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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. well I hope you get relief soon girl! take care!!
  2. Angy, had you ever had gall bladder pain before weight loss surgery? I have had pain but it went away as long as I watch what I eat... another thing to tell my surgeon before surgery! ughh
  3. wow so sorry! I wonder why they didn't take it out during your switch surgery? Unless you didn't have stones pre op? I am going ask my surgeon if he plans to remove mine. I have a couple gall stones so I am hoping he does and its safe.
  4. Glamgirl

    February bypass buddies?

    wow its only been a few days for you then! thats great you don't have nausea ! Did they give you any pain meds for the incision pain you are having? I am getting DS too.. so nervous... no date yet but it may be next month
  5. Glamgirl

    Today's the day!!!!

    so happy for you Angy! I am in North Carolina too getting the duodenal switch hopefully next month according to my what my surgeon said today after my endoscopy how long was your surgery?
  6. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    trying again tonight ,, then im going to call apria and see if they can do something about the pressure. its ridiculous. i feel like im not getting enough air and I feel claustrophobic :/ I will talk to my surgeon tomorrow since he is doing my endoscopy tomorrow.
  7. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    wow thats great!!!
  8. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    wow you are doing great! i slept with mine for an hour and a 1/2 lol the ramp woke me up and thats all that did it for me and made me take it off. im trying the pillows tonight . and yes Surgery pretty much fixes the problem at least the duodenal switch does according to what i have read.
  9. Glamgirl


    awesome!!! i have my scope this Friday too and then the insurance should be sent in as well! I am hoping on the same time frame too for my surgery!
  10. Glamgirl

    Duodenal Switch

    anyone know of any support groups in North Carolina for the Duodenal switch?
  11. Glamgirl

    Duodenal Switch

    Me too Elaine! my goal weight is 140 ... Have to do my endoscopy this Friday and then i await for the insurance approval! when is your surgery?
  12. Glamgirl

    Duodenal Switch

    I am having the Switch too! waiting on insurance approval! I have to get my endoscopy this Friday .
  13. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    thanks! I sure hope so!!! I am going try it again tonight.... Ughhhh
  14. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    I went through Apria and they said I had to be a person that breathes through the nose and keeps their mouth shut the whole time they sleep. I was like... I am not sure if I open my mouth or not... lol
  15. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    YES! thats the one I have too! thanks! I will have to give it a chance and try it again...
  16. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    Yes I do have the under the nose nasal mask. Tried it for a few minutes but wasn't too sure. I should try it again. Is that the one you are talking about Apple203?
  17. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    i will have try to put humidity level on auto! thanks Apple203! at this point ill try anything. I am using a full mask and I feel like I am not getting enough air. So I turned the ramp off as the manual says to do if you feel you are not getting enough air. No difference to me!!!
  18. Glamgirl

    anyone have BCBS of NC insurance?

    Thank you! I’m in central Carolina!
  19. Glamgirl

    CPAP Nightmare?!?!

    ughhh i just got my CPAP and I hate it!!! i feel the same way... cant sleep cant get used to it at all. :/

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