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  1. Crystal*

    No family support

    @TheJuice202 That makes me so sad that your family would do/say those things to you. I am so greatful that we all have each other here to lean on. I don't feel so alone, thank you for your support.
  2. Hoping to have DS in Mexicali with Dr. Ungson at the end of June!
  3. Crystal*

    No family support

    @Goal_Digger Thank you. You are right, I believe fear has a lot to do with it. My family knows someone who almost died from complications after gastric bypass surgery many years ago. So now they are all against any type of weight loss surgery.
  4. Crystal*

    No family support

    I am so sorry to hear you are going through it too. My mother told me last night that Satan has be backed into a corner and I am having surgery because I feel it's my only way out. That hurts me so bad. I am learning from my mother though. Not to judge people just because they are doing something you don't necessarily agree with. Listen to their story and have empathy. Something she lacks severely, apparently. All you and I can do is just keep moving forward and pray that our mothers will eventually have some kind of understanding of why we are doing this. But even if they never understand, we have to do what we feel is best for our health! Good luck!!!!!❤️
  5. Crystal*

    No family support

    @Frustr8 Wow, congrats on coming such a long way! It really does give me hope hearing your story!
  6. Crystal*

    No family support

    @Shanda_2019 that's great you got approved! Congrats! My mom and I are pretty close too. And it is heartbreaking to me that she won't even try to see this from my perspective. She is very judgmental of everyone, including family unfortunately.
  7. Crystal*

    No family support

    @Frustr8 I agree with you, well said! I need help and maybe this is God's way of helping me.
  8. Crystal*

    No family support

    Thank you. My husband is supportive thank God. It took him a long time to come around, and he still has doubts, but wants to see me have a life again. It's really hard to lead a normal life when you have a BMI of 48! Every single thing is a challenge. My mom is overweight but not nearly as heavy as I am. People always say to me "what if something goes terribly wrong?" And I just can't help but wonder, what if something goes incredibly right? What if this is the tool I need to finally succeed? What if I don't have any complications and go on to enjoy life again? It just seems worth the risk.
  9. I have been trying for years to qualify for weight loss surgery with insurance. I have to lose 10% of my body weight and keep it off. Unless I have some kind of condition that prevents me from losing weight, which I do not, there are no exceptions. I have not even come close to 10% and I am tired of waisting my life being depressed about it. So I took matters into my own hands and am planning on having the duodenal switch with Dr Ungson in Mexicali, self pay. My family doesn't even know I am going to Mexico, they would probably disown me if they knew. I just told them I am going out of state. My mom is the only person I have to watch my children while I am gone, and she is the person that is against this decision the most. She told me I am "using risky physical means to fix a spiritual problem". What is that supposed to mean anyway? I have faith in God, I pray about this everyday. I don't want to risk my life, risk leaving 4 children and a husband by having this done. But I am desperate and this is my last resort. I can't educate my family because they won't listen. Their minds are made up that I am making the biggest mistake of my life. Has anyone else gone through this? How did you deal? I just want to cry.
  10. I had considered the sleeve but i have read that long term there is a better chance of keeping the weight off with the bypass. I kind of figured if I am going to go through with a surgery, I should probably have the procedure done that will help me be most successful.
  11. That is crazy! I did not realize that
  12. Thank you all for your responses, it really does make me feel less alone in this decision! @ColleenErin1974 That's great you have been so successful! what is "onederland"? I agree it is hard to get people to understand. Even people that have struggled with their weight! @Daisy30uk I am definitely to that point where surgery seems like a necessity if I ever want to feel "young" again. I have a fatty liver, am constantly tired, my feet, ankles and knees ache when I get up to walk around. I am fortunate enough to not have diabetes or high blood pressure. Yet. Given enough time I am positive I will get those too. The surgeons I am going to be referred to and the hospital where the surgery will eventually be performed at are both listed as bariatric surgery center of excellence, according to obesity help.com. I just quickly checked that out online:-). So that makes me feel more at ease! I think that when I go to the weight loss seminar and when I have a consult with a doc, I will be bringing my husband so he can get a better understanding of the whole process. I have done a lot of reading on the subject so I feel pretty well informed. I think if my husband hears what a doctor has to say, he will be more on board with my decision. @kcvasquezI love that idea, telling people the surgery is for GERD! I may consider doing the same when the time comes because so many people in my family are super judgemental. and I just don't feel like dealing with their crap. I actually have gerd pretty bad so I would technically not be telling a lie either hahahaha! It must be very exciting being so close to your surgery date!!! I wish you luck for a quick recovery and much success. I will definitely be following your journey. I am new here so I will have to figure out if it's like following people on Facebook 😉
  13. My name is Crystal, I am 33 years old. I have had weight issues as long as I can remember. I lost a lot of weight (80 lbs) back when I was about 15 years old. I couldn't keep it off and gained it all back plus about 70 lbs over the years. My heaviest was 284 a few years ago while pregnant, and 274 recently, not pregnant. So here I am , having tried EVERYTHING!!! I lost maybe 25lbs a few years ago with my fitness pal, but very quickly gained it back, plus 5-10 lbs. I asked my nurse practitioner about bariatric surgery many years ago, and she said she would not recommend it due to the complications associated with it. Now she is finally seeing that no matter what I try, I just can't lose the weight. So she is going to refer me to a surgeon after the new year. My insurance requires a 6 month weight loss plan, with a 10% loss, to qualify for surgery. So I had my first weigh in last week, and will go back to my nurse practitioner monthly for weigh-ins. I am scared to death, I have 4 children, 3 ages 4 and under. My uncle's ex wife had roux en y and almost died from complications about 15 years ago. My parents have never forgotten this and are against any kind of weight loss surgery. During recovery I am sure I will need their help with my kids at some point, but I can just imagine them saying "I told you so" and lecturing me, if my recovery doesn't go so well. My husband doesn't think having a doctor reroute my intestines is a good idea but is supportive in whatever decision I make. I am determined to do this, but have doubts and reservations. I am here to find support and maybe put some fears to rest! Seems like every time I Google questions about weight loss surgery I end up on this website. So I figured i should probably just join, hahahaha! I started eating healthier maybe a month ago, gave up coffee creamer, and got down to 262. But, as usual, I am putting the pounds back on. Up to 265 right now. This constant battle is depressing.

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