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  1. I did well with liquids that early on. Just think, it’s liquid and will go through much faster/more than solid foods. It also doesn’t fill your sleeve so you don’t feel full. Some people are different and can’t tolerate that much liquid right after surgery. I did decaf coffee 1 week post surgery. It actually helped me get some of my protein in as I would put some premier shake in as a creamer. I’m 7 weeks post op and can do regular coffee but I limit it to 1 per day (per drs ok)
  2. My wife had sleeve surgery with very large abdominal hernia repair and she was in 5 days total but she had gotten a uti. She would have been in 3 days if not for that. They ended up taking about 3 feet of intestine out of the hernia.
  3. drvs

    1 week

    Just be careful with tomatoes as it is a bit more acidic. If you are making the instant/condensed use milk to help with acidity and it also gives you more protein. Just take it slow to make sure it will work with your sleeve.
  4. drvs

    How many oz ?

    Try to make sure you are meeting your Protein goal. Try to find higher protein foods. eggs and cottage cheese have good protein and it saved me because I was like you where I get hungry quickly after. Higher protein in will help curb the hunger (for me anyway). Supplement your liquids/between meals with the Premier Protein shakes. That helps too. Once you can eat more it will become easier. I still get hungry between but I just try to drink more. My doc said 2 oz of food isn’t a lot so yes, you get hungry but get your protein goals in because it will help. I’m 7 weeks post op and am getting about 4-5 oz in per meal. Good luck!
  5. I get pain or cramping when eating or drinking too fast. I also notice that when I take my time to eat when the food is moving down my stomach needs to "make room" to get down. The entire time I'm eating my sleeve talks to me. When the gas is moving around it does get painful but subsides shortly. I'm 3.5 weeks out (12/12/17) and it has been getting better/easier. Either that or I'm just used to it now.
  6. My wife was sleeved in December 2016 and has a very hard time as well. Phillips colon health and laxative with stimulant works very well for her. She also has me add benefiber to her protein shakes. I'm not sure how you are with this but sometimes salad works wonders also.
  7. I have the same issue; and my mother too. I think it has to do with the coffee ingredients, caffeine or something else in it. With me it seems to be in morning only. Almost by exact timing 30-45 min after I will need to be in a “safe” place or there will be trouble. If I have a cup later in the day no issues. I’ve counted it up as IBS.
  8. My experience has been good with juice plus complete protein shakes and almond milk. I’m lactose sensitive and this works well for me.
  9. I was sleeved on the 12th also and I do have pains there also if I eat or drink too fast or too much at once. I also notice once I feel full that is where I feel it most. Just take it slower and listen to your body telling you you’re full. Sounds weird but sometimes I stand up if I feel full because the area you are describing I will feel a “pull” or a tugging if I’m full. When I am sitting I might not feel as full as when I’m standing.
  10. drvs

    Sleeves on 12/18

    I was sleeved on 12/12 also!! That was a Tuesday and I didn’t have a bm until that Saturday same week. Colace works well also
  11. I’m a bit of both; excited and nervous. Nothing like waiting for the last minute for my @s$&g! Insurance to wait for today to approve me. My wife’s recovery was a little more involved because they fixed a massive hernia while they were sleeving her. She said the pain from the hernia hurt much worse than the incisions from the sleeve. She has done well; 85# down but at a plateau currently. She can eat just about everything but carbs (pasta, bread, etc) she has issues with. It’s been a little easier for me because I know what she went through and know what to expect. Good luck with your surgery and healthy/speedy recovery.
  12. How have you been doing with pre-op? It’s getting a little boring and hard to stay focused when all the commercials on tv are all about holiday food. Then everyone is bringing things into work for the holiday. I start my three day liquid on Saturday.
  13. So far so good with pre op diet. Harder to follow than I thought. Breakfast 2oz protein, lunch 2oz protein, dinner 3oz protein and some veggies and some starches. Other than that sugar free jello, sugar free drinks, lettuce/salad stuff and dill pickles. Trying to stay on track. Good luck to all. Keep us informed.
  14. 12/12 for me. How did yours go?
  15. drvs


    My wife was sleeved 12/2016 (mine next month) and has very hard time. 2 softeners/day, benefiber in her shakes, and sometimes exlax. I personally thing it’s not enough fluids/water but you just need to find the thing that works for you.

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