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    I agree with what everyone else posted! I also switched up my work out. I found doing the same thing didn't really work well for me so I switched it up! good luck!
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    Ok. First ((hugs)).
    Second. Let's have a reality lesson and do some math. If you are watching my 600lb Life, turn it the fuc* off! Seriously. Very few of us will lose 25-50lbs a month--even if you weigh over 300lbs. We just won't! There is no quick, overnight way (short of amputation), to get below 200lbs overnight. So settle back and establish your very own "best practices."
    Third. 37lbs in 9 weeks is what you are describing to me. So let's take 37lbs and divide by 9. You are losing 4.11lbs/week. PLUS there is always a "3 week stall" post surgery that can come on any time between week 2 and week 6-8. It can last 1-2 weeks. My RD told me I will lose between 2-3lbs per week at the start. It will slow as I approach goal. She said, expecting anything more than that sets us up for disappointment, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction/depression. She told me to ALWAYS follow the rules for my food stage: water/hydration/vitamins as scheduled for each day; and low fat Protein first at every meal. If there is room, a bite or two of low carb veggies. If more room, then a bite or two of low carb fruit. Eat 3 meals and 2-3 scheduled Snacks a day until you can eat enough at each meal to only eat 3 meals without over-stuffing your new anatomy. No drinking with meals or for 45 minutes after meals.
    Fourth. Track every bite lick and taste that goes down your piehole. Religiously weigh and measure and track!!! Don't cheat yourself. A bite eaten in the dark, standing up over your sink in the middle of the night STILL counts!
    She promised me if I did that, I would lose the weight. But if you have any doubts, go see your PCP about a low thyroid and also have them test for your B1 levels. Many of us obese and WLS patients have low B1 and it makes all the difference!!!
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    Starting to fall into a depression because I’m not losing weight. I️ had my surgery on 8/23/17 and now 2 1/5 months out and I’ve only lost 37 pounds. I️ started at 335 and now down to 298. I’ve been patient and everyone says “don’t compare yourself to everyone else.” But they don’t understand that people who were way smaller have ever lost more than me. I️ don’t eat a quarter of what I️ used to eat and I️ work out a few times a week. What can I️ do to lose weight? I’m so sick of being fat. My life has been ruined because of it. I’m starting to think there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    So, I was told, to do a "jump-start". Which meant, starting the weightloss all over again. And taking it back to my pre-op diet. I lost over 20lbs when I did it pre-op. And, truthfully, I have been doing awful lately. (I gained about 20 lbs back). My starting weight was 324. Pre-Op weight 298, lowest weight 236, current 260. I have fluctuated in the past- I am an emotional eater. Which is why I am up now. I have gone through a pretty rough year. But, I am jump starting again. Maybe, give it a try.
    The pre-op diet I did is attached. Don't get discouraged. We have all been there. Trust me, I could never get lower than 236. It's frustrating. But, you have to remember that you are beautiful. Regardless of how big or small your waist is. Be strong, and brave. And wake up everyday with a purpose. Don't let being over-weight ruin your life. Life is beautiful, and the curves and hills on the road, make it way more fun. :*

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    Are you tracking your food in an app? - There several free ones for your phone/computer - Baritastic, Lose It, myfitnesspal, etc.
    Are you getting the minimum grams of Protein and your Water? Post a typical day of what you consume. Up the protein to at least 80 and water to 100.
    If you are meeting those goals, try changing up the type of foods you are eating. If you eat a lot of chicken, change to fish, add a different vegetable - try roasting some julienne parsnips in the oven with garlic and olive oil, add some good fats - like avocado to some tuna or chicken. Bake the fish on parchment with a little olive oil on it - coat with dijon mustard or a tablespoon of full fat mayo and some spices, don't overcook it. If you are at 600 calories or above - add 100 calories more for a few days, and then drop down 50 for a few days, switch it up.
    Post your intake here.
    For the person with emotional eating - do you have a support group or person? Come on here to vent before you eat? What are you feeling just before you take that bite - tired, anger, anxiety, bored, worry? Food just tempoarily numbs those feelings - get a notebook and write it out first - cry, get it out, punch a pillow, take a walk. Food won't fix the issues, take an action.
    Let us know.
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    needguidence101 reacted to DropWt4Life in Not losing :(   
    I agree with Sosewsue61. You should post your intake here so that we can get a look into a typical day or two of your diet. It helps to know what advice to offer to you. If you have lost 37 pounds in 2 1/2 months, how long has it been since you've lost anything? Are you currently in a stall, or are you losing a pound here or there?
    If you are losing nothing at all, then you should re-evaluate what you are eating. You should be around a 1,000 calories per day with 80g of Protein per day. You should be getting in veggies every chance you get. If you are working out a couple days per week, then that's great.
    If your eating is on point, and you are exercising, you will continue to lose weight. The speed at which you lose is not as important as the fact that you are losing. Comparing yourself to others is counter-productive. It isn't going to help you reach your goals. Be positive. You are doing well.
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    needguidence101 got a reaction from Cupcak3 in ONEDERLAND!   
    Congratulations! That it's so terrific! You look great but also what wonderful health improvements!

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    needguidence101 reacted to trailtramper in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    I am so glad you are okay and your nausea wasn’t too bad. I will keep that burp tip in my pocket for my turn. Take care of yourself. [emoji106]

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    needguidence101 reacted to LylaLovesCoffee in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    I am out of surgery and I had a little bit of nausea, but that finally subsided. The gas however took a bit longer, Drinking hurt big timed, so I did what any mother would do... I patted and rubbed my chest until I burped.. It was the most wonderful burp I've had today. I'm feeling sooooo much better. How are the rest of the 11/8's?
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    needguidence101 reacted to Leese_A_New_Life in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    This is exactly how I am feeling! I'm glad I am not alone. I am definitely going to have the surgery, because I know I deserve to be happy and healthy (and look good). It is just getting over these initial feelings. I'm sure we will do great and will be successful, but I know how you feel! Good luck. I'm going in on 11/17!
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    needguidence101 reacted to chcasteel in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    My surgery is Nov 21

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    needguidence101 reacted to Its a RAP! in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    My surgery date is 11/16/2017!
    I'm currently on the pre-op liver shrink diet.
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    needguidence101 reacted to rayb70 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    The Premier Protein shakes are good. I am on my last day of them then Clear Liquids all day tomorrow and surgery Wednesday the 8th. The hardest part is the first 2-3 days after that it get easier. At the moment i have no urge for regular food.
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    needguidence101 got a reaction from JCKlgl123 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    Morning, I'm having my gastric sleeve on the 12th. I'm struggling a little with the Protein Shakes. When I add frozen strawberries to my costco Premier Protein it helps alot. I'm excited and nervous.

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    needguidence101 reacted to Leese_A_New_Life in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    I've been scrolling this the forum for the last week, before I scheduled my surgery day. It has been very encouraging and supportive to read through all of the stages people are in. I will be here, be sure to reach out to me
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    needguidence101 reacted to mw2543 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    We got to keep in touch.
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    needguidence101 reacted to Puravida19 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    November 2nd for me too!
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    needguidence101 reacted to mw2543 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    I am set for Nov 2.

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    needguidence101 reacted to teacher475 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    November 17th for me!!! I'm in Illinois!!!

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    needguidence101 reacted to Nataliesmom in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    November 7th here. Having mine in Muskegon Michigan with Dr Gluck.
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    needguidence101 reacted to confusedturtle3 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    I’m so excited for all of you, congratulations! [emoji322][emoji323][emoji1360]

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    needguidence101 reacted to rayb70 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    November 8th here. 2 week liquid diet starts Oct 25th. Counting down the days to a new beginning.

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    needguidence101 reacted to allie2 in any November 2017 sleevers?   
    My surgery date is also November 7th. Was hoping for October but surgeon on vacation last 2 weeks in October. Finally feel like part of the group, and not just an observer.

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    needguidence101 reacted to Apple203 in Did you take a "Before" photo?   
    Jess, this is a great visual -- thanks for sharing, and by the grace of God, there go I :-) Except for the marathons, because I cant walk cause of my feet. Maybe swim a marathon?? I do have a backyard pool... ps, I just showed my husband your journey and he's thinking you are hawt, LOL
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    needguidence101 reacted to jess9395 in Did you take a "Before" photo?   
    I did black bike shorts and a tank top and I'm glad I did! I took the same shot about once a month and then professionally when I got to goal. Here are just a few


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