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    time between fills?

    What Is The Normal Time Period Between Fills? Some Say They Go Back The Next Week, Others Say They Dont Feel Restricted Until A Week After A Fill. My Insurance Has Time Limits On Fills. So Many Within So Many Days, That Is Why Im Asking.......
  2. I was banded 4/15. Most of my 230 lbs sits in the upperhalf of my body. I realized this after my first day back at work when all the pressure of my body felt like it was pushing on my port. Jeans are out of the question. I can hardly walk after I sit in jeans. Still starving, havent lost in over a week. No restricition. not worried though as my dr. assured me after my fill this will all be over. I want to start exercising. But I still cant bend over w/o pushing in on my port site. When did you become completely pain free in your port area? Also what is the time line between your 1 and 2nd fills? I just feel aggravated thats others feel up to exercise when I still wince getting up and down.
  3. reenie11

    time between fills?

    wow, thanks for all the good info. My ins says 2 fills within the first 90 days after surgery and then 2 fills the following calendar year after surgery. My problem/question is, my doc will NOT fill before the 6 weeks. so if he doesnt' think I'll need another one within the allotted time, I'm only going to be covered for 3 fills. Period.
  4. reenie11

    Before and after pics

    i'm 230 and shaped exactly the same way you were. hope my afters are as good as yours, your gorgeous!!
  5. reenie11

    STILL have port pain

    This happened the first few times I tried to wear Jeans. Even though I had lost some weight. My incision is right under where your jeans fasten. Could this be why or have you been wearing jeans? I noticed you've lost twice as much weight as I have. I lost 13 the first week then no more....... did you have a fill or anything? My doc says they sutured the port to the abdominal muscle. You could have pulled on a suture?? I'd call doc. Congrats on your weight loss.
  6. reenie11

    grrr I keep eating too fast!

    well luckily I THINK I have the chewing down, will see after my first fill later this month,,,,,,,,,,,BUT-- I dont slow down my fork to mouth action. It doesnt seem to be a problem right now. I'm afraid I will learn quickly after my first fill. But at this point I will be so excited to finally feel restriction. Counting down the days..........5/30/08. My dr. is by the book so I already know he will NOT be generous about the fill. I asked if he had EVER given a fill before the 6 weeks and he said a firm no!!! So I already know this is going to be a slow process.
  7. Hi Kevin, I am from Athens ohio and was banded in april. I havent had any fills and eat the same as you do. I am afraid the same thing will happen to me. I was different than other posts I read, 2 days out I was starving. Let me know how things go.
  8. I am 10 days post op. Some meals I feel restriction, others I do not? Yesterday I was seriously depressed b/c I was eating so much, snacking. Today I ate 1/4th of a smart ones over 2 hrs ago and am still stuffed. I'm wondering if some of it is in my head?? and yes I'm eating solids, since day 5 with no problems.
  9. reenie11

    is this possible?

    I dont see doc until 4/30. I was getting very ill and weak on liquids so I started mushys and progressed to solids. You can all yell and tell me how terrible that is, but if I would have had any problems I would have stuck with liquids. I just wondered if anyone else had any days where they felt restricted and then didn't and then did again?
  10. I dont understand why some of you want to keep this secret? I've always been an open book, I shouted it from the roof tops when I was approved. Everyone already knew how long I'd been fighting for it anyways. And everyone already thinks fat people are lazy and they WILL think your taking the easy way out. WHO CARES?? Arent we use to these behaviors? I've been fat long enough to know when some skinny person is staring in disgust as I eat. I know whose inside of me and she's much better looking than all the negative nellys out there.
  11. reenie11

    banded on the 15th april

    I'm Beth, I was banded on 4/15 also. Up here in Ohio. was more pain than I hd expected. I have one incision in particular that is really bothering me and I'm worried about it becoming infected. Today is the first day I've felt like doing anything. My back is so weak from laying aroud the past 5 days. I went to Walmart and got halfway through the store before I became sweaty and weak feelng. Am better now that I am home. I still have trouble getting up/down. back to work tomorrow but I think i will be doing four hours instead of eight. I've not stuck to the liquid diet. i'm only eating about 2 ounces per meal. I had an easy egg this am. actually about 1/4 of it, lunch was 4 green beans and 2 spoonfuls of baked beans. I did the 5 day pre op diet and drank sliim fast. after surgery slim fast literally gags me. and anything I put the protein powder in also makes me gag. so I decided to try more solid foods. i feel better. less weak and less hungry. I will def. wait 2 weeks for anything too solid. scared to try any meats too. All in all this has been what I had expected. I'm glad I read so much prior to surgery. its helped me not get the boo hoo's or regret my decision.
  12. I have been on xenical (which is Alli but 3x stronger ) I stopped taking them when I started my 2 week pre-op diet. I told my weight loss center about it and they said it wouldnt be a problem for my surgery. I think the person whom had their surgery cancelled was probably on phentermine (a stimulant) Xenical/Alli has no effect on your nervous system. Good Luck.
  13. reenie11


    I started my process Last July and was very quick in providing EVERYTHING my insurance co. asked for. My surgery is tomorrow. I was approved (this time) quickly, at least I think so. I would advise anyone thinking about this to NOT expect anything in less than a year. I'm afraid a lot insurance companies use the taking forever tactic to try to discourage you and for you to quit trying. But dont! If you follow the rules and are in the guidelines for the surgery it will happen. It will be worth it. I started trying to get any type of bariatric surgery in 2003. Have been denied up until now.
  14. I want to thank everyone for all the great advice/opinions. Tommorrow is my big day. I forgot to mention that I work a 2nd job at the local Dairy Queen. I never touched a drop of food or ice cream. I knew I could do it!!!! yaaa hooooo. I really cracked down the past five days and have lost almost 10 lbs. I'm now 237lbs @ 5'3. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous, but I'm actually so excited to NOT BE HUNGRY after starving the past 2 weeks!!!!
  15. reenie11

    Surgery In 5 Days!!

    I also will be banded on 4/15, Tax day will never have the same meaning for me again. I know I'm doing the right thing. Just starving to death on this pre-op diet!!! Hopefully the next 5 days fly by for us!
  16. I dont know what that is an acronoym for?