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    Not as expected

    congrats on your surgery! I had DS too.. on top of gall bladder and hiatal hernia surgery all at the same time. its hard at first really hard but it wont last... you will get through it... as for the vitamins... i did better swallowing then chewing but it was all hard at first to do... so nothing is easy when eating, drinking and taking vitamins in the beginning. Usually you wont start vitamins until 3- 4 weeks after surgery. they give you a B complex that you have to take right now but that should be it. Its all overwhelming for sure. It took me at my 4th month to feel normal again... and im 94 lbs down and feeling great! I was told the patches dont work so I take calciums in chewable form now because I can tolerate them when before I couldn't , multi and iron i take in a capsule along with biotin for hair loss and reflux pill for the first 6 months. . i wish you luck and trust me you will be fine!
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    Ds Post-op

    yep its normal at the beginning.
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    yes everything is great finally!!! had a hard time at first with eating.. still need more protein to get in.. its hard to get it all in one day
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    Hello there! its going great! how about you???
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    darn!! well at least they were honest with you. did they say how much that cool sculpting costs?
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    let me know how it works out!I would love to try it for my arms
  7. Got my Surgery date today! Its going to be on April 2nd, 2018 day after Easter... can't wait!!! I wanted it this month but this gives me an extra week to plan! Doc says he is doing a triple on me...Duodenal Switch, fixing hiatal hernia and taking my gall bladder out too! Lord!!!! So I will be on 2 week liver reduction diet, 1 week shakes snacks and lean and green and then the dreaded liquid week 5 shakes a day! ughhhh! lol cant wait for that lolol NOT!!! Since I know I don't have to start this until 2 weeks before my date , but I feel like I should start early on the lean and green that way i can lose a little more weight before my date. While I was at the doctor's office I picked up all my shakes stuff and snacks and b complex and that isopure stuff. Anyway wanted to share with everyone. I am beyond Excited! Any April surgery buddies out there?
  8. yep I have! just a little over 3 months ago! DS switch, hiatal hernia repair and gall bladder removed. tough but I made it! didn't feel better until about 3 months out I almost feel normal again! you will do fine! Better to get all three done now rather than separate! Good luck! you wont regret it!
  9. HA! Im in a middle of a stall too.. dont ya love it? lol... but the good thing is I know the weight loss continues back as scheduled within a week.
  10. Glamgirl

    4 Days Post Op DS

    Thanks for sharing your story! I didn't start feeling better until 3 moths out! but so happy I am ok now! good luck to you!!
  11. ok so its been 3 months and 1 week since my surgery and wow am I feeling so much better! it took this long to feel better and to be able to eat a little more than 2 bites and be out on social events without feeling weak and sick. Lost like 70 lbs so far... feel good about that!!! Also still getting used to not be able to dink an eat at the same time It was rough at first for sure for me... duodenal switch, hiatal hernia and gall bladder removed all at once! So yeah Im so happy i feel good for once! I need to get more protein in , still working on that but im going to try the protein shakes again... until now... i could not stand any of them ... most smells of food made me sick and that has gotten better too... I still dont like certain smells of food cooking... but i can deal with that. I am just glad I can feel normal again and I am glad I can only eat a small amount. thats wonderful on my grocery bill and my cooking! So anyone having a rough time... give it at least 3 months... although I can only speak for myself, but I thought I would never feel good again... 3 months seemed so long to me but I had to think about what I have just been through and that it takes time to heal from 3 operations all done at one time!
  12. I know its only been 2 months since Ive had the duodenal switch surgery plus i had my gall bladder removed and hiatal hernia repaired as well all at one time, but damn I just dont feel 100% better... I am not hungry at all, I hardly eat. I make myself stay hydrated and take my vitamins of course , ALL of them! Thats a challenge but I Do it! Its definitely a struggle, something I was not prepared for. Although I am losing weight for sure! but I am kind of weak as well during the day... probably because im not getting my protein in, but like I said its hard to eat... I take 1 or 2 bites and I am full. Everything is tasteless to me too or I do not like it at all. All shakes are so gross to me anymore. Everything I smell cooking makes me walk out of the room because I cant stand the smells! weird huh?? I go see my surgeon on June 5th so I will discuss all of this with him, but I have sent emails to my surgeon's office and described a little of what what was going on and the PA told me that its normal to only be able to eat 2 bites of something and feel full. I just hate feeling so worn down and definitely don't feel myself. Am I panicking for nothing? Is it way too early after surgery to feel like I should be 100% better? Its not even been 8 weeks.... so I am wondering does it take longer to feel better and normal? any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks!
  13. no bloods yet he wants to wait till October! but since then I feel so much better, I can finally eat ... small amounts of course... and im getting protein from milk and veggies and fish and chicken and some ISOPURE as well! thanks for asking!! thanks! yes ISOPURE grape is good i like that too now.. its been a about a month since I wrote from 8 week post op and I a finally feeling better and can eat a little... thank goodness!!!! so it took me my 3rd month post op to feel like myself again!
  14. yes drink Protein water, especially if you cant drink the protein shakes. I couldnt stand the shakes after surgery and I still dont drink them! I do drink a lot of milk lately.
  15. It takes a little bit but yes it does get better. The DS is a big deal... I also had gall bladder taken out and Hiatal hernia repaired too... all 3 at the same time! So I had a bit of a hard time. Yes its really hard to get that water and protein down... extremely hard. BUT, it will get better. I had m surgery in April... and I JUST started feeling better. Just take your time and breathe and take each day one at a time... and stay hydrated as much as you can stand.
  16. Thank you! thats very encouraging for sure!!!
  17. ohhh ok lol... sorry i got confused! Yes I will ask them about that tomorrow! thanks!!!
  18. Glamgirl

    Tomorrow, tomorrow!

    good luck to you both!!
  19. thank you! I wonder if we ever get our tastebuds back? LOL Like I aid I don't really have any desire for any type of food...nothing has taste to me. my stomach growls but I'm not hungry so.. its all so weird to me. If I felt better then I would be much better to adapt to not wanting to eat. So im hoping something changes in the future to where I can eat and be able to handle it and feel some energy. Yes Im taking the vitamins like they told me to take ... most are bariatric advantage ones.
  20. Thanks! I don't feel alone for sure now! congrats on the weight loss!!! I try and force feed myself and its so difficult!!!
  21. thanks for the info! I so appreciate it!!! I go to doc tomorrow and ill discuss it with him and then my nutritionist as well. I do try and eat yogurt sometimes but only one teaspoon full and i cant take anymore.
  22. Thank you! and yeah it sucks doesn't it?? shakes.... Ughhhhhh but haven't tried the bipro water ... ill have to try it out... anything is worth a try! Thank you for your words of encouragement an I am glad I am not alone in feeling this way... .. and yes I have no taste for anything. Do you get that water at a vitamin shop?

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