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  1. Ahh I see. Yes they gave me a list on what to take.. so my regimen is: 1800 of calcium a day( chewables 4 a day), Bcomplex but not necessary, and then the the bariatric advantage multi (3 a day) with iron and thats it. Should I be taking more?
  2. Thank you for responding.. and yes i take 3 multivitamins a day with iron the bariatric advantage ones. I may need extra iron since I am anemic . Ill ask the doc that when I see him. I will be glad when I can get up and do things like I used to.
  3. Anyone have any ideas or can tell me how they use Genepro . I am only 9 days post op and im trying to reach protein goal so I purchased Genepro.
  4. hmmm never heard of it... ill look it up. thanks! i feel i don't like anything right now... its weird but i have no hunger ever and everything to me doesn't tase good. its a struggle for sure
  5. Thank you I do feel a lot better after you saying that! And yes I do stay hydrated and drink my water!
  6. i still cant drink that much protein.. or eat it. cant wait for my 2nd follow up. I barely get 30-40 of protein in... barely...
  7. Glamgirl

    Dude all Switch Surgery Forum

    i had my surgery there too. Hope you feel better soon!
  8. Glamgirl


    just had mine about 5 weeks ago... good luck to you!!!
  9. feeling like you... ughhh im 5 weeks post op.. and eating is a task for me .. 2 bites and Im full and its not a nice sensation. i wonder when this will end too? Id rather not eat then deal with that hurting feeling i get. Doc says its normal and I take all my vitamins, but the protein and water are still hard for me to get down... i hardly get any protein in.. maybe 30 grams but i know its still so early, so I hope i can get more protein in.. i don't like anything, nothing tastes good and shakes are gross to me. Its a struggle for sure even though i would not change it for anything , I just wish I could get my protein in without it tasting so awful. Good luck to you. It will get better so they say!
  10. Glamgirl

    No weight loss, unable to eat more

    i think I'm on that same stall... I'm experiencing everything you are as well. Cant hardly eat, when i do its uncomfortable... the scale hasn't moved in a week for me.. not happy about that but i need to drink more water and get more protein in... im having a hard time getting 80-100 grams of protein in... that's super hard since I had the duodenal switch. it sucks!! I hope you get over your stall soon!
  11. Glamgirl

    1 year 5 months after Bypass

    you look great!!!!
  12. @SIPSGrammy, Hope all is ok? did you see Dr. Bruce?
  13. oh wow how did your surgery go? I know it does feel like we got ran over by a truck for sure!!! It's A LOT! im at day 21 and now I cant seem to get any food down even though I start soft foods today. its like I don't want anything. I am going to try and now I gotta start the vitamins so im hoping i feel better and get some energy once they get into my system. The liquids are very hard to get down... so yeah thats normal... I am just now getting mine down comfortably... well water only.
  14. Day 19 Post Op, feeling better , losing weight everyday about 1-2 lbs a day it varies sometimes only 1 pound a day. im down about 35 lbs so far I went to my soft foods class yesterday! Yay! I will be able to start eating softer foods but honestly i have no appetite at all. I am trying to get my protein as much as I can and stay hydrated as well. my tummy is still tender but no pain really. I am taking it easy. My surgeon says I am not cleared to do any long road trips yet. boo! But I am now starting my bariatric vitamins. Got all those yesterday too. got some protein wafers too. yum. Anyone on soft food stage? and if you are , what are you eating?
  15. Same here! I’m struggling too just like you kinda in the same time frame as you too, well I’m on week 4 post op. It’s very hard, I pray it gets easier for us
  16. Glamgirl

    DS after VSG

    hello Diva302, I had pains the first week. just very hard to get up , but I walk as much as I could . No drains. the laparoscopic incisions were vey small and practically are gone now I am on puree foods but not hungry at all. I go to soft food class tomorrow and see what else I can eat. The liquids sucked but it was all part of it to deal with. Not only did I have the Duodenal switch but I had my gall bladder removed and a hiatal hernia repaired. so three operations were done that day and that could be why I am was extra sore. You will do fine! Its all worth it!!! I wish for you a speedy recovery! let me know if you have any more questions
  17. Glamgirl

    DS after VSG

    had my DS 2 1/2 weeks ago doing great so far! my surgeon says it was the best and most successful operation for weight loss
  18. Glamgirl

    Can’t make a decision

    hi there! I just had the duodenal switch 2 1/2 weeks ago. my surgeon told me this was the best operation for me and that is the most successful one. He says I will be in a size 6 before I know it! So far I have had no complications, I am losing about 1- 2 lbs a day . I am feeling better now. First week was rough. I still cant lift anything or do anything strenuous yet. Good luck to you in whatever decision you make! If you have any questions on the duodenal switch ask me anytime!
  19. Liquids are so hard to get to my goal! still sore but all is ok. All the surgery weight I gained(12 lbs) is gone! Yay!!! I was so worried about that. But I’m losing and that’s all that matters! The 64 oz of water is tough to get in and so is 80-100 of liquid protein! How are others doing it?[emoji31]🤪

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