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    Hair stylist and tattoo shop front of house. Over 2 years out and loving my new life. <br /> <br /> @shewhirls on IG<br /> <br />
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  1. She_whirls

    October Surgery Roll Call

    Revision from sleeve to bypass on the 22nd- I’m so ready to get rid of this GERD
  2. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    So as of this morning, I am under my "un-achievable" goal of 125 lbs. I weighed in a 124.6 lbs. Its so surreal! It's been a hell of a year since surgery. I lost my big brother in August and recently made the decision to end my marriage. Regardless of it all, I wouldn't change my decision to have this surgery for all the money in the world. It's been a struggle and I know the next year or two will be hard with all the emotional turmoil and stress but I've got this. I'm excited for the newest chapter in my life and to see where this road takes me.
  3. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    My one year pictures!
  4. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    One year out today! Started at 256.6 on the table and weighed in at 126.6 this am! I’ll post pictures later!
  5. My initial goal was set by my doctor- it was 170-180. That would have had me losing the average amount for my weight loss surgery patients for my starting weight. I passed that and set a goal for 150 lbs. When I passed that, I lowered it to 135 lbs. I’m 130 now and trying to get to 125 lbs. I don’t know where I’ll stop. I lost 15 lbs after my brother died in August and am getting ready to go through a divorce so we’ll see where I end up. The extra skin bothers me but not as much as being 282 lbs bothered me.
  6. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    Me last year, as Al Boreland from Home Improvement, to this year as Sulley
  7. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    Life is busy! I’m definitely much more active than I used to be! I’m 1.2 lbs from my goal and it’s so surreal. I see pictures of what I once was and it’s so weird. It feels like a lifetime ago some days.
  8. She_whirls

    Non-food rewards

    I’ve been doing tattoos. Ever since i was 4 years old I’ve loved tattoos. I had a few done before surgery but never felt like I was pretty enough or worth the time and money to get beautiful art done on such a hideous body. Now post op, I’ve been going and having pieces done a that I’ve wanted for years.
  9. She_whirls

    November sleevers here

    10 months today! Down 117.4 lbs since the picture on the left was taken. 256.6 lbs on the day of surgery to 139.2 lbs this morning.
  10. She_whirls

    How old were you when?

    I was 31 when I went to the information session for my surgeon’s office and 32 when I actually had the surgery done. I wish I would have done it 10 years ago.
  11. Mine started regrowing about a month or so ago after falling out from 2 months post op to 6 months post op. I haven't noticed a huge change in the texture of it so far but its only about an inch to an inch and a half long. My hair has always been fine and straight and it seems like that's how its coming back. I'm ready for it to grow in faster though because all the baby hairs all over my head makes it look like I've got serious chemical breakage but I don't! I've always got a halo of baby hair sticking up constantly.
  12. She_whirls

    30 second elevator interview

    I'm a 33 year old hairstylist and mom of three. I love tattoos and geeky conventions and Supernatural. I'm witty and sarcastic. I appreciate a good cup of coffee and have an affinity for terrible action movies.
  13. She_whirls

    Any shorties out there under 200lbs

    I’m 5’1- my weight on the day of surgery was 256.6 lbs and my BMI was 48. It’s been almost 10 months since surgery, I’m down to 140.8 lbs and a BMI of 26.6. I went from a size 24 jeans to a 2.
  14. She_whirls

    Annapolis Maryland

    I’m in Frederick County
  15. I waited 2 months but only because that was his first available appointment. I’d have gone after a month if he’d had any openings.

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