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    I would be interested

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    I’m happy for ya, and remember you control what you loose too is not all the bypass, when you reaching your desirable weight increase your calories. Or build muscle. So don’t be afraid of it. I’m doing it for almost the same reason, mine is just a bad history.

    “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits.” —Michael Phelps
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    An insulated lunch box with a cold pack in it.. put yogurt and cottage cheese and Protein Shakes in it.
    Thermos for hot soup...
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    tuna to go pouches. Keep spoons and Water, crystal light packets in the car.
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    Today I am just feeling overwhelmed by this whole process of qualifying for bariatric surgery. I'm also feeling sorry for myself and down in the dumps which is aggravated by the fact that I cannot turn to food for some comfort. My brain wants to eat a large pizza but I steadfastly refuse. I'm also physically hurting so I don't feel like walking - my feet hurt something fierce. So, I am down 10 pounds since starting the process at the end of October and I was hoping that the scale would move a little bit more at my weigh in today. Nope, stuck strongly at 356 and this is despite cutting back calories appropriately so I guess this is also part of blood sugar not being as well controlled as it should be.
    The psych eval was exhausting, particularly because it is revisiting a sad, lonely, and ostracized past. Normally, I don't cry easily but all I feel like doing is breaking down. Time is something not easily recaptured and when I see the time and health that I lost due to obesity, I just feel a whole lot of emotional pain. At least the psychologist concurs with everyone else's thinking that bariatric surgery is a good option. At least that hurdle is cleared. One week until the 2nd nutrition appointment.....
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    Good news guys! I got approved today, surgery date is set for 10/27/17! Second time it took 2 days to get approved

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