support group meetings in The central north Carolina areas. Anyone know of any? I am in Davidson County. I would love to start one where we could meet once a week or even just twice a month. If there meetings out there feel free to share! I would love to attend. This forum is nice but its always better to meet in person and talk about our experiences through this journey !
  4. I am 9 months post op.. so far so good... lost a lot of weight so far and I feel great... still working on seeing my surgeon for the follow up so he can evaluate my first set of blood work tests. My primary gave me an iron prescription plus told me to take added vitamin A. Anyway, I eat what I want , and definitely in small amounts. The only exercise I get is walking but I really need to start weight training to build up some muscle for my slightly flabby skin. Its not really bad but bad enough to where I would like tone up before thinking of surgery . My surgeon said don't do surgery until 18 months after weight loss surgery... Which means I still have another 9 months to go IF I decide to go that route. Anyone have any good toning exercises with weights that I can do for my arms and legs ? Also any good butt exercises out there? Id like to tone it up a little too. Ive googled a few things but nothing really shows me from a weight loss patient perspective on what good exercises to do for toning up flabby bodies. They really need something like that on the web! A go to list for weight loss patients! I hope I didn't wait too long to start? Thats what I am afraid of. These past 9 months have just been busy and the weight has been coming off all on its on so I haven't started a major exercise routine although I am always active in walking. Lots of walking. Also I live in North Carolina... I thought about starting up a support group and meeting once a week or twice a month. Anyone interested? I live in central Carolina. I would really even like to attend a support group if there are any out there on this side of the town ? Please any thoughts or suggests for me?
  5. Glamgirl

    colonoscopy after duodenal switch

    I'm going to a different doctor since he is closer to me other than my surgeon... he just told me to go slow. maybe ill ask him about that but he never suggested it.
  6. Glamgirl

    DS and vitamins and biotin?

    yikes i didn't know you had to take d and a separate? i take 3 multis at one time and my extra iron and calcium separate. But that's what the doc told me to take.
  7. Glamgirl


    darn!! well at least they were honest with you. did they say how much that cool sculpting costs?
  8. yes drink Protein water, especially if you cant drink the protein shakes. I couldnt stand the shakes after surgery and I still dont drink them! I do drink a lot of milk lately.
  9. Glamgirl

    Tomorrow, tomorrow!

    good luck to you both!!
  10. thanks for the info! I so appreciate it!!! I go to doc tomorrow and ill discuss it with him and then my nutritionist as well. I do try and eat yogurt sometimes but only one teaspoon full and i cant take anymore.
  11. Thank you I do feel a lot better after you saying that! And yes I do stay hydrated and drink my water!
  12. feeling like you... ughhh im 5 weeks post op.. and eating is a task for me .. 2 bites and Im full and its not a nice sensation. i wonder when this will end too? Id rather not eat then deal with that hurting feeling i get. Doc says its normal and I take all my vitamins, but the protein and water are still hard for me to get down... i hardly get any protein in.. maybe 30 grams but i know its still so early, so I hope i can get more protein in.. i don't like anything, nothing tastes good and shakes are gross to me. Its a struggle for sure even though i would not change it for anything , I just wish I could get my protein in without it tasting so awful. Good luck to you. It will get better so they say!
  13. Glamgirl

    No weight loss, unable to eat more

    i think I'm on that same stall... I'm experiencing everything you are as well. Cant hardly eat, when i do its uncomfortable... the scale hasn't moved in a week for me.. not happy about that but i need to drink more water and get more protein in... im having a hard time getting 80-100 grams of protein in... that's super hard since I had the duodenal switch. it sucks!! I hope you get over your stall soon!

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