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  1. Talk to your surgeon ASAP and they will discuss options for you . As for a pill, ask your doc about phentermine. It helps. It’s short term but it got me back on track when I gained 20 lbs during Covid times. I lost it all now and I’m doing great again … still trying to lose more though. I eat very low carbs which helps a lot . Good luck and you have done great so far!! Give yourself credit for that!

  2. i feel you! im out 3 years gained 20-25 pounds during covid.... i was so upset with myself as well... beyond upset! , so I called my surgeon and set up a meeting on zoom... I then explained myself. I know the carbs are what got me and less exercising during covid times. I was doing fine before that. So now I have been working really hard to lose the weight and get back on track the past 2 months and he wants me to do HIIT excessing 4-5 days a week. I have lost 10 so far but I was also put on phentramine to help but thats only short term ( 30 days to start) That seems to be helping me as well with my snacking. Just being honest here. Its so easy to get off track... I did and it scared me. I am feeling better but still need to loose a lot more in general . First i want to start with losing the weight I gained, then continue to work to my goal. Just call your doctor and keep your carbs low. I was told to stay under 50 carbs to maintain and under 30 carbs to lose. and to lose keep calories at 1200 a day. Now this is just what my doctors are telling me because they know I want to get this weight off aggressively. So call your surgeon and they will guide you and put you back on track. I felt exactly like you at first but now im feeling better not great but better than I was. I just want this weight gone! hope this helps.

  3. WOW thats pretty awesome congrats on losing it all!!!

    I am doing the same! gained 20 plus during covid.. and now I have been getting back on track the past 6 weeks.. called a meeting with my surgeon... cut out those darn carbs that brought me to this place... lost 7 pounds so far... i really want to lose 20-30 more period... I need to. The carbs really screwed me up with my weight loss... just like you I thought I could eat anything and the DS would keep working, and boy was I wrong.

  4. 12 hours ago, catwoman7 said:

    Thanks Postop!! yes im a DSr! and I will do that! Those points are important that you mentioned! I feel like Ive failed myself... I feel like im starting over. ughhh.. but this 20 lbs is not going to get me. Ive got to lose this!!! once this 20 is gone then I can work to lose more after that. Im just so upset about the 20 additional . Ive never gained in all this time since surgery, probably doesnt help that im starting menopause... ughhh Im wondering if I will lose this fast since im a DSr if I stick to a strict plan? what do you all think?

  5. 56 minutes ago, catwoman7 said:

    Thanks catwoman7! I am going to lose this and im taking control now! thanks for the words of encouragement ! I sure hope they get me back on track at the surgeons office! I just didnt think I would gain especially after these past few years ive never ever gained before since surgery. ughhhh

  6. Had DS urgery april 2018 .. lost a lot of weight . and well since covid hit I gained almost 20 lbs back in a year i cant believe this happened. what do i do? I am making appointment with surgeon ASAP. I have no idea on how to lose this again and fast! Im sorry I let this happen. 20 lbs is a lot!!!!!

  7. 3 hours ago, Postop said:

    Unfortunately, it can happen again. But it can also not. It’s kind of a guessing game within the first few years of WLS.

    With me, I didn’t have any hernias till 9 years out. That was really odd.

    I also have a hiatal hernia (also not uncommon) but we’re leaving it alone unless it gets too bad.

    yes I had one of those too... but they took care of that at the same time of my DS surgery and they also removed my gall bladder too then! So all three operations were done at same time! Fun! 😕 im just hoping no more!! I still have about 20-25 pounds more to lose so i hope that doesn't create any problems.

  8. Oh wow! I hope you recovery fast! That is a lot that you have been through!

    I bet you wish they could have done it all in one surgery? I wonder why he didn't take the colon out in april and the intestine ... did the internal hernia cause the intestine and colon problems? I was told that it could happen to my intestines. meaning they could get strangled and lose blood supply and die. 😕

  9. My DS surgery was april of 2018 with Dr. Bruce at Bariatrics of NC . All has been good, but then I rate having stomach pains really bad that lasted a long time when it happened just two months ago. It has only happened about 3-4 times, so naturally I went back to my surgeon and spoke to him about it. I thought maybe I was dehydrated , but he said NOPE, you have an internal hernia going on... and that I would need surgery as soon as I can make the appointment. Sooner than later he stressed! He could not do the surgery which disappointed me but he referred me to Dr. Lindsay Sharpe. So 1 week later I made an appointment which I had surgery done with Dr. Sharpe just yesterday 6/17/19 lasted about an hour. It started out as a diagnostic lap surgery to see exactly what was going on , and indeed it was the hernia that they found. They fixed it and I went home today and I feel a lot of pain but otherwise I just have to rest and no lifting for 3 weeks and no exercise for 6 weeks.

    They said because of the weight loss that it opened up a gap around my intestines causing blockage and this happened. Not sure on all details until my follow up next Tuesday but once I know ALL the details , I will post on here. Its funny now when you have surgery , you don't see the surgeon afterwards... you have to wait until follow up appointment to really get full details. his Medical assistant filled me in but not totally, so I am kinda in limbo on details. I cant wait for Tuesday to find out what he did exactly !

    Has anyone had this happen to them after DS surgery?

  10. 29 minutes ago, wwbigal said:

    Hi, I had my DS surgery on December 13th, 2018. It was performed by Dr Jon Bruce, MD of WakeMed Bariatric Specialists Of NC In Cary, NC. I had lost 20 lbs prior to surgery and have lost 50lbs since surgery. Dr Bruce is the best! While in there doing my surgery, he spotted something on my liver, took a biopsy, sent it off and it came back stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver! If not for him, I would have never known it. I have to go see a liver specialist next month for options. Please pray for me! Thanks in advance!

    Hello! Dr Bruce did mine too In April! Love him!!! He is the best! I am sending you prayers and hope all goes well for you!!! Also your weight loss seems to be going fantastic!!!

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